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101 Dalmatians: The Series: Swine Song / Watch For Falling Idols

Swine Song: When Cadpig attempts to explain to Rolly the importance of love, and how one can fall in love in an instance, he dismisses her comments as false. However, when a series of events causes him to believe he loves Dumpling, he decides to employ the services of his friends in order to find a way to successfully woo the woman of his dreams.

Watch For Falling Idols: When the creators of Thunderbolt P.I. decide to film their next episode of the series on the Dearly Farm, the animals, especially Lucky, all become ecstatic because they love Thunderbolt. However, when he arrives on the premises, Lucky discovers something about his idol that never once crossed his mind.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x6
Airdate: Saturday October 25th, 1997

Guest Stars
Cam ClarkeCam Clarke
voiced Rex Hunter
John OJohn O'Hurley
voiced Mr. Dallas


Swine Song: The episode begins with Cadpig watching a soap opera entitled Veterinary Hospital, in which the male character in the series compliments the female characters eyes and hair, only then to compliment his own eyes and hair, though the two then embrace as the episode ends. The scene changes to reveal Cadpig crying over the events of the episode, while Lucky, Rolly and Spot look on in a very bored fashion. Cadpig expresses that the episode was very sentimental in nature, though Rolly tells her to give him a break, as he doesn’t care much for romance; though Lucky expresses that he’d rather have a barf bag. This angers Cadpig, as she believes they’re being too insensitive, though when she asks them if they’ve ever felt the pangs of love, albeit using the French word for it, Rolly expresses that he once pulled his groin, while Lucky expresses that he has ringworm and Spot asks is molting counts. This causes Rolly to burst out in laughing, as he considers Spot’s reply to be hilarious, though when Cadpig starts to glare at him, he stops and apologizes. However, he apologizes in a fashion that dismisses the concept of love, as he believes it’s nothing but junk, though Cadpig tells him that one starlit night, he’ll stare across the barnyard and discover a female that he’s interested in, though Rolly shows no interest in her comments, causing Cadpig to express that it will hit him like a bolt from the blue. Rolly jumps down from where he was lying down at and he tells Cadpig it will happen when pigs fly, though as he walks away, the scene zooms in on the window, where Mayor Ed Pig is seen flying through the air. The scene changes to outside of the barn, where it is revealed that Mayor Ed Pig is actually jumping on a diving board so that he can splash into a pile of mud; though after he does such, Dumpling walks up towards him and she asks him how she looks, since she has a new bow, though he tells her that she’s more beautiful than day old slop. The scene changes to show Roger attempting to repair the bus, though the scene then changes to show Rolly walking out of the barn, in which he expresses that Cadpig doesn’t know what she’s talking about, though he inadvertently bumps into Dumpling because he isn’t paying attention to where he’s going. Dumpling attempts to prepare to maul him, though she trips and falls down, causing her to become even angrier at Rolly; Rolly backs up, apologizing to her, though Dumpling ignores his pleas and she charges at him, knocking him into the side of the barn...

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Episode Notes
The episode ‘Swine Song’ marks the only time in the series where Rolly has fallen in love with another character.

In the episode ‘Watch For Falling Idols’, it is revealed that Thunderbolt is terribly afraid of heights, which is one of the reasons he has a stunt double do his stunts.

In the episode ‘Watch For Falling Idols’, it is revealed that Cruella De Vil once starred in a school play when she was in the fourth grade; though she hasn’t been able to get another role since.

Episode Quotes
Rolly: I’m sorry, Cadpig, but I just don’t believe in all that mushy, gushy, tear-jerky, lovey-dubby junk!
Cadpig: You just wait, Rolly! Some special starlit night, you’ll gaze across a crowded barnyard, and there she’ll be, a glow around her, the air filled with music.
(Rolly starts to look around; he sees stars around him, though he flicks one away from him)
Rolly: Wha?
Cadpig: It’ll hit you like a bolt from the blue.

Cadpig: (Crying, after watching the soap opera) Oh, that is so sentimental.
Rolly: Oh, give me a break.
Lucky: Or a barf bag.
Cadpig: how can you be so, so insensitive?! Have you never felt the pangs of toujours l’amour?
Rolly: I pulled a groin once.
Lucky: I have ringworm.
Spot: Does molting count?

Spot: What’s up with Rolly?
Rolly: I think I’m in love.
Lucky: In love, with Dumpling?!
Rolly: It all happened just like Cadpig said, so it must be love, right?
Spot: Heh, maybe it’s just gas.
Cadpig: Oh, Rolly, I am so happy for you! It’s ever so wonderfully romantic!

Cadpig: (whispering) Are you ready, Rolly?
Rolly: (whispering) I don’t know about this.
Cadpig: (whispering) It’ll be easy! Just repeat everything I say!
Rolly: (yelling) What?
Cadpig: (whispering) Oh, Dumpling, beloved.
Rolly: (yelling, to Dumpling) Oh, Dumpling, you mud head.
Spot: He’s dead.
Cadpig: (whispering) Uh, uh, your eyes are limpid pools and your lips are cherries.
Rolly: (yelling, to Dumpling) Your eyes are lizard drool and your lips are hairy!
Cadpig: (whispering) No, no, you doofus!
Rolly: (yelling, to Dumpling) No, no, you doofus!
Spot: Oh yeah, course he gets that right.

Rolly: Aw, forget it! Guys, I’m sick of pretending to be someone I’m not. Being me is all I can handle.
Cadpig: But, Rolly, true love is…
Rolly: (interrupting) Well, if this is true love, you can have it; I’ll take corn fritters! In fact, I’m gonna stuff myself silly with them.
Dumpling: Ooh, you have corn fritters? I just love corn fritters. Have you ever tried them with a nice, steaming trough of day old slop?
Rolly: Oh, no, what’s really good is them fritters with some ketchup and some sauerkraut.
Lucky: Well, would you look at that.
Cadpig: All he had to do was be himself.
Spot: Who knew.

Rex Hunter: Thunderbolt, what’s keeping you? The plague of frogs is coming!
(Hundreds of frogs are seen climbing up the temple; Thunderbolt hesitates to cross them)
Lucky: That’s harsh! Thunderbolt hates frogs!

(The Dalmatians run up to Mr. Dallas; he picks up Lucky)
Mr. Dallas: What is this? Some kind of miniature cow?
Roger: That, sir, is a puppy.
Mr. Dallas: Ah, we’ll make it work.
Roger: Who are you?
Mr. Dallas: You are lucky people. We’re going to use your farm as a location for our TV series.
Roger: A TV series? No kidding! Which one?!
Mr. Dallas: The only one that matters: Thunderbolt P.I.!
Rolly: Wow, did you hear that, Lucky?
Cadpig: The real Thunderbolt, right in our own backyard!
(Lucky faints and falls into the mud)

Lucky: Thunderbolt, you don’t always have that poodle do your stunts, do you? Like that pyramid stunt in Indiana Bones, that was you, right? You’re the world’s bravest dog!
Dumpling: Excuse me, but I was talking!
(Dumpling hits Lucky into a crane, causing him to hit a lever; Thunderbolt is raised into the air)
Thunderbolt: (crying) Get me down, I’m afraid of heights! Standee! Mommy!
Cadpig: (using the crane to lower him back down) The words deep emotional scars spring to mind here.
Thunderbolt: (to Cadpig) Heh, thanks kiddo!
Lucky: I can’t believe it, you’re nothing like the real Thunderbolt! You’re just a, a stuffed sweater!

Thunderbolt: (to himself) You really let that pup down, didn’t you, big shot? Maybe he’s right; maybe I am just a stuffed sweater.
Lucky: (off-screen) Help!
Thunderbolt: Lucky!

Lucky: I’m so sorry I called you a chicken, Thunderbolt. You don’t know the meaning of fear.
Thunderbolt: Ah, you’re wrong, Lucky. I was plenty scared just now.
Lucky: But, I thought heroes were fearless.
Thunderbolt: Yeah, so did I, but maybe not. Remember in Indiana Bones where my character overcame his fear of frogs to rescue his pal?
Lucky: Sure, that was awesome!
Thunderbolt: Well, he was a hero, alright; not because he didn’t have fears, but because he overcame them.
Lucky: Hmm, well, if that’s what makes a hero, you’re still the biggest, bravest, best hero ever, and maybe if I overcome my fears, I can be as big a hero as you!
Thunderbolt: (jokingly) Uh, don’t push your luck, kid.

Cultural References
Cadpig: Well, if you can’t reach down into your inner poet, then I’ll just have to supply the words for you!

This is a reference to the 1897 play that was written by Edmond Rostand, entitled Cyrano de Bergerac. In the play, a charismatic young man, Cyrano, helps his friend woo a woman by telling him exactly what to say, as well as writing letters for him so that he can claim he wrote them himself. This reference is made in the episode ‘Swine Song’, when Cadpig decides to help Rolly woo Dumpling by telling him what to say.

Lucky: I’m your biggest fan, seen all your movies! Indiana Bones, Dog Star Wars, First Bloodhound Part II!

This is a reference to three films. The first one is a reference to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which debuted in 1981. The second one is a reference to Star Wars, which debuted in 1977. The third one is a reference to Rambo: First Blood Part II, which debuted in 1985. This reference is made in the episode ‘Watch For Falling Idols’, when Lucky meets Thunderbolt after he arrives on the Dearly Farm.

Thunderbolt: Pass the poupon!

This is a reference to the Dijon Mustard that is produced by Kraft Foods, Grey Poupon. The mustard became famous due to a commercial that involved a limousine driver pulling up to another limousine and asks the person inside if they had any Grey Poupon, which helped secure the mustard as a cultural icon in the United States of America. This reference was made in the episode ‘Watch For Falling Idols’, when Thunderbolt was eating the lunch that Lucky had brought him.

Episode References
In "Swine Song" when Cadpig asks Rolly, Lucky and Spot if they've ever felt the pains of Tou'jour La'moure, Rolly comments that he pulled a groin muscle once, which is referring to the groin he pulled in "Home is Where the Bark Is".

Cadpig’s Hearing

In the episode ‘Watch For Falling Idols’ Cadpig’s advanced sense of hearing is once again portrayed, in which is plays a small part in the plot. When the film crew for Thunderbolt P.I. drives into the Dearly Farm, all of the Dalmatians hear it, though Cadpig is capable of identifying the type of vehicle that is being driven based solely on the sound that the vehicle made. This proves that Cadpig’s sense of hearing is far more developed than that of the other Dalmatians and it isn’t likely that Cadpig just guessed on the vehicle type, since she was rather specific when she informed her brothers and sisters as to what type of vehicle was pulling in.

Rolly’s Secret Stash

In the episode ‘Swine Song’, Rolly makes another reference to his secret stash of food. Despite the fact that it wasn’t visibly seen in the episode, Rolly tells his friends that he’s going to give up on love and just eat his corn fritters, which is the primary foodstuff that he keeps in his secret stash. Consequently, this was the only reason Dumpling fell in love with Rolly, as since she is just as gluttonous as he is, she wanted to eat his corn fritters. While Rolly’s secret stash of food was revealed in a previous episode, the secretive nature of his stash is still apparent, as Dumpling didn’t initially know about his food; though through the course of the episode, and later episodes, Rolly’s secret stash of food becomes more and more known by the farm’s denizens.

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