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Two For The Show / An Officer And A Gentledog - Recap

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Two For The Show: The episode begins with a hamster, who is running on a wheel that is attached to a track. The hamster looks over to his partner, a sheep, who is preparing to jump onto a platform to try to launch a ball through a loop that is attached to the hamster’s wheel. The hamster proceeds to move the wheel down the track and it jumps into the air, though when the sheep attempts to perform his action, he jumps too late and the ball flies over the loop. The scene changes to show Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot watching television, in which Lucky tells them that he could have easily made the shot, though they then continue to watch TV. The host of the game tells the audience at home that this episode of Squeal of Fortune is over, though he tells them that they should tune in next week, where the grand prize is going to be a genuine autographed Thunderbolt bone. This intrigues the Dalmatians, since they all like Thunderbolt; though Lucky likes him the most so he expresses he’d give anything for a chance to win that prize. At that moment, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot walk away, though Lucky is approached by Swamp Rat, who tells him that he’s heard his request for consumer assistance. He pulls out a ticket for the game-show, Squeal of Fortune, and Lucky ecstatically agrees to his offer. The scene changes to the House of De Vil, where Cruella is watching the same game-show, though she soon turns it off and talks about how vile and disgusting the series is. However, Cruella then expresses that it’s the perfect place for her to debut her new line of pet-ware fashion, so she tells Scorch and her dog, Vendela, that they’re going to be partners competing in the game-show. The scene changes back to the Dearly Farm, where Lucky is attempting to figure out who is going to be his partner for the game-show. He first tells them that he needs somebody energetic, which causes Cadpig to run up, as she believes she’s the most energetic of the Dalmatians. Lucky tells her that you need more than just enthusiasm, as you need to have problem solving abilities, so Spot attempts to demonstrate her abilities, albeit incorrectly getting a math equation on a chalkboard she was using. Lucky proceeds to speak on the subject and he tells his friends that it takes athletic ability to win, though when Rolly hears this, he merely sighs; though Rolly then proceeds to flex and show his muscles, though he merely hurts himself in the attempt.

Lucky comes to the conclusion that it’s going to be too hard to judge his friends, so he decides to come up with tests so that they can demonstrate their abilities. He decides to start with Spot, as even though he knows she’s smart, he wishes to test how well she handles pressure. He takes out a book and he tells Spot to solve the word problem that it contains in less than thirty seconds, though he assures her that it’s a simple problem. Spot eagerly accepts the challenge, as she believes it will be a piece of cake, though when she starts the read the word problem, she finds it more difficult than she expected. The problem consists of two trains heading towards one another, though when Spot starts to choke up as her time starts to run out, she comes to the conclusion that the trains collide and everybody aboard the train dies, causing her to flip out. Lucky sighs and he merely tells his friends that it’s time for the next test, in which the scene changes to show him and Rolly outside. Lucky tells his brother that he’ll need to have excellent concentration if he wishes to get selected, so he tells him to run to the end of a white line and wait until he gives the signal before he returns to the other end of the line. Lucky tells him to begin and Rolly proceeds to run to the other end of the white line, though when he mentions the challenge is going to be a piece of cake, he looks behind him, discovering that Lucky has just unveiled a cake back at the start. This causes Rolly to lose his concentration and he charges backwards and dives straight into the cake, causing Lucky to declare the test a failure and the scene changes to show Cadpig’s test. Lucky tells Cadpig that she’s plenty enthusiastic, though he tells her that she’ll need to learn to keep her cool, so he introduces her to a porcupine named Don Prickles. Don Prickles proceeds to verbally assault Cadpig for her large ears and small size, in which he pulls on her ears and kicks dust in her face, causing Cadpig to start coughing, albeit smiling all the way through the ordeal. The scene changes back to the Dalmatians’ clubhouse, where Rolly, Cadpig and Spot are upset over what Lucky is doing, in which Cadpig tells her friends that Lucky is going on a power trip. Lucky arrives and he tells them that they’ve all failed miserably on their tests, so he’s decided to come up with one final test to determine who will be his partner on Squeal of Fortune.

He tells his friends to praise him in twenty-five words or less why he’s the greatest pup in the world, though Cadpig approaches him and she tells him that she can praise him in eight words, in which she tells him that he’s the biggest little tyrant she’s ever met, though Lucky mocks her because she actually used nine words. Spot proceeds to tell Lucky that friends don’t make friends pass tests; Cadpig tells him that since they’re not worthy to be his partner, he can find somebody else to appear on the dumb game-show. Lucky calls them losers for their decision and he reminds them that everybody on the farm will want to go with him, though the scene changes to the barn, where Tripod turns down Lucky’s request because news has spread throughout the country about how mean he’s been to his friends. The scene changes to show Lucky walking down the road, though it then changes to show Lucky speaking with Swamp Rat, who is holding his dog dish. Lucky attempts to ask Swamp Rat for help, though Swamp Rat runs into his house and he tells him that there’s no refunds; though when Lucky tells him he can’t find a partner, Swamp Rat expresses no remorse over his situation. However, at that moment, Steven approaches Lucky and he tells him that he’ll go with him, though when Lucky tries to decline, Steven promises him that he won’t eat him, so Lucky decides to accept. Lucky tells him that the two of them need to start making their way to the studio if they wish to get there on time, though the scene zooms out to reveal Rolly is watching Lucky and Steven walk off. The scene changes to the studio, where Lucky takes notice of the fact that Cruella is there as well; Scorch and Vendela attempt to enter the studio, the security guard stops them since all entrants must be accompanied by their owner. Cruella screams at the security guard and she tells him that she’s their owner, though this revelation disappoints Lucky, since he knows his owner isn’t there and that they won’t be able to get inside. Lucky asks Steven what they’re going to do, though when Steven takes notice of a woman walking two poodles into the studio, he does something to the poodles off-screen, though their fate isn’t revealed. Steven tells Lucky to take the leash so that the two of them can enter the studio, which Lucky reluctantly does, despite the fact that it’s morally wrong for him to do such. Once the two of them get inside the studio, they run off, leaving the woman to wonder where her two poodles went, since they’re no longer on the leash.

The scene changes back to the Dearly Farm, where Cadpig expresses that she wonders if Lucky found a partner for the game-show yet. She proceeds to turn on the television, though Spot takes the moment to scream for Rolly, as she thinks he may want to watch the game-show as well. After several failed attempts, Cadpig tells Spot to be quiet and they proceed to watch the game-show; the host comes forth and he introduces today’s contestants, in which he introduces Lucky as an adorable Dalmatian, though he refers to Steven as his slightly less adorable partner. The scene changes to show Cadpig and Spot, who are watching the show from home, express surprise towards Lucky having Steven as a partner, though the scene changes back to the game-show for good. The host then introduces Scorch and Vendela, whom he notices are well dressed, though he then takes the time to tell the audience about the many obstacles that the contestants will have to go through. The host rings the bell and all of the animals go through the first obstacle, a simulated city street, though Vendela and Scorch are having a difficult time trying to dodge the vehicles. Steven proceeds to easily get through the road, since the cars bounce right over him; Scorch is then seen dodging a car, though he gets hit by a motorcycle and he’s sent flying into a dumpster, taking him out of commission. The scene changes to show Lucky, who is running across the road, though when a truck is about to hit him, Steven saves him, causing Lucky to thank him. Vendela makes a snide remark about Steven’s future as a handbag, though this enrages Steven and he bites off Vendela’s tail, disqualifying him from the event. The host tells the audience that if nobody takes Steven’s place, Lucky will be disqualified, though at that moment, Rolly comes rushing down and he tells Lucky that he couldn’t just abandon him, even if he didn’t deserve it, because he’s his best friend. The two proceed to finish the obstacle course, though when Lucky gets stuck at the ocean of green gelatin, Rolly eats through the block and rings the bell, thus winning Lucky the Thunderbolt bone. The scene changes back to the Dearly Farm, where the Dalmatians are admiring the same bone, though Lucky proceeds to apologize for his actions. He tells his friends he went on a power trip and that he’s really sorry, though Cadpig tells him they forgive them, since everyone loves a game-show winner. The episode ends with Steven disagreeing with her, as he says he loves a game-show host, rather than a game-show winner, in which the screen fades to black as he coughs up a microphone and smiles towards the viewers.

An Officer And A Gentledog: The episode begins with the Dalmatians racing across the land, in which Tripod and Lucky are in the lead, while Rolly and Spot are falling towards the rear of the race. Tripod looks over at Lucky and then he starts to pick up speed, causing Lucky to pick up speed as well, as the both of them want to win the race. Ultimately, Tripod reaches their intended destination first, an old tree stump, in which he mocks Lucky when he arrives, claiming he took too long. Lucky tries to degrade him by saying he must think he’s so cool just because he won a race, though Tripod counters his mock by agreeing with him, though he tells him he’s fast, as well as cool. Lieutenant Pug then arrives in order to scold Lucky, as he doesn’t believe there’s a need for crybabies who get upset that they lost in a fair race against a three-legged dog. He then orders all of the Dalmatians to line up and he tells each cadet to take a step forward, though when all the Dalmatians do such, he orders them to step backwards, as he reminds them that they aren’t going to be cadets until he says they’re cadets. However, Lieutenant Pug then falls asleep due to his narcolepsy, though when Cadpig makes a comment on how he’s too tense, he immediately wakes up and proceeds where he left off. He reminds the Dalmatians that they still need to get through one obstacle before they fully become cadets, in which he tells them that he is the obstacle. He goes on to tell them that they must also get through an obstacle course and their own personal fear of failure, though when Lucky tells him that he just listed three things, rather than one, Lieutenant Pug orders him to perform twenty-two pushups. Lieutenant Pug then yells as Tripod, in which he tells him that he better work hard during the upcoming obstacle course, as he doesn’t want Lucky to be able to take an easy way out and claim an easy victory, though Lucky merely express frustration for Lieutenant Pug’s actions under his breath. Lieutenant Pug then climbs up onto the tree stump and he reiterates to the Dalmatians that they’ll need to get through the obstacle course, which doesn’t set well with Rolly, who dislikes physical activity. Spot tells him that he doesn’t know the half of it, since she hears it’s an obstacle course of unspeakable pain and agony, in which the scene changes to the obstacle course and a sign says exactly what Spot claimed it was.

Lucky tells Tripod that he better prepare to lose, though Lieutenant Pug orders him to shut up and he sounds the whistle, causing the race to begin. Lucky and Tripod once again take the lead and they’re seen easily diving through the tire obstacles that were set up towards the beginning of the race. The scene changes back to the first tire, where Cadpig makes several attempts to jump through the tire, though she just doesn’t have the ability to get the job done. She expresses to herself that if one can’t accomplish something, they should find an alternate route, so she just runs underneath the tires. Spot is then seen jumping into the tire with ease, in which she expresses that it’s good to be the chicken, though when Rolly jumps into the same tire, she’s sent flying through the air and she gets her beak stuck in a tree. The scene changes back to Rolly, who is swinging on a tire, though when the rope breaks due to his own weight, the tire is sent towards the tree that Spot had slammed into, causing the two of them to become temporarily incapacitated. Cadpig runs by and she tells the two of them to get up and start racing again, though she then starts making her way towards the finish line. The scene changes to show Lucky and Tripod, who are running around several objects and climbing up and down ditches, though they then cross a road and proceed to cross a log bridge. Lucky jumps on top of the log and he starts to walk across, though he gets his feet stuck in a small hole; Tripod exploits this, as he has gone through the log, rather than above it, and he gets to the other side before Lucky gets himself free. Eventually, Lucky does break free and he continues the chase, though the scene changes back to Cadpig, Rolly and Spot, who are crossing the road to get to the other side. However, when Spot stops before crossing the road, Lieutenant Pug arrives in order to see what the problem is; Spot tells him that she can’t cross the road without a reason, since it’s a chicken thing, though Lieutenant Pug in anger tosses her across the road, causing her to land right near Rolly and Cadpig. The three of them then proceed to cross the log bridge, in which Cadpig and Spot easily start to do such, though when Rolly notices some fruit across the bridge, he jumps on top of his friends to try to get to the other side quicker, though his actions cause the log to spin around in its place.

The three of them desperately attempt to remain on the log, though they ultimately fail and Spot is sent flying into the air, while Cadpig is sent down into the mud and Rolly is sent into the fruit tree, where fruit falls down and he proceeds to eat it. Cadpig climbs up from the mud and she angrily causes a bunch of fruit to fall down around Rolly, due to his actions, though the scene changes back to Tripod and Lucky. Tripod and Lucky are now swimming across Hiccup Hole, in which Lucky has taken the lead since his fourth leg makes him a better swimmer, though Lieutenant Pug insults the both of them when he sees them. However, a catfish then appears and it scratches the inflatable raft Lieutenant Pug was using, causing him to get sent flying up into the air. Lucky climbs over a rock and he discovers the last obstacle in his way is a large mountain, in which he proceeds to climb up it, though in doing such, it is revealed that the rocks are unsteady and they’re falling down towards the base of the mountain. Tripod gets over the rock and he starts to climb up the mountain as well, though he’s almost hit by the falling debris that Lucky inadvertently caused as he climbed up the mountain. The scene changes back to Rolly and Cadpig, in which Cadpig asks what happened to Spot, though at that moment, Spot is sent landing into the water and she skips across it, landing on the ground. Cadpig compliments her, since she thought it was a wonderful breast stroke, though she and Rolly then get on land and she makes her way up the mountain. Rolly takes his time, as he first jumps on Spot, causing her to spit out water; though he also makes a joke about Spot needing cardio-poultry-resuscitation, which causes Spot to call him a beach ball, which upsets him, because he believes she’s calling him fat. The three of them proceed to make their way up the mountain, though when Cadpig inadvertently causes a rockslide, Rolly grabs Spot and places her in front of him as a shield. All of the rocks pass by them, leaving Rolly to believe they’ve been lucky, though a final small rock falls down and hits Rolly on the head, causing him to fall down to the ground, taking Spot with him; though Spot manages to grab onto a small tree branch with her feet, thus saving their lives. Rolly then screams for help, causing Cadpig to take notice of her brother’s danger, though the scene then changes back to Lucky and Tripod’s race. Lucky and Tripod are seen closing in on the finish line, though when Lucky hears Rolly’s plea, he stops and turns around.

However, when Tripod takes the lead, Lucky turns back around so that he can win the race, though after he catches back up to Tripod, he decides to turn back and help his brother. The scene changes back to the mountain’s cliffs, where Lucky asks Rolly if he’s all right, though Cadpig tells him that he seems all right, except for the fact that he’s about to plummet to his doom. Spot expresses that she doesn’t know how they’re going to get back up, though Lucky comes up with an idea to use a tree’s vines to get them back up. The scene changes to show Lucky and Cadpig using the tree’s vines, as well as a nearby branch, to crank Rolly and Spot back up to solid ground, in which they succeed in their endeavor. Lucky tells his friends that they can still finish and the scene changes to show the four of them running towards the finish line, in which they successfully cross the line and Sergeant Tibbs stops the clock. Spot expresses that she’s happy they made it, though Lucky tells them they finished in last place, though Cadpig proceeds to remind her friends that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game that matters. The scene changes to later that night, where all of the Dalmatians are sitting around a camp fire, in which Lieutenant Pug announces that Tripod is the Top Dog of his Bark Brigade class. Lieutenant Pug then proceeds to address the rest of the cadets, in which he causes them loser dogs, though Cadpig reminds him that the Ashbozi tribe of Pepzitonga honors those who come in last, because they showed endurance and determination. Lieutenant Pug compliments her for her endeavor, though he then yells at her and he orders her to hit the deck and perform fifty-two pushups. Angry over what she said, he then proceeds to order all of the cadets to perform pushups, though when he looks up to give one more command, he sees Colonel, who temporarily demotes Lieutenant Pug to private for his actions, in which he orders him to perform pushups instead. Colonel then walks over to Lucky and he tells him he heard what happened at the race, and that he admires such characteristics in cadets. Lucky asks him if he can be a Top Dog like Tripod then, though Colonel declines, so Lucky asks for a re-match, though Colonel also declines. Lucky asks him why, though Colonel tells him that the obstacle course wasn’t a race, as they merely needed to finish it to pass. The episode ends with Colonel telling Lucky that since he finished the race and helped his friends, what he earns is a sense of pride, which is a medal that will never, ever tarnish; though the scene then fades to black as Colonel and Lucky sit next to one another and watch the moon.