Season 1

1 :01x01 - Brothers in Arms

Brooklyn bad boy Rico Amonte was sliding into a life of crime. Then his policeman brother caught him in the act ‚ and hauled him off to Southern California to get him on the straight and narrow. Two years later, Rico is a graduate of the Los Angeles Sheriff's academy ‚ a Deputy Sheriff trainee about to hit the streets in uniform, and with a gun and a badge.

New York's streets were dangerous, but nothing has prepared Rico from the hazing he gets from his own department. His training officer, John Henry Barnes, is the meanest, toughest veteran on the force and is determined to hammer Rico into a by-the-book officer of the law -- or break him in the process.
Guest Stars: Michael Rispoli as Angelo Amonte | Indigo as Tisha Graves | Mercedes Colon as Sheryl Torres | Sarah Brown as Astrid Fonesca | Mark Harelik as Kenneth Hurley | Kirk B.R. Woller as Sergeant Virgil Jinks | Dayo Ade as Spatz | Taylor Sheridan as Shooter | Tre Moye as Gang Member | James Acheson as Deputy #1 | Dohn Norwood as Deputy #2 | Jack Newalu as Pizza Delivery Guy |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran | Francesca P. Roberts as Darla Handy |
Uncredited: Michael Dotson as Deputy Jackson
Director: Martin Campbell

2 :01x02 - Hard Day's Night

At the start of his shift, an exhausted Rico is looking forward to some time off. But after a black cat crosses his path, his day goes from bad to worse. Based on his Italian family's history with black cats and bad luck, Rico is convinced that the cat is to blame for his day of missteps and mishaps. Meanwhile, sexually frustrated trainee Lopez inadvertently reveals to Jablonski what she plans to do on her much-needed day off.
Guest Stars: Margaret Avery as Rita Armstrong | James Morrison (1) as Mark Lowry | Reynaldo Gallegos as Tony Santos | Jamie Starr as Bystander | J. Anthony Pena as Driver | Logan Alexander as Herb | Daniel Smith (1) as Kyle | Kenneth Joy as Young boy | Lawrence Adebiyi as Tyson Randall | Larissa Borders as Girlfriend |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran | Francesca P. Roberts as Darla Handy
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

3 :01x03 - Gun of a Son

Rico and his visiting dad, a retired boxing champ from Brooklyn, revert to their old verbal sparring as Rico—who wants his Pop to see that he's left behind his bad-boy days—tries to figure out the real reason his widowed father has come to see him and brother Angelo. And Rico's natural sex appeal helps him track down an assault suspect.
Guest Stars: Michelle Banks as Wife | Gwen Mihok as Waitress | Scott Klace as Actor | Sandra Purpuro as Lisa Perez | Rosalind Chao as Lt Maggie Chen | Michael Rispoli as Angelo Amonte | Beau Starr as Vincent Amonte | Joshua Grenrock as Neighbour #2 | Silvia Curiel as Neighbour #1 | Lorna Raver as Mrs Cevallos | Bert Rosario as Mr Klanderman | John Maucere as Husband | Jazzmun as Lady #1 | Chris Caldovino as Bartender | Jeanine Jackson as Casting director | Nate Reese as Traveler | Minerva as Lady #2 | Katherine Jennifer as Little Girl | Silas Burke as Daryl Fontinez | Erica Sullivan as Tenant | Alex Meneses as Deputy Anna Valero |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran
Director: Jeff Bleckner

4 :01x04 - Badlands

In spite of Barnes' warning to not get emotionally involved, a genuinely concerned Rico goes beyond the call of duty to search for an abused boy's real father; and although Valero and Williams fear the worst after seeing a white woman get into an SUV with four gang members, the outcome is certainly not what they expect.
Guest Stars: Julian Bailey as Kenny | Gene Feldman (1) as Homeless Man | Greta Sesheta as Homeless Person | Ping Wu as Doctor Gary Straka | Kelly Mantle as Raven | Sarah Brown as Astrid Fonseca | Jerry Giles as Walt Dobson | Hillary Tuck as Carrie Chandler | Joel West as Orville Beaney | Troy Brenna as Elwood (Bunny) Papas | Alaina Talebreza as Hooker | Jack Kerrigan (1) as Steve Klein | Kris Murphy as Claire Tarisi | Savannah Haske as Carla Justo | Logan Lerman as Bobby Justo | Carl DiMaggio as Julius Pepper |
Co-Guest Stars: Francesca P. Roberts as Darla Handy

5 :01x05 - Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik

The booking of a drunk clown and a mishap involving airplane lavatory "residue" pale in comparison to what becomes the day's priority for the sheriffs—finding a ruthless murderer. Barnes hopes an ex-con now in the business of gang intervention can lead them to the killer, and, during a frightening confrontation, Rico's respect for his training officer increases.
Guest Stars: Mario Aguilar, Jr. as Gangster #1 | Vanessa Bell Calloway as Gina Barnes | Alex Meneses as Deputy Anna Valero | Steve Kramer as Gary Thornsen | Jeff Kober as Ken Meade | Kevin Daniels as Detective Stovall | Kris Murphy as Claire Tarisi | Alexis Rhee as Weeping Wife | Jim Lau as Asian Store Clerk | Diza Diaz as Gangsterista #1 | David Lewison as Bleeding man | Brian Schlesinger as Clown | Lindsay McGrail as Bartender | Steven Flynn as Ron Devine | Rashmi Sing as Paramedic | Albie Selznick as Naked Man | Virginia Hamilton as Saleswoman | Rosalind Chao as Lt Maggie Chen | Angelica Gavaldon as Gorgeous Girlfriend | Julia Mendoza as Gangsterista #3 | Alley Mercedes as Gangsterita #2 |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran | Francesca P. Roberts as Darly Handy

6 :01x06 - Mercy, Mercy Me

In the beginning, Rico tries to save a person who's been shot in the chest when a huge guy on PCP attacks Rico. Rico fights back, but the fighting back has gone under investigation. Barnes finds an elderly old friend named Earl, and he wants to help him after being assaulted by gang members. Meanwhile, Lopez and Jablonski respond to a call at a club and a disturbance at a car wash.
Guest Stars: Cliff DeYoung as Wilgis | Stephanie Denise Griffin (1) as EMT | Angela Martinez as Doctor | Michael Edwin as Bubble Man | Jamal Gibran Sterling as Guy | Michael Nostrand as Manager | Delaney Gaines as Jasmyne | Josh Cooke as Monks | Molly Stanton as Kayla | Catero Colbert as Juney | David Zepeda as Denny Chestnut | James Black as Xavier | Bill Cobbs as Earl Edmonds | Jaerin Washington as Xavier's Crew/Juney's Sidekick | Catherine Marcelle as Sammy Stockwell |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran
Director: Jeff Bleckner

7 :01x07 - Late for School

As Rico just gets used to being tourmented by Barnes; Barnes suffers from a dizzy spell, he is put on desk duty. Amonte gets a new temporary Training Officer, a tough, brassy senior deputy Ryan Layne - a twelve-year veteran.
Guest Stars: Blake Robbins as Dr. Lawrence | Jim Pirri as Det. Di Cristoforo | Amir Talai as Gang Member | Hrach Titizian as Alvin | Greg Proops as Jewlery Store Owner | Susan Nash as Broad | Manao Demuth as Jogger #1 | Terrance Ellis as Jogger #2 | Allisyn Ashley Arm as Little Wailing Girl | Vanessa Bell Calloway as Gina Barnes | Rosalind Chao as Lt Maggie Chen | Jenna Dee as Barmaid | Lonnie McDermott as Gary McMillan | Robert Hallak as Simon Landers | Serena Berné as Woman | Catherine Marcelle as Sammy Stockwell | Jamie Luner as Senior Deputy Ryan Layne |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran
Director: Jim Charleston

8 :01x08 - Gimme Shelter

With his evaluation date looming, Barnes and Briggs warn Rico that he needs to stop letting emotion rule his work. Meanwhile, Rico's squad car is stolen.
Guest Stars: Timothy Lee DePriest as Freddy | Mimi Fuenzalida as Mrs. Barrahona | Clay Wagnorne as Driver | Rebecca Spicher as 5-year-old kid | Mark Moses as Dan Harris | Robyn Hyden as Officer Valenza, K-9 Unit | Enrique Castillo as Jose | Jeanine Monterroza as Olivia | Carl DiMaggio as Julius Pepper | Rosie Garcia as Isabel | Regina Ramirez as Woman | Paul Nicholas (2) as Waiter | Jesse Head as Simmy | Jeff Henry (1) as Owen | Chip Hormess (1) as 7-year-old kid | George Cheung as Tommy Park | Jamie Luner as Senior Deputy Ryan Layne |
Co-Guest Stars: Toni Lewis as Felicia Thibedeaux | Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran
Director: Jay Tobias

9 :01x09 - Let It Bleed

When an off-duty Rico witnesses a fatal shooting at a video store and fingers the killer, he suddenly becomes a target for revenge by a local Asian gang, but finds support in his ordeal from an unlikely source. Meanwhile the deputies on duty encounter, among other things, furniture repo men and a man being attacked with ingredients for fried chicken.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Smagula as Patrick | Sven Holmberg as Tony | Will Yun Lee as Det Danny Chung | Zoe Cotton as Faye Thomas | Cal Gibson as Thomas Reeves | Andrew Heckler as Grant | Michael Rispoli as Angelo Amonte | Raymond Ma as Jon Su Jin | Alexander Folk as Deputy Dingess | Galen Yuen as Fah Jin | James Hong as Min | Alex Shen as Gang Member | Phil Fondacaro as Brian's Father | Damien Nguyen as Ya Fong | Stefan Van Ray as Brian | Leslie Stump as Brian's Mother | Colleen Crozier as Jenny Amonte | Justice Smith as Deputy Damon Burns | Lawrence Wu as Karaoke Singer | Jamie Luner as Senior Deputy Ryan Layne |
Co-Guest Stars: Toni Lewis as Felicia Thibedeaux | Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran |
Uncredited: Michael Monks as ADA Powell

10 :01x10 - The Wild Bunch

Before the public's trust in law enforcement fades any further, Rico, Barnes and the other deputies must find a group who are posing as cops and committing home invasion robberies. Meanwhile, Jablonski is baffled when the same criminal keeps escaping his grasp, and Layne and Williams are grossed out when they find the source of a strange odor emanating from a janitor's apartment.
Guest Stars: Carl DiMaggio as Julius Pepper | Tim De Zarn as FBI Agent Lorenzo | Seth William Meier as Deputy Jim Clavin | Patrick Y. Malone as Trainee Cheevers | Steven J. Pershing as Deputy Dan Hanks | Jernard Burks as Officer Jackson | Vince Lozano as Det. Randy Slayton | Kathryn Kates as Mrs Berman | Arell Blanton as Mr. Deroche | Josh Cooke as EMT | Barry Del Sherman as Fred Evans | Herman Wilkins as Imo | Fabiana Udenio as Judy | Arthur Young (1) as Little Boy | Paul Raci as Manager | Rick Cramer as Monty | Anthony Cistaro as Jared Radke | Leigh Rose as Mrs Deroche | Tim Barraco as College Student | Michael Butler Murray as Jerry | Skye Casey Arens as Little Girl | Jason Feinberg as Reporter |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran

11 :01x11 - Lucy in the Sky

Rico continues to get lessons on the ways of women when he's involved in busting an illegal female fight club ring and takes a shine to Lucy, one of the more talented boxers. Meanwhile, the usually calm and collected Williams is shaken when a beautiful redhead from his past shows up at Lasky Station, and the deputies try to catch an elusive group of burglars responsible for a string of armed robberies.
Guest Stars: Carlos Cervantes as Trainer | Jocko Sims as DJ at Warehouse | Chris Fountain as Lookout | Chantal Rivera Batiste as Lynette | Jackie Debatin as Debbie | Karimah Westbrook as Sheila | Caleeb Pinkett as TJ | Josh Clark as Jerry | Pavel Lychnikoff as Raymond Caston | Verda Bridges as Ginger | Erinn Bartlett as Rebecca Tilney | Katheryn Winnick as Lucy Johnson | Gary Friedkin as Rex the Little Person | John De Young as Bartender | Jarvis Smith as Manny | Tamara LaSeon Bass as Michelle | Shanua Ross as Lina | Jim Calloway as Bodyguard | Elizabeth Ward Land as Jenna | Jason Teresi as Jesse | Sandra Cevallos as Souraya | Noah Harpster as Security Guard | Jamie Luner as Senior Deputy Ryan Layne |
Co-Guest Stars: Toni Lewis as Felicia Thibedeaux | Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

12 :01x12 - Flirtin' with Disaster

A man takes his runaway granddaughter's fifth grade class hostage. Meanwhile, the fear that Rico and Barnes have about snakes is compounded when they have to capture a 20-foot python in an apartment hallway, and Layne learns a touching but sad fact about Jablonski's recent past,
Guest Stars: Leon Russom as Ivan Dennison | Joel West as Selwin Burnett | Lela Lee as Marilyn Choi | Valerie Azlynn as Amber | Robert Maffia as Mike Douglas | Beth Kennedy as Mary Douglas | Peter Asle Holden as Father | Darin Heames as Hippie Husband | Marty Fortney as Janitor | Judy Louise Johnson as Principal | Joe Rose as Tenant #1 | Leo Marks as Vandal | Spencer Daniels as Little Boy | Spring as Hippie Wife | Alexander Joseph as Sean Douglas | Kioyoka Miyaszki as Tenant #2 | Kristen Chandler as Holly | Jamie Luner as Senior Deputy Ryan Layne |
Co-Guest Stars: Toni Lewis as Felicia Thibedeaux
Director: Perry Lang

13 :01x13 - Gypsy Road

After Rico and Barnes find an abandoned baby girl, the mother shows up to claim her daughter; and even though she accepts responsibility for what she has done, the sheriffs must still press charges against her. Meanwhile, Lopez has to confront her gang past when she sees two homegirls from her old neighborhood making the same mistakes she did.
Guest Stars: Saige Thompson as Janey Hogan | Eric Barry (1) as Luke | Patricia Place as Missy | Brian Casey as Tall Boy | Reamy Hall as Dr Megan Jones | Waleed Moursi as Pizza Man | Randy Crowder as Tommy | Dale Dickey as Norma | Amy Correa as Fernanada | Dania Ramirez as Inez | Sarah Buehler as Teenager #1 | Anthony Burch as Teenager #2 | Kevin Kirkpatrick as Third Man | Kris Murphy as Claire Tarisi | Kenneth Dolin as Conrad Faber | Shirley Prestia as Judge | Brian Hatton as Fire Captain | Joe Hursley as Shooter | Lisa Deanne as Mother |
Co-Guest Stars: Toni Lewis as Felicia Thibedeaux | Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran
Director: Jeff Bleckner

14 :01x14 - Love Don't Love Nobody

A shootout erupts between warring gangs at a funeral, but the situation becomes more complicated when Rico and Barnes realize that the sister of a gang member in the Eastside Brims is in love with the brother of the leader of the Westside Blackstones. Meanwhile Barnes must keep his temper in check after finding out that his 15-year-old daughter, Maya, has a boyfriend. And the deputies must find dates for the upcoming L.A. Peace Officer's Charity Ball.
Guest Stars: Charles Duckworth as Terence Luster | Kara Zediker as Emily Runyon | Will Yun Lee as Detective Danny Chan | Vanessa Bell Calloway as Gina Barnes | Monique Coleman as Maya Barnes | Shawn Christian as Steven James | Porscha Coleman as Kim Nash | Derrex Brady as Dwayne Osbourne | Page Kennedy as Trent Osbourne | Tara Chocol as Megan Smith | Ezra Buzzington as Freddie | Paul Anthony Scott as Josh Randall | Eric Garcetti as Announcer |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran

15 :01x15 - The Wild and the Innocent

Rico's sheriff's training gets into full swing as he and Barnes handle a melee of calls around the city of Los Angeles, from rescuing a little girl who got stuck in a refrigerator to helping a woman whose mother thinks she's possessed. Meanwhile Williams gets assigned a tough new T.O., and Jablonski is given a new trainee after his first one quit. And, in order to join the department's boxing team, Rico has to first fight Jablonski.
Guest Stars: Rory Thost as 10-year-old boy | Alex Meneses as Deputy Anna Valero | Jon Polito as Enzo Fontana | Pedro Pano as Guy With Jacket (as Pete Pano) | Allyce Beasley as Doris Fortnoy | Alayna Wilson as Nadia Fortnoy | Barry Sigismondi as Fire Captain | Nicole Juliet as Eight-year-old Girl | Karole Selmona as Mrs Delprette | Blair Wingo as Lucy Delprette | Tyson Turrou as Warren | Cici Lau as Cleaners Owner | Richard Tanner as Bicyclist | Ted Sutton as Male Driver | David Spates as Paramedic | Rosalind Chao as Lt Maggie Chen | Caroline Marcelle as Amanda Banks |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie Shanian as Deputy Mike Moran | Francesca P. Roberts as Darla Handy
Director: Martin Campbell
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 28, 2003
Ended: January 25, 2004
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