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He Followed Me Home / Love 'Em And Flea 'Em - Recap

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He Followed Me Home: The episode begins with a colorful circus train traveling across the countryside, in which it crosses a bridge, as well as a road, though it ultimately comes to a screeching halt. One of the circus employees steps out of the train and she expresses that the boiler must be acting up, and that she’ll go fix it, though the scene changes to reveal a circus elephant, Jimbo, exiting the train as well, as he sees some flowers that he wishes to go eat. Jimbo does such, though after he takes several bites from the flowers, the female circus employee is heard saying that everything is all right and she orders the train to get moving, causing Jimbo to get left behind. In an attempt to catch up to his comrades, Jimbo runs up to the tracks, though he sits down when he realizes that they’re too far away. Feeling abandoned, he starts to cry, though a scent is seen floating in the air, which causes Jimbo to take notice of it, though when he examines where it’s coming from, he sees a trail of peanuts going to his left. He proceeds to eat the peanuts that exist right next to him and he follows the trail of peanuts, consuming them all in the process; though the scene changes to show him at the Dearly Farm, where he is still eating while following the peanut trail. The scene moves to the right, to reveal Rolly is carrying a bag of peanuts, though peanuts are falling out of the bag and onto the ground as he walks. Rolly approaches his friends, Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig, in order to ask them if they want any of his peanuts, though when Spot faints, he tells them that it isn’t like he’s never shared his food with them before. Lucky approaches him and he asks him if he’s casting a largest shadow recently, though when Rolly asks him why he said that, Lucky turns his head, to reveal that Jimbo is standing right behind of him. Jimbo proceeds to suck up all of Rolly’s peanuts, in an attempt to fill his belly, though when Rolly inadvertently gets sucked into his trunk, Jimbo sneezes, causing the Dearly Dalmatians to be sent into the side of the food silo. After the for of them hit the wall, excess kibble from the food silo spills out of the window, though when the Dalmatians emerge from the kibble, Rolly expresses that Jimbo is fun. Lucky asks his friends where he came from, though Cadpig proposes that he must be a stray; though when Spot expresses that a stray elephant doesn’t make sense, Lucky tells her that they’re in the country now, and that stray elephants are probably common.

Jimbo picks Rolly up, letting him slide down his trunk, which causes him to express that Jimbo is a blast and that they should keep him as a pet. Spot expresses that it isn’t a good idea, since pets are a huge responsibility, and they need to be fed, cleaned and kept out of trouble. Lucky tells her that such won’t be a problem, though when Rolly notices something ahead of them, he tells them there is a problem, so the four of them hide behind a haystack with Jimbo. Cruella De Vil is heard saying good-bye to Anita and she proceeds to make her way to her car, though along the way, she says hello to Roger, intentionally getting his name wrong. Roger ignores her and he opens up a package, in which he expresses he’s happy that his Aquarium Pal came in the mail today; Cruella tells him that he must be selling the farm then, though when Roger asks her what she means, Cruella tells him that his deed only lets him have one-hundred and one animals on the farm, not including the farm animals that already lived there, and that if they get one more animal, they’ll be in violation of their contract and that they’ll be forced to sell the farm. Roger tells her that it will never happen, which causes Cruella to tell him that he better not have any more pets then, though this causes Lucky to realize they need to keep Jimbo hidden from her. Cruella tells Roger that she’ll be watching him and she gets into her car, though when she sees Jimbo in her rearview mirror, she shakers her head because she believes such wouldn’t be feasible, though when she takes another look, Jimbo is gone, so she drives back home in her car. Spot tells her friends that they can’t keep Spot, since keeping him could cause the Dearlys to lose their farm, though Lucky expresses that he isn’t going to let Cruella tell him what to do. He expresses that if they do what Spot said, by keeping him fed, clean and out of sight, they’ll be able to keep Jimbo as their pet, though Spot reminds him that he’ll need to keep Jimbo out of trouble as well. The scene then changes to the barn, where Lucky is feeding Jimbo a haystack, which causes Lucky to assume keeping Jimbo fed will be a piece of cake. However, Jimbo finishes eating the haystack and he proceeds to consume all of the haystacks in the barn, even ones that the dogs were sleeping on, which causes one of the dogs to run out of the barn after being sucked into Jimbo’s nose.

The scene changes to reveal that Cruella De Vil is spying on the barn, though when Jimbo exits the barn to look at the Dalmatian that just ran away, she expresses that she knew she saw an elephant. The scene changes back to the barn, where Rolly is trying to prevent Jimbo from eating more haystacks, though Jimbo eats the haystacks despite his efforts, revealing Rolly’s secret stash of food. Cadpig makes a comment on the secret stash, though Jimbo then consumes it all; though Rolly expresses that his entire life savings is now gone, though Spot is more interested in the fact that this has proven that Jimbo is too much for them to handle. Cadpig then takes notice of the fact that Cruella is on her way to the farm and that they need to hide Jimbo. Spot asks how one can hide an elephant, in which they all come up with their own ideas, though Lucky ultimately comes up with the idea that they use. The scene changes to show Cruella entering the barn, though she discovers all of the ninety-nine Dalmatian puppies stacked on top of one another, in which Jimbo is underneath them, painted black and white in an attempt to camouflage him. Nanny enters the barn, squishing Cruella behind the door, though Nanny then leaves after she drops of some hay, leaving Cruella staggering behind. Cruella tells the Dalmatians that she’ll be back and she exits the barn, causing all the Dalmatians to get off of Jimbo, while Jimbo merely laughs at the situation. The scene changes to outside of the barn, where Lucky says that now they merely need to keep Jimbo clean, though as he says such, Jimbo dives into Mayor Ed Pig’s mud pile and he gets covered in mud. The scene then changes to the bathroom of the Dearly household, where the Dalmatians are attempting to give Jimbo a bubble bath in order to get him clean, though Cadpig gets stuck on a bubble while Lucky and Rolly slide across Jimbo in a game-like fashion. The scene changes back to Cruella’s mansion, who is watching the elephant through the bathroom window, though she tells Scorch that they won’t get away with it this time, so she exits her house and prepares to storm over to the Dearly Farm. Spot asks Lucky if they’re finished; Lucky tells her that they’re almost finished, though at that moment, the water stops and Lucky expresses that they’ve used it all. Cadpig, who is still on the bubble, tells them that Roger is also on his way up to the bathroom, and that they’ll need to hide Jimbo quickly.

The Dalmatians hide Jimbo behind the shower curtain and Roger walks in, in which he takes off his robe and he gets into the bathtub. When Roger attempts to turn on the water, Jimbo uses his trunk to spray the water that was already in the tub onto Roger; though at that moment, Cruella De Vil bursts into the bathroom, expecting to see an elephant inside. Both Cruella and Roger become shocked over the events, though Roger is more angry than shocked because Cruella burst in on him when he was trying to take a shower. Cruella tells him that she saw an elephant in the bathroom, though this causes Anita to come upstairs and she tells Cruella that she’s working too hard, as there is no elephant in the vicinity. The scene then changes to outside the house, where Lucky is telling his friends that there’s no problem at all, and that keeping Jimbo clean will be a cinch. At that moment, the wind picks up, causing Jimbo’s hat to get blown off, though Lucky proceeds to tell his friends that Jimbo certainly isn’t getting into any trouble. Spot asks him where Jimbo even is, though Cadpig takes notice that he’s in trouble, since he’s attempting to climb the food silo in an attempt to get his hat back. The Dalmatians all call for Jimbo to get back down, though this scares Jimbo; though he ultimately falls back to the ground when he loses his grip and he squishes the Dalmatians underneath him. Jimbo’s hat lands right back on his head since the when the wind tossed it around some more, though Jimbo then gets up and walks away. After the incident, Lucky tells Spot that Jimbo is too much of a responsibility for them, though at that moment, Cruella De Vil comes pulling into the driveway and she finds Jimbo right in the open. However, a circus helicopter also enters the Dearly Farm and two circus employees exit it, in which they call for Jimbo in order to take him back home. Cruella tells them that it’s not their elephant, as it’s actually the Dearlys’ pet, though Roger refutes her claims and the circus performers do such as well. Despite Cruella’s attempts to explain what she saw, the circus performers take Jimbo back, leaving Cruella puzzled and angry over the day’s events. Cadpig attempts to comfort Lucky over Jimbo’s departure, though Lucky expresses that Jimbo was just too big for them to handle, though he then goes to Roger’s Aquarium Pal in order to use it, as he believes a fish will be the perfect pet for him. The episode ends with Lucky adding the creature to the aquarium, only to have it mutate into the size of the Dearly household, causing Lucky to realize that he’s made a mistake.

Love ‘Em And Flea ‘Em: The episode begins at the Dearly Farm, where Nanny is seen taking a box of objects out of the house and she walks right past two trash cans, in which Two-Tone and Cadpig emerge from behind the trashcans in order to see what she’s doing. Nanny places the box on the ground, which has “Yard Sale” written on the side of it, though when she heads inside, Two-Tone takes notice of what Nanny is doing. She expresses that she loves yard sales, though she also hates yard sales, since she likes them because of the bargains, though dislikes them because the items are used. Cadpig tells Two-Tone to focus, though Two-Tone merely expresses that the two of them should go investigate the box’s contents, and that Cadpig can help her find the right look for Mooch. Two-Tone jumps inside of the box and she pulls out a necklace and a bracelet, though when she asks Cadpig for her opinions, Cadpig expresses that she didn’t realize Mooch was so conflicted. Two-Tone corrects her by saying she meant for herself, to wear to the Four-Legged Fall-Ball that is taking place this afternoon, as she wishes to ensure that Mooch asks her to go. Cadpig tells her that Mooch always goes with her, though Two-Tone expresses that she wants to make sure, so she dives right back into the garage sell box in order to figure out what she wants to wear. Two-Tone tries on several outfits, including a sophisticated 1920s outfit, an athletic tomboy outfit, and a 1990s grunge outfit, though she ultimately decides to wear several pieces of jewelry, as she believes shiny objects will help get Mooch’s attention. Cadpig tells her that beauty comes from within and that she shouldn’t need accessories to get Mooch’s attention, which causes Two-Tone to realize the error of her ways and she exits the box, claiming Mooch will need to love her for whom she is. However, in less than three seconds, she returns to the box and she expresses that it doesn’t hurt to let him like her for who she is as well as what she looks like; though Cadpig merely expresses a dislike for what Two-Tone did. The scene changes to show Lucky and Rolly pulling a pumpkin up towards the barn, as it’s a decoration for the Four-Legged Fall-Ball that is taking place this afternoon. However, when Lucky sees Two-Tone standing by the barn, he stops doing what he was doing and he gapes at her, as he believes she looks very attractive at the moment. Lucky expresses that he wishes Two-Tone would go to the dance with him, though when he turns around, he realizes that Rolly has just eaten the pumpkin that they were in the process of pulling.

The scene changes to show Mooch, Wizzer and Dipstick playing a game of spitball, in which they’re calling their targets and they’re making an attempt to blow a spitball and hit the targets they’ve mentioned. Mooch successfully manages to hit a milk pail, as he had called that as his target, though as he and his gang laugh over his success, Two-Tone arrives and she tells Mooch that it’s a beautiful morning. Mooch tells her that it was, though he can’t see it anymore, in which Wizzer approaches her in order to tell her that she’s blocking their aim. Their comments offend Two-Tone, though she decides to ask Mooch if he has anything he would like to ask her, though Mooch replies by telling her that she can get her butt out of the way. Two-Tone walks off, angry and saddened over her rejection, though Mooch threatens her by claiming he’ll give her Dipstick’s fleas if she comes by to bother him again. The scene changes to show Lucky and Rolly getting another pumpkin on their wagon, as they need it for the dance, though as Two-Tone walks by, Lucky compliments her on her outfit. He asks her if she’s getting ready for the dance, though Two-Tone explains yes, but no, as she was going to the dance, though now she isn’t even sure if she’s going. Lucky tells her that she’s the nicest pooch on the farm, which causes Two-Tone to envision Lucky as her knight in shining armor. Lucky tells her that he’ll take her to the dance, which causes Two-Tone to accept, though as she walks back to tell Mooch, Lucky happily growls, as he can’t believe how lucky he is. The scene changes to show Mooch, Dipstick and Wizzer, in which Dipstick is calling a spitball shot to go across the barn and hit a scarecrow between the eyes, though when he proceeds to spit, he hits Mooch at the side of the face. This enrages Mooch, who prepares to throw call his shot in order to throw Dipstick across the barn, though he’s interrupted by Two-Tone, who came by to say to him that she has nothing to say to him. She then tells him that if she did have something to say to him, she’d tell Lucky, her date for the Four-Legged Fall-Ball; Mooch tells her that she always goes with him to the dance and that she shouldn’t go with Lucky, though Two-Tone reminds him that Lucky asked her to the dance, while he didn’t. Two-Tone leaves, to go prepare for the dance, though Mooch tells Wizzer and Dipstick to come with him, as he has a feeling Lucky is about to become very unlucky.

The scene changes to show Mooch and Wizzer placing Dipstick on a clothing line, in which they proceed to pull him along a wire and shake him in order to cause fleas to fall on Lucky, who is walking underneath them as they do such. Mooch and Wizzer try several times, though the eventually managed to get a large batch of fleas to fall directly on Lucky’s back, though he proceeds to take the pumpkin decoration to the barn, unaware of the fact hat he now has fleas. Lucky gets to just outside the barn, where he proceeds to scratch himself, though he then heads inside the barn where he compliments everybody on making the barn look as great as it does. However, when he tries to say that looking at it makes him feel something, he changes his words to say that it makes him feel itchy, in which he proceeds to scratch himself. Rolly and Cadpig approach Lucky, in which Cadpig asks him what is he itching for, though when Lucky expresses he’s itching to go to the dance with Two-Tone, Cadpig tells him that he’s been bitten by the puppy love bug. Lucky expresses that such would explain why he itch, but it doesn’t explain why he hears music; though after he says such, he sees several fleas conga dance across his nose, which causes him to realize that he has fleas. However, at the moment when he says he has fleas, all the Dalmatians in the barn run and hide, in which Rolly tells him that he’ll need to go get a flea bath, though Lucky tells him that he hates baths more than he hates fleas, and that there has to be another way. The scene changes to show Lucky and Spot by the windmill, in which Spot tells Lucky that if he ties himself to the windmill, he’ll spin fast enough to cause the fleas to fly off, as they won’t be able to hold on. However, when Spot flies up and attaches the other side of a rope to the windmill, Lucky is sent flying around the windmill, though the rope is eventually cut by the windmill and Lucky is sent flying into a hole; though when Lucky emerges, it’s revealed that he was sprayed by a skunk, who lived inside of the hole. Lucky then realizes that he should have expected this fate, and that he now needs to go get a flea bath, so the scene changes to the Dearly household, where Nanny is seen preparing a pink cake. The doorbell is rung and Nanny goes to open it, though when she smells Lucky, she realizes that she needs to give him a bath. Nanny takes Lucky to the sink and she prepares to give him a bath, though when she realizes that Lucky also has fleas, she decides to give him a flea bath as well, to get rid of the fleas and the odor.

However, when Nanny reaches down into the cabinet to get the flea shampoo, Mooch appears at the other side of the window and he dumps pink food dye into the sink, in order to try to ruin Lucky’s chances with Two-Tone. Nanny finds the shampoo and she proceeds to scrub Lucky down in order to clean him up and put him back to normal, though when she’s finished, she discovers the pink bottle of food dye in the water, which causes her to realize that Lucky is now pink as well. She takes Lucky out of the water and she takes him outside, telling him that he’ll be back to normal in a few days, though Lucky comments to himself about how he has to look normal by tonight. He proceeds to duck into a nearby box, as he doesn’t want anybody to see him, though he then starts to make his way to his friends. He bumps into several objects, though as he goes past Mooch’s building, he overhears Dipstick brushing Mooch’s hair, in which Mooch expresses that he needs to look his best when he takes Lucky’s place at the dance tonight. This causes Lucky to realize that Mooch was responsible for his pink predicament and he makes he continues to make his way towards his friends, though after he bumps into Rolly. He apologizes for bumping into him, though before they can figure out why he’s inside of a box, he jumps into a nearby haystack. Cadpig expresses that something’s wrong with his aura, though he expresses his hair is actually the problem, in which he shows them his pink fur. Rolly tells them that if he didn’t like pink, he should have dyed himself a different color, which gives Lucky an idea and the scene changes, to show Rolly getting some flour while Cadpig gets some black paint. They proceed to use the two items to make Lucky look like he normally does, in which he ultimately decides he looks good enough to go to the dance. The scene changes to that night, where Two-Tone is waiting outside the barn for Lucky, though Mooch arrives in order to tell Two-Tone that Lucky isn’t showing up, since his color’s all wrong. Two-Tone tells him that his color looks fine, in which a normally looking Lucky approaches Two-Tone, leaving Mooch perplexed. Lucky tells Two-Tone that they should go dance now, though he mocks Mooch in the process; though when Mooch realizes Lucky’s feet are pink, he blows off Lucky’s make-up, revealing him to be pink. Two-Tone becomes surprised, causing Mooch to mock Lucky, though when Lucky jumps into a nearby jack-o-lantern, Two-Tone approaches him and tells him that she believes he looks fine in any color. The episode ends with Lucky mocking Mooch for his failed plan, though Lucky and Two-Tone then place their noses next to one another as the screen fades to black.