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Dalmatian Vacation Part One "Road Warriors" - Recap

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Cruella is at work trying to figure out some of the designs that she wishes to use, though she can’t quite figure out anything new to use. However, when Anita arrives at the office to let her know that she’s going on a vacation, Cruella decides to fire Anita as she believes that vacations aren’t something productive. Anita tells Cruella that going on a vacation would also help her get new ideas for her designs, so Cruella decides that she wants to tag along with her as she needs some new ideas of her own. Back at the farm, Roger is preparing for the vacation, though his actions have caused Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig to believe that they’ll be going on the vacation as well. They help Roger by bringing him some of the items that he needs to pack, though they decide to head off to fine some of their own luggage to take on the vacation. Roger continues to pack, though Nanny comes out and she talks to Roger about the secret surprise he has for Anita, which involves them renewing her wedding vows. Just at that moment, Anita arrives and she talks to him about the trip, as she wishes to tell him that something has changed about their plans. Roger keeps misinterpreting her comments and he decides to permit Pongo and Perdita to travel with them, though he then decides to permit Pongo and Perdita’s original Dalmatians to travel with them as well. However, when Anita attempts to further tell him about what she’s learnt, he decides to let all of the Dalmatians come along and he starts getting the bus ready. Eventually, Cruella pulls up and Roger realizes what it is that Anita was trying to tell him, though he isn’t too happy about it because the vacation was supposed to be a romantic getaway. Cruella forces herself onto the bus and Roger and Anita decide to just try to cope with their ordeal, as they may still be able to enjoy themselves, so the two get onto the bus and they prepare to head off. Lucky attempts to get Spot to get on the bus, though she decides to stay behind and the bus heads off to its first destination. Unfortunately for Spot, her mother comes up to her and she says that they’ll spend the next few weeks sitting on eggs and clucking, though hearing that plan causes Spot to start running after the bus.

Back on the bus, Roger isn’t making good time since Wizzer needs to use the restroom, though eventually the bus gets back on schedule when Cruella demands that the Dearlys stop for nothing, which results in Whizzer urinating on her shoes off-screen. While Roger is driving, Anita is continuing to work on her designs for Cruella, which causes Cruella to become ecstatic as Anita’s latest design could be somewhat profitable. She proceeds to the scanner she installed onto the bus, though when she attempts to make a copy of the design, the bus starts to malfunction since too much energy is coursing through its systems. Eventually, the bus gets back to normal and Cruella demands that Anita get back to work in making her designs, though the scene soon changes to show what the Dalmatians are currently doing. Cadpig is distraught because Cruella hasn’t permitted them to make any stops, in which Lucky agrees with her and all the Dalmatians start to whine, causing Pongo and Perdita to attempt to get them to be quiet. The scene changes to the front of the bus where Anita is trying to console Roger to make him feel better, as she expresses that there will still be some positives to their trip, though Cruella dashes up towards Roger and she demands that they visit all of her tourist destinations instead of the ones that they had previously selected. Roger refuses to take part in her plans, though the two then get into a dispute and Cruella attempts to grab the wheel from him, though Cruella eventually manages to have her way.

The scene changes to a musical montage that has Roger and Anita going to all the places where Cruella wants to go, which causes them to forfeit their own scheduled plans for their vacation. First they go to a statue of Dr. Lipo, then they go to the Mall of the Rich and Famous in order to do some shopping, then they finally head to the Museum of Man-Made Fabrics. The montage ends and the scene changes to Spot, who is currently walking down the road in an attempt to catch up to the Dearlys, though she’s exhausted and she isn’t capable of walking any further. Fortunately for her, a truck driving by picks her up, though she is placed in the back by the driver, who turns out to be delivering chickens to an unknown destination. All of the chickens onboard are ecstatic, claiming that they’re going to the happiest place on earth, though Spot attempts to figure out the truth behind where they’re going as she has a bad feeling over what it is that is taking place. However, her feelings are confirmed when she reads a sign that shows that their destination is actually a slaughter house, though the scene changes as she begins to panic. Back on the bus, the Dalmatians are getting bored because they haven’t been able to see anything that they’ve wanted to see, though when Rolly spots a kibble factory, the Dalmatians all bark at Roger to get him to stop. Cruella refuses to permit the Dearlys to stop and she says it will have to be over her dead body, though when the Dalmatians all charge over Cruella, knocking her down, Roger considers her predicament to be close enough and he pulls into the kibble factor and they all go inside.

At the factory, Rolly is fawning over the statue of the inventor of kibbles, though it doesn’t take long for a female dog to arrive and she offers to take the Dalmatians on a tour. Rolly exploits the opportunity to ask the female dog if they had once experimented with their formula in batch 4586 when he tasted something funny, though he learns that there was actually just a watch that fell into the kibble shredder. The female dog continues the tour and she shows the Dalmatians how some dogs test the food for the company, which causes Rolly to wish he had the position. The scene changes to the bus and Pongo and Perdita realize one of their Dalmatians are missing, though they eventually head back inside and they drag Rolly out of the factory by force. The scene changes again back to Spot and her endeavors to prove to the other chickens that the vehicle is on its way to a slaughter house, though when she finally manages to convince them of the truth, they start to panic about what they should do. Spot attempts to coordinate their efforts to permit the chickens to stay alive, as she has a plan to disconnect the cargo trailer of the truck from the rest of the vehicle. She calls for volunteers, though when a bunch of chickens come forth, they just cut through the floor to make her fall underneath the car. Spot manages to grab onto the bar and she makes her way to disconnect the cargo trailer from the rest of the truck, though upon doing such, everyone realizes that the now free roaming cargo trailer is making its way straight to a chicken restaurant. Back with the Dearlys, they have stopped at the very same chicken restaurant that Spot is heading towards, in which they order their food and they start to drive away. Spot’s cargo trailer continues to fly towards the chicken restaurant and it eventually collides with it, causing all the chickens to freak out. However, Spot manages to get outside and she discovers that the Dearlys were just there, though that grosses her out because she realizes that her friends were actually chicken eaters.

Roger decides that he’s going to go to a location on his list, as he is sick of not doing anything he planned. However, when Cruella realizes what Roger wants to do, she demands Jasper drive up a semi-truck of goods that she is carrying in order to toss her some hairspray. Unfortunately for Jasper, Roger makes a quick turn to the right causing him to be forced to take the semi-truck to the left, though he plans on trying to find another route to the waterfall. At the waterfall, Roger and Anita are enjoying the waterfall, though Cruella starts to cough and it ruins their moment when they were getting ready to kiss. The scene changes back to Horace and Jasper, who are now driving on a back road in an attempt to find the waterfall, though they decide to drive into a sewer pipe as they believe it may take them right to the falls. The scene changes back to Roger, who is trying to take a picture of Anita and the Dalmatians, though when Cruella demands he take a picture of her instead, he reluctantly does so while Anita goes to make preparations for them to renew their vows. Cruella starts to get ready for the picture by putting on some make-up, though when she sees Horace and Jasper’s semi-truck flying down the waterfall, she quickly turns around and Roger takes a picture of her back. However, this angers Cruella and she tosses Roger’s camera over the edge of the waterfall, which in turn angers Roger and he attempts to shove Cruella down a mailbox in order to get rid of her once and for all. The scene changes to Anita who is in the process of calling the chapel where she got married, though she discovers that their pastor wasn’t actually accredited and she had never actually married Roger. She rushes back to tell Roger the news and while it shocks them both, they decide they’ll just get a real marriage at the end of their event. However, Cruella overhears their conversation and she makes her way to behind the bus, which causes Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig to follow her as they suspect she’s up to something. It is revealed that the Dearlys will lose their farm if they don’t get married in ten days, so Cruella plans on making their trip difficult to try to gain the farm, though the episode ends with a message saying that it will be continued.