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101 Dalmatians: The Series

101 Dalmatians: The Series

101 Dalmatians: The Series

101 Dalmatians: The Series is an animated program that was based on Disney’s 101 Dalmatians franchise, though the content of the series contains more similarities with Dodie Smith’s original 1956 novel, The Hundred and One Dalmatians, though several elements from the movie adaptations were adapted into the series. While the series made its debut in 1997, the episodes aired in an unorthodox fashion, as ABC had twelve episodes that aired exclusively on their network while the other fifty-three episodes aired in syndication. However, the episodes in syndication started airing before ABC’s episodes did, though since ABC proclaimed their episodes were the true debut of the series, it is considered that the twelve ABC episodes were the first season of the series while the fifty-three syndication episodes were the second season of the series.

The series primarily focuses on the adventures and misadventures of three Dalmatian puppies: Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig. They have recently moved to the farm when their pets, Roger and Anita Dearly, decided that there wasn’t enough room for one-hundred and one Dalmatians in the city, and that the city had too much crime. While the Dalmatians were reluctant to move at first, they soon discover that the countryside has plenty of unique opportunities for adventure and excitement, so they try to make the most out of their situation and they often look for entertaining ways to spend each day. However, they’re not alone on the farm, as they’ve made plenty of new friends, including a chicken named Spot, who longs for nothing more than to be a real Dalmatian. Spot instantly becomes the fourth member of Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig’s posse and they’re usually always be one another’s side.

Shortly after moving onto the farm, the Dalmatians discover that Cruella De Vil, their longtime arch-nemesis who once tried to kill them off and use their fur in her fashion designs, wants Roger and Anita to sell the farm to her, as she wishes to expand her mansion onto the farm. Despite the fact that the Dearlys have expressed no interest in selling the farm, it isn’t beneath Cruella to employ cheap tricks and dirty tactics to trick or force the Dearlys into selling their farm, though Cruella is aided by her pet ferret, Scorch, who hates the Dearly Dalmatians as much as she does, as well as Horace and Jasper Badun, two bumbling brothers whom Cruella once employed in the past. Cruella also has a tendency to receive help from her relatives in order to find ways of acquiring the deed to the Dearly Farm, though the Dalmatians believe they’ll be able to stop Cruella at every turn if they work together and use their friendship to their advantage.

Life on the farm continues in Cruella’s absence, however, and the Dalmatians often spend their time just trying to enjoy themselves. While they’re forced to participate in the Bark Brigade, a cadet instruction school that all puppies are expected to join, they often shirk their responsibilities so that they can do things that are more exciting in a growing pup’s eyes. They like to head down to Hiccup Hole, the local river, in order to swim and perform dives off of the tree branches, though kicking it back and watching television in the barn is also another favorite pastime of the Dearly Dalmatians. While their parents, Pongo and Perdita, don’t always let them do everything that they want to do, Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig tend to do whatever they feel is best for the current situation, especially since they have a live for the moment attitude; though Spot tends to try to be the voice of reason in most instances.

There are many other things that take place on the farm and the Dalmatians tend to find themselves dragged into a series of events that are caused by some of their fellow denizens on the Dearly Farm. Though through all their woes and troubles, Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot are loyal friends and they use their friendship to overcome the greatest of obstacles and perform unimaginable feats in order to save the day and enjoy themselves along the way. Catch the pups for yourself on Disney’s 101 Dalmatians: The Series; though the series is currently no longer airing on television since Toon Disney removed it from its schedule in order to expand upon their Jetix block, so that it could air throughout the night.

Episode Info

Final: 2x53 -- Dalmatian Vacation Part Three "Dearly Beloved" (Mar/04/1998)

Anita has decided to run away from Roger in disgust, as she believes he put baseball over their marriage, though Cadpig has decided to go with Anita to reason with her and she’s told her brothers to make sure Roger gets to the church on time. Now, the fate of the Dearly Farm, as well as Roger and Anita’s future, lies in the hands of the Dearly Dalmatians; though Cruella De Vil still has a few more tricks up her sleeves.
Pamela AdlonPamela Adlon
voiced Lucky
Debi Mae WestDebi Mae West
voiced Lucky
Kath SoucieKath Soucie
voiced Cadpig, Rolly, Anita Dearly
Tara StrongTara Strong
voiced Spot, Two-Tone
Kevin SchonKevin Schon
voiced Pongo
Jeff BennettJeff Bennett
voiced Roger Dearly, Lieutenant Pug, Swamp Rat, P.H. De Vil, Sergeant Tibbs, Ralphie St. Lowrent
Pam DawberPam Dawber
voiced Perdita
Charlotte RaeCharlotte Rae
voiced Nanny
April WinchellApril Winchell
voiced Cruella De Vil
David L. LanderDavid L. Lander
voiced Horace


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2x53: Dalmatian Vacation Part Three "Dearly Beloved" recap: The episode begins with Lucky narrating over scenes that took place in the previous episode, in which he explains what happened in the last episode and he sets forth the plot for this episode. The narration ends and the scene changes to Anita who is driving as fast as she can on her motorcycle, in which Cadpig is still hiding in her purse and she’s starting to freak out because of Anita’s erratic behavior. Anita starts talking to herself about Roger’s flaws, though she eventually starts to question whether or not he’s okay, as she is starting to worry about him. The scene changes to a motel where Lucky is talking to his friends about Roger’s poor situation, as Roger has been depressed due to Anita running out on him. The scene changes to the next room where Cruella is spying on Roger, though when she attempts to gloat about her success, she accidentally breaks the light and Horace tells her that they’re locked in the store room. The scene changes back to Roger, where Lucky is attempting to cheer him up through turning on the television. However, when he accidentally changes the channel to various programs that make a mockery of Roger’s situation, he eventually changes it to one that is nearly identical to Roger’s situation. However, when the character in the film mentions that he needs to chase after the woman he loves when she drove out on a motorcycle, it encourages Roger to do the same and he and the Dalmatians storm out to get onto the bus. Cruella manages to get out of the store room as soon as Roger drives off, so she decides to get Horace and Jasper to chase after him to ensure that they don’t get to the church on time. Unfortunately for her, their truck has just been towed and when she demands they find her a new set of wheels, the scene changes and it shows Horace and Jasper riding tricycles, in which they’re pulling a wagon that Cruella is sitting in. The scene changes to Roger, who is in the process of driving the bus in order to find Anita, though he is about to fall asleep as he has no idea where to drive, so Lucky comes up with an idea. He asks Rolly to sniff out Anita, as he has the best nose and may potentially be able to find her; Rolly does such and he picks up her scent, so he barks and points towards where Anita is, in which Roger decides to drive in that direction in order to find Anita... read more.

2x52: Dalmatian Vacation Part Two "Cross Country Calamity" recap: The episode begins with Lucky narrating over scenes that took place in the previous episode, in which he explains what happened in the last episode and he sets forth the plot for this episode. The narration ends and the scene changes to Roger, whom is still driving while Cruella is carelessly tossing magazines at him, as she’s attempting to find one that is worth reading. The scene continues to go towards the back of the bus, where Lucky is attempting to rally his brothers and sisters in order to convince them to stop Cruella from stealing the farm. The scene changes back to Cruella who is trying to find something in a storage trunk of hers, in which she pulls out some lipstick and she prepares to put it on her face. Seeing an opportunity to embarrass Cruella, Roger purposely causes the bus to hit some potholes, which causes her to smear her lipstick all over her face. Cruella gets frustrated at Roger for what she did, though Anita walks up to Roger and assures him that they won’t need to keep driving for too much longer. The scene changes to a motel, where Roger pulls the bus in at, though Cruella stays on the bus while Roger and Anita head to the counter to get their rooms. Now having privacy, Cruella decides to call up Horace and Jasper, whom are still sitting at the bottom of a lake from the last episode, as she wishes to get their help so that they can work together to prevent the Dearlys from getting to the chapel on time. She tells them to meet her outside of the motel at night, though Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig overheard her conversation and they decide that they’ll work in shifts in order to stay awake to keep an eye on Cruella. The scene changes back to Roger and Anita who are currently trying to get a room, though they discover that there’s only one room, the honeymoon suite, left available. They purchase the room and attempt to make their way inside, though when Cruella dashes in with Anita, claiming that Roger can’t sleep with Anita as the two aren’t married, so Roger is forced to make his way to the bus in order to sleep for the night... read more.

2x51: Dalmatian Vacation Part One "Road Warriors" recap: Cruella is at work trying to figure out some of the designs that she wishes to use, though she can’t quite figure out anything new to use. However, when Anita arrives at the office to let her know that she’s going on a vacation, Cruella decides to fire Anita as she believes that vacations aren’t something productive. Anita tells Cruella that going on a vacation would also help her get new ideas for her designs, so Cruella decides that she wants to tag along with her as she needs some new ideas of her own. Back at the farm, Roger is preparing for the vacation, though his actions have caused Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig to believe that they’ll be going on the vacation as well. They help Roger by bringing him some of the items that he needs to pack, though they decide to head off to fine some of their own luggage to take on the vacation. Roger continues to pack, though Nanny comes out and she talks to Roger about the secret surprise he has for Anita, which involves them renewing her wedding vows. Just at that moment, Anita arrives and she talks to him about the trip, as she wishes to tell him that something has changed about their plans. Roger keeps misinterpreting her comments and he decides to permit Pongo and Perdita to travel with them, though he then decides to permit Pongo and Perdita’s original Dalmatians to travel with them as well. However, when Anita attempts to further tell him about what she’s learnt, he decides to let all of the Dalmatians come along and he starts getting the bus ready. Eventually, Cruella pulls up and Roger realizes what it is that Anita was trying to tell him, though he isn’t too happy about it because the vacation was supposed to be a romantic getaway. Cruella forces herself onto the bus and Roger and Anita decide to just try to cope with their ordeal, as they may still be able to enjoy themselves, so the two get onto the bus and they prepare to head off. Lucky attempts to get Spot to get on the bus, though she decides to stay behind and the bus heads off to its first destination. Unfortunately for Spot, her mother comes up to her and she says that they’ll spend the next few weeks sitting on eggs and clucking, though hearing that plan causes Spot to start running after the bus... read more.

2x50: Good Neighbor Cruella / Animal House Party recap: Good Neighbor Cruella: The episode begins with Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and the rest of the Dalmatians watching television, as a news reporter is talking about how Cruella has recently reacted in her usual fashion when she dumped trash on a fashion critic who had insulted her taste in clothing. Lucky makes a comment on how she should at least show her good side when she’s on TV, though when Rolly expresses doubt that she even has one, Cadpig expresses that everybody has a good side, and that Cruella’s just isn’t visible to the naked eye. The scene changes to Cruella’s mansion, in which Cruella is watching the same news story and she throws her remote control at the television in rage; P.H. De Vil enters the room and he tells Cruella that he saw the news, and that he decided to visit because he figured that she would need her TV fixed. He heads over to the TV to try to repair it, though Cruella asks him if he knows of a way to help her portray a positive image without actually being forced to behave; P.H. De Vil decides that she may be able to use a fake her, instead of the real her, so the scene changes to a laboratory that P.H. De Vil has in Cruella’s mansion and he informs her that he’s going to split her into two sides: good and evil. Cruella steps into the chamber and P.H. De Vil performs some functions on the machine’s control unit, though Cruella steps out after the process is finished and she claims she feels the same, except for the fact that she no longer has a headache. P.H. De Vil insists that his machine worked and he takes her over to meet her good side, though her good side turns out to be several inches tall; P.H. De Vil apologizes, as he says he didn’t have much to work with, though he sticks a pump into the good Cruella’s mouth and he inflates her to normal size. The good Cruella instantly steps out of the chamber, after she’s full size, and she offers to clean P.H. De Vil’s mad scientist’s lab; Cruella becomes shocked over how she’s behaving, though she decides that she’ll send her good-side over to the Dearlys so that she can see if it will actually fool them, as she wishes to use it to improve her public relations if her good-side actually manages to deceive people into thinking she’s the real Cruella... read more.

2x49: Dog Food Day Afternoon / Spot's Fairy God-Chicken recap: Dog Food Day Afternoon: The episode begins by showing various Dalmatians on the farm, who are going about their usual routine, though when they hear the dinner bell they all rush towards the food silo in order to eat their next meal. Rolly arrives last and he attempts to make his way to the center, though in doing such, he sends her flying into the side of the food trough, injuring her in the process. Cadpig scolds him, though Rolly tells her to be quiet as he can hear the kibble pouring down the slide; Cadpig gets knocked down by the incoming kibble and Rolly starts to suck up the kibble as soon as it enters the trough, though he soon spits it out and asks what the kibble is. Cadpig makes a remark about how it may be his head once she gets through with it, as she is still bitter about what Rolly did to her earlier, though Rolly ignores her and he jumps onto the rest of the kibble in order to encourage his brothers and sisters to stop eating the kibble. The rest of the Dalmatians ignore Rolly, as they wish to go to Grutely Days, a fair that is taking place in the nearby town of Grutely, though he tries to tell them the importance that the change in Kanine Krunchies formula actually has. Lucky walks towards Rolly and he drops the Kanine Krunchies bag on the ground, so Rolly reads the barcode on the back in order to determine that it was manufactured in Grutely. He expresses that he wasn’t aware that they had opened a factory in Grutely and he decides that he must head to the factory in order to investigate; Lucky, Cadpig and Spot decide to head with him in order to see what’s going on, though the rest of the Dalmatians decide to stay behind so that they can go to Grutely Days. The scene changes to show a Kanine Krunchies truck driving to the new factory and the scene changes to inside the factory, where Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot are looking away. Lucky notices that there are several wood chippers in the factory; though it doesn’t take him long to realize that sawdust from trees is actually being used as filler in the new Kanine Krunchies recipe. Further down the assembly line, Rolly realizes that they’re using chalk powder instead of gravy powder, though when they try to figure out who could be responsible for doing such a thing, Cruella De Vil is heard firing somebody and Spot makes a remark saying that they shouldn’t have had to ask that question... read more.

Executive Producer: Jim Jinkins, David Campbell (1), Roberts Gannaway
Supervising Producer: Tony Craig (1)
Producer: Rick Schneider, Martha Ripp
Consulting Producer: Carin Greenberg Baker
Editor: Philip Malamuth
Casting: Jamie Thomason
Staff Writer: Ken Koonce, Bruce Shelly

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Recurring Guests

Paddi Edwards as Lucy (6 eps)
Tress MacNeille as Cornelia (5 eps)
Pat Corley as Captain Ahab (4 eps)
Thomas F. Wilson as Skipper (4 eps)
Thom Adcox-Hernandez as Dipstick (4 eps)
Rachel Crane as Ivy De Vil (2 eps)
Don Knotts as Dog Catcher (2 eps)
Cam Clarke as Rex Hunter (2 eps)
Harvey Korman as Baron Efrem Von Schnittkerdoodle (2 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1997
Ended: September, 1999
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