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101 Dalmatians: The Series: He Followed Me Home / Love 'Em And Flea 'Em

He Followed Me Home: When a circus elephant wonders into the midst of the Dearly Farm, Lucky decides to adopt it as a pet, despite Spot’s objections. However, when they discover that Cruella De Vil is watching the Dearly Farm in hopes of catching an extra animal, which could be used to evict the Dearlys from their property, they decide that they must keep their elephant hidden at all costs.

Love ‘Em And Flea ‘Em: It’s time for the Four-Legged Fall-Ball on the Dearly Farm and Two-Tone is getting ready to see if Mooch will ask her to the dance. However, when she attempts to speak with him on the subject, he shuns her and ignores the fact that the dance is even approaching. Lucky, seeing a rare opportunity, decides to make his move in order to take Two-Tone to the dance himself, much to Mooch’s chagrin.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x2
Airdate: Saturday September 27th, 1997

Guest Stars
Thom Adcox-HernandezThom Adcox-Hernandez
voiced Dipstick


He Followed Me Home: The episode begins with a colorful circus train traveling across the countryside, in which it crosses a bridge, as well as a road, though it ultimately comes to a screeching halt. One of the circus employees steps out of the train and she expresses that the boiler must be acting up, and that she’ll go fix it, though the scene changes to reveal a circus elephant, Jimbo, exiting the train as well, as he sees some flowers that he wishes to go eat. Jimbo does such, though after he takes several bites from the flowers, the female circus employee is heard saying that everything is all right and she orders the train to get moving, causing Jimbo to get left behind. In an attempt to catch up to his comrades, Jimbo runs up to the tracks, though he sits down when he realizes that they’re too far away. Feeling abandoned, he starts to cry, though a scent is seen floating in the air, which causes Jimbo to take notice of it, though when he examines where it’s coming from, he sees a trail of peanuts going to his left. He proceeds to eat the peanuts that exist right next to him and he follows the trail of peanuts, consuming them all in the process; though the scene changes to show him at the Dearly Farm, where he is still eating while following the peanut trail. The scene moves to the right, to reveal Rolly is carrying a bag of peanuts, though peanuts are falling out of the bag and onto the ground as he walks. Rolly approaches his friends, Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig, in order to ask them if they want any of his peanuts, though when Spot faints, he tells them that it isn’t like he’s never shared his food with them before. Lucky approaches him and he asks him if he’s casting a largest shadow recently, though when Rolly asks him why he said that, Lucky turns his head, to reveal that Jimbo is standing right behind of him. Jimbo proceeds to suck up all of Rolly’s peanuts, in an attempt to fill his belly, though when Rolly inadvertently gets sucked into his trunk, Jimbo sneezes, causing the Dearly Dalmatians to be sent into the side of the food silo. After the for of them hit the wall, excess kibble from the food silo spills out of the window, though when the Dalmatians emerge from the kibble, Rolly expresses that Jimbo is fun. Lucky asks his friends where he came from, though Cadpig proposes that he must be a stray; though when Spot expresses that a stray elephant doesn’t make sense, Lucky tells her that they’re in the country now, and that stray elephants are probably common...

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Episode Notes
Despite the fact that the episode 'Love ‘Em And Flea ‘Em' ended with Lucky and Two-Tone being in a romantic relationship, their romance is never mentioned again throughout the rest of the series.

Episode Quotes
(Nanny has just taken some items outside for a yard sale she’s going to hold)
Two-Tone: Ah, yard sale; I love yard sales! Actually, I hate yard sales. Of course, the pros of a yard sale are the bargains, but the cons of a yard sale are that the items are used. Ew.
Cadpig: Two-Tone, focus!
Two-Tone: Come on, Cadpig, let’s investigate! You can help me pick the right look for Mooch. Which do you predict he’ll like best? (she digs around inside of Nanny’s box) Necklace or bracelet?
Cadpig: I had no idea he was so conflicted. This is a Mooch we didn’t know.
Two-Tone: No, silly, for me, to wear to the Four-Legged Fall-Ball tonight. I need something eye-catching to make sure Mooch asks me to go.
Cadpig: You two always go together.
Two-Tone: I am not taking any chances. I’ve got to get his attention!

(Jimbo sneezed, causing the Dalmatians to hit the Chow Tower)
Rolly: Hey, he’s fun!
Lucky: But where did he come from?
Cadpig: He’s a stray! A wondering orphan in the suburban jungle!
Spot: A stray elephant?!
Lucky: Hey, we’re not in the city anymore. In the country, you get all kinds of strays; stray elephants are probably pretty common.

(The circus just took Jimbo back to the circus)
Cadpig: Oh, Lucky, don’t be sad! The circus can provide Jimbo with the physical and emotional cares specific to his unique little elephant needs.
(Lucky walks over to Roger’s mini-aquarium and picks it up)
Spot: Oh, Lucky, haven’t you learned anything?
Lucky: Okay, maybe Jimbo was too much pet per puppy, but an aquarium pal is perfect; it’s small and easy to take care of. Just add water, and… Uh oh.
(Lucky drops water onto the aquarium, causing a sea monster to appear)

(Two-Tone is worried about what she should wear to impress Mooch)
Cadpig: Two-Tone, beauty shines from the inside! It doesn’t need accessories!
Two-Tone: Oh, you are so right, Cadpig! I’ll make a note of that; he’ll just have to like me for who I am.
(Two-Tone gets out of the yard sale box and leaves)
Cadpig: (to herself, counting seconds) Two. Three.
Two-Tone: Then again, there’s no reason why he can’t like me for what I look like too!

Two-Tone: Hi Mooch. Beautiful morning, isn’t it?
Mooch: It was; I can’t see it anymore.
Wizzer: Yeah, you’re blocking our aim, lady.
Two-Tone: (Shocked) But, uh, Mooch, isn’t there something you’d like to ask me?
Mooch: Yeah! Would you move your butt out of the way?!
Two-Tone: Humph.
Mooch: Come ‘round here again and Dipstick will get his fleas on ya’.

(Two-Tone walked past Lucky, depressed by Mooch’s comments)
Lucky: Hey! New outfit, Two-Tone; are you getting ready for the dance?
Two-Tone: Yes, but no. You see, I was, but now I’m not even going.
Lucky: But you’re the nicest pooch on the farm! I’ll take you!
Two-Tone: (suddenly infatuated with Lucky) You’re on.

Two-Tone: Oh, Mooch! I just came by to say to you ‘I have nothing to say to you’. If I had anything to say to you, I’ll say it to Lucky, my date tonight at the dance.
Mooch: Say what?! You always go with me!
Two-Tone: Correction: used to go with you, but you didn’t ask me; Lucky did.
(Two-Tone walks off)
Mooch: (to Dipstick and Wizzer) Eh! Come on boys; I have a feeling Lucky is about to become very unlucky!

(Lucky has just seen the decorations for the Four-Legged Fall-Ball)
Lucky: Wow! The barn looks totally fantastic! Just looking at it makes me feel, so, uh, itchy.
(Lucky starts to itch)
Cadpig: What are you so itchy about?
Lucky: I’m itchin’ to go to the dance with Two-Tone!
Cadpig: Looks like you’ve been bitten by the puppy-love bug.
Lucky: Well, that explains why I itch, but does it explain why I hear music?!
Rolly: That’s funny; I hear it too!
(A bunch of fleas are seen conga dancing across Lucky’s nose)
Lucky: It’s not the love bug, it’s fleas!

Mooch: Heya Two-Tone! Your dance partner is here.
Two-Tone: Nuh-uh. My dance partner is Lucky.
Mooch: Lucky sent me ‘cause he’s not feeling well. Heh, his color’s all wrong.
Two-Tone: (seeing Lucky) His color looks fine to me.
Mooch: (surprised) Huh?!
Lucky: Beat it, Mooch! She’s dancing with me, not you!
Mooch: Wha… ho… How did you?
Lucky: Come on, Two-Tone. There’s a rumba with our name on it.

(Mooch just blew the flour off of Lucky, revealing him to be pink)
Two-Tone: (gasping) Lucky, you’re pink!
Mooch: I told you he was weird; I’d be embarrassed to be seen with him.
(Lucky jumps inside of a nearby jack-o-lantern)
Two-Tone: Don’t hide, Lucky, I like your new look.
Lucky: No you don’t! Mooch is right, you don’t want to be seen with me.
Two-Tone: Yes I do! You’re still Lucky; I think you’re cool in any color.
Lucky: Really?
Two-Tone: Yeah.
Lucky: (to Mooch) Cheer up, Mooch! You look so blue!
(Mooch’s face turns red, Two-Tone and Lucky put their noses together)

Episode Goofs
In the episode ‘He Followed Me Home’, Jimbo the elephant ate by sucking food through his trunk, though real elephants don’t eat through their trunk, as they use their trunk to pick up food and place it in their mouth.

In the episode ‘Love ‘Em And Flea ‘Em’, during the scene where Dipstick spits his spitball at Mooch, Wizzer’s collar is seen as blue, despite the fact that his collar is supposed to be colored red.

In the episode ‘Love ‘Em And Flea ‘Em’, when Nanny puts Lucky into the sink, she turns the water on and she doesn’t turn it off until she gets the flea shampoo. However, between those scenes, Mooch is seen dumping pink food dye into the water, though when he does such, the faucet doesn’t have any water coming out of it, despite the fact that the faucet was still turned on and that the sound of running water is loudly heard.

Cultural References
Cadpig: (upon seeing Rolly’s secret stash of food) Treasure of the Sierra Pantry!

This is a reference to the 1948 film entitled The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which starred Humphrey Bogart and Tim Holt. The film was directed by John Huston and its plot focused on several men attempting to find a hidden treasure in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains. This reference was made in the episode ‘He Followed Me Home’, when Cadpig discovers the secret stash of food that Jimbo revealed behind a stack of hay.

Episode References
In "He Followed Me Home", Lucky informs Rolly and Cadpig that they're not in the city anymore, which refers to the first episode, "Home is Where the Bark Is", where they started out as city pups.

Cadpig’s Hearing

The episode ‘He Followed Me Home’ marks the first time in the series where Cadpig’s advanced sense of hearing is portrayed. Several episodes of the series make a reference to her advanced sense, though this episode established her ability and it showed that she is more observant than her brothers and sisters when it comes to sounds. In this episode, she was capable of hearing Cruella De Vil driving towards the Dearly Farm, which helped advance the plot as it permitted the characters to take an appropriate course of action. Cadpig has acknowledge her advanced sense of hearing throughout the series and it is likely that it helps her compensate for her stunted growth, as she’s capable of hearing things that keeps her one step ahead of other individuals.

Rolly’s Secret Stash

The episode ‘He Followed Me Home’ reveals that Rolly keeps a secret stash of food that he hides from his friends, though Jimbo discovers his collection through the course of the episode. Rolly is known to be a glutton on the Dearly Farm and he often consumes more kibble than the rest of his brothers and sisters, so his secret stash of food is in correlation with his personality and he likely breaks into his secret stash whenever he wants something extra to eat. Rolly’s secret stash of food appears in several episodes throughout the series, but due to the fact that it was revealed during this episode, the secretive nature of the stash of food isn’t as strong in later episodes.

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