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101 Dalmatians: The Series: Home Is Where The Bark Is

Roger and Anita Dearly have always wanted a place in the countryside, as they need more room for their one-hundred and one Dalmatians, as well as themselves. However, after making the move, they discover that Cruella De Vil is their new neighbor and that she has a keen interest in acquiring their new property. To make matters worse, three of their Dalmatians, Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig, have decided to run away from the farm in order to go back to their old home in the city.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Saturday September 13th, 1997


The episode begins with an overview of a city, in which it zooms in and it reveals Nanny being pulled by a large number of Dalmatian puppies, though in actuality, she is attempting to give them a walk. The scene zooms up towards one of the Dalmatians, named Lucky, who tells a Dalmatian named Rolly that they should hurry up if they wish to get to the museum on time, as they wish to see an exhibit that portrays all the different fire hydrants around the world. Rolly replies by stating that he doesn’t really want to go, as walking is giving him a cramp, though this causes their little sister, Cadpig, to run forward to express that she’s getting a cramp too, albeit a giant smile cramp. However, at that moment, Nanny screams for help because a man has just stolen her purse, so all of the Dalmatians begin pursuit, dragging Nanny with them. The scene changes to show Cadpig expressing excitement over the chase, though Rolly is more concerned that his cramp is getting worse; however, Lucky realizes that the criminal is getting away, so he bites through his leash so that he can manage to go fast enough to catch up to the criminal. Lucky then chases the man across the street, though as soon as he gets to the other side, the stoplight changes and the rest of the Dalmatians, as well as Nanny, are stuck on the other side; though Cadpig uses the opportunity to verbally assault the criminal, which causes her to realize she needs to work on her underlying hostility. The scene changes to show the criminal running into an alleyway, though when he realizes that it’s a dead end, he turns around, only to discover Lucky is there growling at him. Realizing that Lucky is just a puppy, the criminal picks him up and screams at him, as he knows Lucky can’t stop him, though Lucky starts to bark back at him. At that moment, a bunch of other barks are heard, which causes the criminal to turn around, where he discovers ninety-eight other Dalmatians are growling at him, along with Nanny, who is staring at him angrily. This causes the criminal to drop Lucky and the purse and he proceeds to jump over a nearby wall in order to escape, as he knows he can’t stop so many Dalmatians. Lucky then proceeds to pick up the purse with his mouth and he walks over to Nanny, who takes the purse from him and she compliments him for his bravery, though when Rolly and Cadpig arrive, Lucky expresses that somebody has to take a bite out of crime, though Cadpig expresses disagreement with Lucky’s comments, as she doesn’t feel he should have done what he did...

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Episode Notes
This episode was originally scheduled to air on September 6, 1997. However, Princess Diana’s death just days earlier caused ABC to devote most of its time on the coverage of the tragedy, so the episode didn’t air until September 13th of the same year.

This episode marks the only time in the series where the Dalmatians’ home in the city is seen, which would have been the place where they were born.

Despite the fact that she had no lines, Spot made her debut appearance in this episode, as she was sleeping next to her mother in the scene before Lucky made up his mind to return to the city.

Episode Quotes
(The Dalmatians have just heard that Roger wants to move)
Lucky: Move away?
Rolly: We can’t move! I know every deli-dumpster in town!
Cadpig: The country, and leave all our city friends behind? That’s crazy talk!

(Cadpig is introducing herself to Princess and Duchess)
Cadpig: Hello, my name is Cadpig, and you two are cows! (Cadpig puts nametags on their noses, each nametag says ‘cow’) Nametags will help us all bond in a friendly, yet functional fashion!

Lucky: Come on, Rolly! We got to hightail it to the museum! We don’t want to miss the fire hydrants of the world exhibit!
Rolly: Just send me a postcard, Lucky; I’m getting a cramp here.
Cadpig: I’m getting a cramp too! A big, giant smile cramp!

Rolly: Oh, no more begging for hotdogs! No spicy sausages; no falafel! We got to get back to civilization before I waste away!
Cadpig: And I’m having trouble getting centered! It’s all this unfamiliarity; I need a sense of place!
Lucky: Oh, how could this possibly get any worse?
(Shortly after Lucky's line, Cruella De Vil comes driving by in her car)

(Roger and Anita just refused to sell Cruella the farm)
Cruella: Well, if you change your minds, just let me know. Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy your little barkingham palace! (Cruella starts laughing, though she soon starts coughing) Memo to myself: Come up with a diabolical scheme to steal this farm.

Lucky: It’s too noisy here!
Rolly: And too hot and humid!
Cadpig: And too farmy! My primal needs cry for a brownstone, not a barnyard!
Rolly: And central air-conditioning!
Lucky: And there’s only one place we’re gonna get all that: back in the city. Back home, and that’s where we’re going: home!
Cadpig: Home!

(Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig just made it to their city home, where they reminisce)
Lucky: Well, we made it home!
Rolly: That’s where the picture of mom and dad was hanging, remember?
Cadpig: And here’s where Nanny used to light an aroma therapy candle every night. Ah, so soothing!
Lucky: And here’s where we kept the TV! Isn’t it great to be back?
Rolly: (sadly) Yeah.
Cadpig: (sadly) I guess.

(Horace and Jasper are delivering a letter incognito)
Jasper: Afternoon, ma’am, we have an envelope to deliver.
Horace: And it’s not from Cruella De Vil! (Jasper hits Horace in the head) I mean, it is from Cruella De Vil! (Jasper sighs and hits Horace again) I mean, I didn’t say anything. (to Nanny) Anybody ever tell you, you have beautiful eyes?
(Jasper pulls Horace away from Nanny, causing his wig to fall off)

Lucky: Isn’t it fun spending the night? Just like old times!
Rolly: (shivering) I don’t remember freezing my butt off, Lucky!
Lucky: Back at the barn, you were hot!
Rolly: Well, now I’m cold!
Cadpig: I am hungry; both physically and spiritually, and I still miss my friends.
Rolly: Oh, we should never have left home!
Lucky: What? But that barn’s not our home! This is our home! You two just relax; I’ll find some food.

(Lucky is holding Cadpig over a toilet, as he wants to flush her down it so she can escape from the building)
Lucky: Ah, it’ll never work.

Episode Goofs
Sergeant Tibbs’ voice in this episode is different than what it is throughout the rest of the episodes of the series.

When the Dearlys are moving to the farm, the bus is seen driving on a dirt road. However, in the next scene, the bus is seen driving on a paved road, despite the fact that both scenes are supposed to take place right next to one another.

Towards the end of the episode, when the Dalmatians are trying to find a way out of the locked building, Lucky has his collar on. However, he shouldn’t have had his collar during that scene, as Cruella had previously stolen his collar and used it in her ransom note to the Dearlys.

Towards the end of the episode, when Lucky is planning to flush Cadpig down the toilet, Rolly’s eyes are blue, despite the fact that he is supposed to have black eyes.

Cultural References
Lucky: Yeah, somebody’s gotta take a bite out of crime.

This is a reference to the 1980s crime-prevention spokesperson, McGruff the Crime Dog, who was created for the National Crime Prevention Council to be used by American law enforcement agencies to educate young children about how committing crimes is wrong. The mascot often told children to help take a bite out of crime, as that was his catchphrase. This reference was made towards the beginning of the episode, shortly after Nanny thanks him for his help chasing the purse-snatcher.

Cruella: (sarcastically) I hope you all enjoy your little Barkingham Palace!

This is a reference to the real palace that was created in the 1800s for the British monarchy, Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to use the palace as the royal residence, though it has been occupied by the royal family ever since. This reference was made shortly after the Dearlys first move to their new farm, when Cruella De Vil decides to leave in order to go back to her mansion.

Incorrect Name

This episode marks the beginning of Cruella’s endeavors to get on Roger’s nerves through continuously getting his name incorrect. Despite the fact that she knows his name and says it correctly several times throughout the series, Cruella tends to call Roger by various names that begin with the letter R. While these names sometimes carry significance through the form of a reference to other media, most of the names are only used as a means to annoy Roger. Cruella does this because she doesn’t like Roger, as she realizes he hates her due to their previous confrontations, though since Cruella is Roger’s employer, he seldom expresses discontent with her attempts to get on his nerves.

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