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101 Dalmatians: The Series: Two For The Show / An Officer And A Gentledog

Two For The Show: When Lucky receives two tickets to appear on the game show entitled Squeal of Fortune, he must decide who he wishes to take with him. In order to make his decision easier, he decides to test each of his friends in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses, though in doing such, he learns more than he had bargained for.

An Officer And A Gentledog: The Bark Brigade is holding another cadet test in order to determine who will be the Top Dog of their class, though Lucky is eager to use the test to prove he’s better than Tripod. While Lucky and Tripod battle to come in first, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot find their own obstacles to overcome, both physically and mentally.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x4
Airdate: Saturday October 11th, 1997



Two For The Show: The episode begins with a hamster, who is running on a wheel that is attached to a track. The hamster looks over to his partner, a sheep, who is preparing to jump onto a platform to try to launch a ball through a loop that is attached to the hamster’s wheel. The hamster proceeds to move the wheel down the track and it jumps into the air, though when the sheep attempts to perform his action, he jumps too late and the ball flies over the loop. The scene changes to show Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot watching television, in which Lucky tells them that he could have easily made the shot, though they then continue to watch TV. The host of the game tells the audience at home that this episode of Squeal of Fortune is over, though he tells them that they should tune in next week, where the grand prize is going to be a genuine autographed Thunderbolt bone. This intrigues the Dalmatians, since they all like Thunderbolt; though Lucky likes him the most so he expresses he’d give anything for a chance to win that prize. At that moment, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot walk away, though Lucky is approached by Swamp Rat, who tells him that he’s heard his request for consumer assistance. He pulls out a ticket for the game-show, Squeal of Fortune, and Lucky ecstatically agrees to his offer. The scene changes to the House of De Vil, where Cruella is watching the same game-show, though she soon turns it off and talks about how vile and disgusting the series is. However, Cruella then expresses that it’s the perfect place for her to debut her new line of pet-ware fashion, so she tells Scorch and her dog, Vendela, that they’re going to be partners competing in the game-show. The scene changes back to the Dearly Farm, where Lucky is attempting to figure out who is going to be his partner for the game-show. He first tells them that he needs somebody energetic, which causes Cadpig to run up, as she believes she’s the most energetic of the Dalmatians. Lucky tells her that you need more than just enthusiasm, as you need to have problem solving abilities, so Spot attempts to demonstrate her abilities, albeit incorrectly getting a math equation on a chalkboard she was using. Lucky proceeds to speak on the subject and he tells his friends that it takes athletic ability to win, though when Rolly hears this, he merely sighs; though Rolly then proceeds to flex and show his muscles, though he merely hurts himself in the attempt...

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Episode Notes
In the episode ‘Two For The Show’, Lucky trades his dog-dish to Swamp Rat in exchange for the ticket to the game-show. This factoid can only be discovered if you pay close attention to what Swamp Rat is holding during a later scene in the episode, as the characters don’t speak of the transaction and it wasn’t made easily apparent.

In the episode ‘Two For The Show’, it is revealed that Spot isn’t very good at math, as she couldn’t properly solve a simple mathematical equation.

In the episode ‘Two For The Show’, it is revealed that Rolly considers Lucky to be his best friend out of all the animals he knows.

Episode Quotes
Lucky: Okay, you’re plenty enthusiastic, Cadpig, but you gotta be able to keep your cool on a game show. I’d like you to meet Don Prickles!
Don Prickles: (to Cadpig) You’re getting on my nerves, short-stuff! Oh, those are cute, are those ears? Or are you waiting for a flight clearance? You’re a puny thing, ain’t ya? What’s the matter, you never heard of food?
(Don Prickles kicks dirt into Cadpig’s face and he starts to laugh)

Lucky: I know you’re smart, Spot, but how do you handle pressure? Solve this simple word problem in say, thirty seconds.
Spot: Ah-ha, no problem! Two trains are heading toward each other, one at twenty-five miles an hour and the other at forty. They’re fifty miles apart and getting closer on the same track, but with no time to throw the switch, they collide, head on. All aboard perish and it’s all my fault!
Lucky: Next!

Lucky: Let’s see now. I’ll need a teammate. Only question is which one of you. In order to win on Squeal of Fortune, you need to be energetic, a go-getter.
Cadpig: Put me in, coach! I love game-shows!
Lucky: Uh, it takes more than enthusiasm, it also takes intelligence and problem-solving ability.
Spot: To approach a game-show strategically, first one must identify the obstacles, then marginal all available resources to kick the other team’s pants.
Lucky: And, of course, it takes athletic ability.
Rolly: Oh brother.

Lucky: Hi guys! Since you’ve all failed miserably so far, I’ve got one last little test. Tell me in twenty-five words or less: why Lucky’s the greatest pup of them all, and I’ll grade you on the quality of your praise.
Cadpig: I can praise you in eight words! You are the biggest little tyrant I’ve ever met!
Lucky: Uh, that’s nine.
Spot: I thought we were friends, Lucky, but friends don’t make friends pass tests!
Cadpig: Maybe we’re not worthy enough to be your teammate; I guess you’ll just have to find someone else to go on the dumb game-show!

Lucky: And I really owe you guys an apology. I was really being…
Rolly: A creep?
Spot: A schnook?
Cadpig: An energy vampire, slurping up our positive energy?
Lucky: Okay, okay, I get the idea. I had something you guys wanted and I went on a huge power trip. I’m sorry, really, really sorry.
Cadpig: Apology accepted. After all, everybody loves a game-show winner!
Steven: (spitting out a microphone) Not me; I love a game-show host!

(Cadpig tries twice to jump through a tire, though she fails both times)
Cadpig: I always say, if you can’t conquer life’s obstacles, think of an alternative!
(Cadpig runs underneath the tire and continues the obstacle course)

(Spot has just stopped on a road that she needs to cross)
Spot: Uh-oh, my mother warned me about this.
Lieutenant Pug: Come on, come on, cadet! Move your spotty chicken behind and cross that road!
Spot: Why?
Lieutenant Pug: If I wore boots, I’d have four good reasons why!
Spot: Sorry, sir, but I can’t cross the road without a reason why. It’s a chicken thing.
(Lieutenant Pug throws Spot across the road in anger)

(Rolly and Cadpig are swimming across Hiccup Hole)
Cadpig: Hey, whatever happened to Spot?
(Spot lands in the water, causing her to slide across the water until she reaches land)
Spot: Ah!
Cadpig: That was beautiful, Spot! Leave it to a chicken to do a spectacular breast stroke!

(Rolly and Spot are about to fall off a cliff)
Lucky: Rolly, are you alright?
Cadpig: Looks okay, ‘cept he’s about to plummet to his doom.

Lieutenant Pug: Now, as for the rest of you second-rate loser dogs…
Cadpig: (interrupting) Sir, Lieutenant, did you know the Ashbozi tribe of Pepzitonga honors those who come in last with golden trophies, because they’ve shown endurance and determination?
Lieutenant Pug: Heh, nice try, pig-dog.
Cadpig: Thank you, sir.
Lieutenant Pug: Hit the deck and give me forty-two!

Colonel: Lucky, my boy, Tripod told me what happened near the end of the course. I find that kind of sacrifice highly commendable; show’s character.
Lucky: So, do I get to be a top dog, like Tripod?
Colonel: ‘Fraid not.
Lucky: How about a rematch?
Colonel: Nope.
Lucky: Why not?
Colonel: Oh, it wasn’t a race, boy. You didn’t have to come in first, you just had to come in. And you not only finished, you helped a friend, so what you get, son, is a sense of pride, and that’s a medal that will never tarnish.

Episode Goofs
In the episode ‘Two For The Show’, when Lucky starts to test Spot, he uses a book and he tells her to solve the word problem in the book. However, this shouldn’t have been possible because enough time didn’t pass between that scene and the scene prior to it, so Lucky shouldn’t have been able to get the book, let alone turn it to the correct page for Spot to use.

In the episode ‘Two For The Show’, the host said that Lucky and Rolly only had twenty seconds left to finish the course, in which Rolly managed to ring the bell in time to win. However, Rolly actually took twenty-five seconds from the time the host rang the bell to continue the clock, so the Dalmatians shouldn’t have won the event.

In the episode ‘Two For The Show’, it shouldn’t have been possible for Lucky and Rolly to acquire the Thunderbolt bone for winning the contest. Despite being an animal game-show, owners are required to enter the studio, so it would seem that owners would be required to receive the prize. It seems unlikely that the studio would have given the bone to an animal, especially since the humans of the world aren’t aware of the fact that animals can communicate with one another, so the fact that Lucky and Rolly managed to get the bone and take it to the Dearly Farm isn’t supported by the logic of the series.

Cultural References
Episode Title: An Officer And A Gentledog

This is a reference to the 1982 movie entitled An Officer and a Gentleman, which starred Richard Gere and Debra Winger. It was directed by Taylor Hackford and its plot focused on a young man’s attempts to become an aviator with the help of a tough gunnery sergeant and his new girlfriend.

Host: Oh, my, no winners today, but tune in for the next Squeal of Fortune!

This is a reference to the game-show that was originally created in 1975, Wheel of Fortune, which involves players spinning a wheel in an attempt to gain money when they attempt to solve a word puzzle that is presented to them. The reference is made towards the beginning of ‘Two For The Show’, when the Dalmatians are watching the game show that Lucky wishes to participate in.

Colonel’s Authority

In ‘An Officer And A Gentledog’, Colonel’s authority over the Bark Brigade is fully shown. Despite the fact that Lieutenant Pug oversees the daily affairs of the Bark Brigade, from training sessions to tests, Colonel still has the power to promote or demote him, as seen in this episode. While Colonel is somewhat of a recluse, he wishes for the Bark Brigade to be handled with dignity, which is the reason he reprimanded Lieutenant Pug in this episode and he is seen closely monitoring the Bark Brigade in future episodes of the series. Due to Colonel’s kind nature, Lieutenant Pug develops a grudge against him that is portrayed throughout the series, though he cannot openly insult Colonel’s actions, since he is his superior officer.

Swamp Rat’s Means

In the episode ‘Two For The Show’, the true scope of Swamp Rat’s means was demonstrated for the first time in the series. Despite the fact that his shop is located in the center of a swamp, he was capable of acquiring a valid ticket for Squeal of Fortune, the game-show in the episode, which he traded to Lucky. It wouldn’t have been feasible for Swamp Rat to acquire the game-show ticket without having connections and resources that expand beyond that of the swamp, and since he knew Lucky would be interested in the ticket, he managed to gain a profit through the course of the episode.

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