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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Infiltrators

The agents of 009-1 are called on a mission to rescue a scientist from Eastern Block or at least get his data. When they get there, they find the Eastern Block agents already had the information of their arrival.
Guest Stars: Jin Yamanoi as Ivan Godunov | Junichi Endou as Zond Soyuz | Masami Iwasaki as Man | Natsuki Mori as Landlady | Tomoko Miyadera as Ludmila Tundra
Director: Naoyuki Konno

2 :01x02 - Holy Night

When a little, psionically active, girl is the target of a mutant hunting squad, Agent 009-1 is called in. When the girl's parents are killed in front of her, 009-1 witnesses a secret the little girl has.
Guest Stars: Tsuguo Mogami as Disposal Group Member | Tetsuharu Ohta as Guard | Naomi Kusumi as Double Gomez | Michiru Yamazaki as Mutant Girl | Masataka Sawada as Disposal Group Member
Director: Naoyuki Konno

3 :01x03 - Hard boiled

An assassin called "Egg" is a new threat for the agents and when several of them are killed, 009-1 is called in to stop Egg before he can kill her.
Guest Stars: Daisuke Matsuoka as Boy | Keiji Fujiwara as Egg | Kunihiro Kawamoto as Agent | Yuuichi Ishigami as Mike
Director: Naoyuki Konno

4 :01x04 - Invitation from an old castle

009-1 is invited to a castle, to find a missing scientist. Western and Eastern Block supplies agents of their own as they make their through the castle. However, when people start dying, there are only two survivors to finish the mission.
Guest Stars: Yuusaku Yara as Odin | Ryusaku Chijiwa as Bodyguard B | Keiichi Noda as Mars | Chiwa Saitou as Freya | Banjou Ginga as Phantom | Atsushi Imaruoka as Apollo | Fumitoshi Miyajima as Bodyguard A
Director: Naoyuki Konno

5 :01x05 - Woman of gold

009-1 goes to Rome and meets a girl who is being chanced. She helps the girl and meets 009-4 where she learns the girl is actually a android made of gold and 009-1 must stop her.
Guest Stars: Keikou Sakai as Cameraman | Kensuke Tamura as Suri | Kousuke Toriumi as Borzov | Yousuke Akimoto as Man
Director: Naoyuki Konno

6 :01x06 - POP

When an old friend of 009-1's retires, the Eastern Block chase after him for a painting from a child he possesses. He asks 009-1 for help and she agrees.
Guest Stars: Takayuki Nezu as Spy | Norio Wakamoto as Chief | Kiyotaka Furushima as Driver | Katsumi Chou as Iron Heart | Akihiro Nemoto as Spy
Director: Naoyuki Konno

7 :01x07 - Port

009-1 chases down a defector suspected of selling secrets. She meets a boy and later finds out that his grandfather and a female spy are using the boy to get the secrets out by boats.
Guest Stars: Eriko Kawasaki as Mary | Tamio Ooki as Bart | Yuki Kaida (1) as Billy
Director: Naoyuki Konno

8 :01x08 - Calendar of the Past

009-1's past is revealed when the board contemplates if 009-1's emotions are getting in the way of her ability to complete missions.
Guest Stars: Hiroshi Yanaka as Nelson | Yuuichi Ishigami as Ivan | Ryoko Ono as Bess | Nobuyuki Kobushi as Doctor | Kunihiro Kawamoto as Management | Eriko Kigawa as Mylene's Mother | Atsushi Imaruoka as Management | Akimitsu Takase as Mylene's Father
Director: Naoyuki Konno

9 :01x09 - Revenge

In a gunfight, 009-1 manages to kill a man whose last words were "Little Billy, I am sorry". She recovers, but is taken by bikers. She is rescued by a man and his family. The man talks about how his brother used to call him "Little Billy".
Guest Stars: Takashi Oohara as Rider | Nobutoshi Canna as Norman | Misa Kobayashi as Rider | Megumi Matsumoto as Tony | Kunihiro Kawamoto as Man | Atsuko Yuya as Kei | Akihiko Ishizumi as S
Director: Naoyuki Konno

10 :01x10 - Reverse-explosion

009-1 is sent on a information seeking mission where she has to gather intel on the Eastern Block and their movements on studying mutant children. In a result, their is a nuclear explosion on the moon and a note threatening a lot more destruction.
Guest Stars: Tooru Furusawa as President | Takeshi Mori (1) as Management | Shigeo Kiyama as Minister's Secretary | Natsuki Mori as Head Nurse | Megumi Kubota as Victor | Masashi Hirose as Secretary | Masami Iwasaki as Aide | Kouhei Fukuhara as Staff | Daisuke Matsuoka as Staff | Daiki Matsubayashi as Surveillance Staff
Director: Naoyuki Konno

11 :01x11 - Exodus

The Eastern Block arrive to the facility 009-1 is at and when 009-1 decides to stay with the children rather then evacuating, Dr. Green tells her of another way. She is pitted in a battle with the Eastern Block. Loki comes to her side.
Guest Stars: Tooru Furusawa as President | Takeshi Mori (1) as Staff | Takashi Nagasako as Official | Ryusaku Chijiwa as Spy | Norio Wakamoto as Officer | Megumi Kubota as Victor | Masami Iwasaki as Aide | Daisuke Matsuoka as Speaker | Daiki Matsubayashi as Staff
Director: Naoyuki Konno

12 :01x12 - Daybreak

In the series finale, 009-1 finds out the kids went to the moon and Dr. Green is killed when she gets there. Loki tries to get the missiles launched to force peace, but 009-1 fights him. She learns a valuable secret regarding her past.
Guest Stars: Megumi Kubota as Announcer | Ryusaku Chijiwa as Soldier A | Shinya Fukumatsu as Soldier B
Director: Naoyuki Konno
Warning: 009-1 guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Animation
Genre: Anime | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: TBS ( Japan)
Language: Japanese
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 2006
Ended: December 21, 2006
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