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No Train, No Gain - Recap

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The episode begins at Cruella’s mansion, where Cruella De Vil is speaking with somebody on the phone about her recent idea to sell whale-blubber popsicles. The man on the phone is having doubts about investing in Cruella’s endeavor, as he doesn’t believe Cruella’s plan will work, though she assures him that every child in the world will soon be sucking on one. The man asks Cruella if she’ll wait on hold and she does such, though she angrily tosses a blubber popsicle behind her, hitting Jasper in the head. He shrugs it off, though he and Horace then proceed to watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Fatuous on television, which is one of their favorite television programs. Horace tells his brother that the show proves the rich are just like them, though Jasper expresses that except for the fact that they have money. Horace agrees with him, though he tells Jasper that he bets that none of them can eat popcorn with their feet, in which he proceeds to do exactly what he said. Cruella walks by, telling the man on the phone that she owes her investors ten million dollars and if he backs out now, she’ll be ruined, though the scene changes back to the television program Horace and Jasper are watching. The host of the show, Robin Lunch, introduces Billy Fences, a child who became a multi-billionaire through his work with computers. Billy Fences expresses that his true passion is trains, in which he remodeled his entire home to make it his private grand central station in order to satisfy his desires. The scene changes back to Cruella, who is telling the man on the phone that he can’t just desert her, and that she doesn’t know what to do with twenty tons of whale blubber, though when the man on the phone gives her a suggestion, she tells him that such isn’t a very appropriate thing to say, though the man hangs up on her, leaving her distraught over her predicament. The television is seen in the background, in which Robin Lunch asks Billy Fences if there’s anything he wants that he just hasn’t been able to get, in which Billy Fences replies yes, as he wants an antique 1912 railway car. He pulls out a picture of it and he expresses that he’d pay at least ten million dollars for it; though Cruella takes notice of what he said, as she realizes that she’s seen the railway car he’s speaking of before. She runs over to her private telescope, the one she uses to spy on the Dearlys, and she takes a look around the farm; though she ultimately lands on the antique car that Colonel lives in.

Knowing that the Dearlys have the railway car she’s interested in, Cruella decides to give Billy Fences a collect call in order to arrange something with him, as she believes she’s found an opportunity for salvation from her financial debacle. The scene changes to the railway car in question, in which Colonel is inside, telling a story to Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot. He tells them about a time in which he and his friend were each on a different airplane, though both their pilots were unconscious. Lucky asks him what he did, though Colonel tells him that he radioed his friend so that the two could coordinate and plan their course of action. This excites Lucky, since he likes the word action, though Colonel tells him that they checked their altitude, speed and fuel, as well as the remaining distance to the airfield. Lucky tells him to hurry up and get to the good part, in which he asks him if he walked on the wing, or jumped between planes, or anything heroic; though Colonel tells him that one can’t just jump into a dangerous situation, as it’s best to think and plan ahead. Cadpig tells Colonel that Lucky’s not the type to think ahead, as he prefers to jump straight into things, though Colonel decides to continue telling his story. However, the scene then changes to outside the railcar, where time has passed, in which Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot exit the railcar, all amazed over what they’ve heard, except for Lucky, who expresses that he got bored with all the plotting and planning that took place. The scene changes to the front of the Dearly household, where Cruella rings on the door and Roger opens it up, though he isn’t too happy about it, as he was sleeping. Roger attempts to shut the door on Cruella, though she blocks the door with a mop and she proceeds to tell him that she came to take some old junk off the farm, in spirit of Neighborhood Cleanup Week, in order to help the Dearlys out. She says she’ll be more than happy to take away old tires, rusty cans or antique railway cars, though Roger soon tells her that when they bought the farm, they agreed to keep everything as it was, so they’re keeping the car where it is. Cruella walks back to her car, where Horace and Jasper ask what they should do now, though Cruella tells them to steal the railway car; Horace reminds her that such would be stealing, though she merely mocks him for his naivety and she drives off, expecting them to get the job done.

The scene changes to show Horace and Jasper making their way towards the railway car in question, in which Jasper tells Horace that they need to cover their tracks and get out as quickly as possible; Colonel hears them, though since he’s asleep, he merely mumbles what they’ve said to himself and he doesn’t pay much attention to it. The scene changes to the barn, where the Dalmatians wake up due to a strange noise they’ve heard; though when they go to the window to see what it is, they discover that Colonel’s house is being stolen. Rolly suggests they go tell their mother and father, as they may know what to do, though Lucky tells him that now’s a time for action and he coaxes his friends into heading after the railway car themselves. The scene changes to show the Dalmatians chasing after the railway car, though the scene changes to the next day, where the Dalmatians have arrived at the Grutely train station. The scene changes to show Horace, Jasper and Cruella, in which Cruella tells Horace that he better be certain that he knows how to drive a train, though when he provides her with a less than intelligent reply, she tells him to just get her to her destination quickly, and in one piece. Cruella enters her private car, while Horace and Jasper get the train started, though when the Dalmatians discover that the train is moving, Lucky tells them that they need to catch up and get onboard. Lucky, Rolly and Spot managed to get onboard easily, though when they realize Rolly isn’t with them, they look down, only to discover him barely hanging onto the train. Lucky runs up to him and he tries to get Rolly to hold onto his paw, though Cadpig pulls Lucky back, since she fears he’ll get pulled if he tried that, which would cause the both of them to get mangled on the tracks. Spot decides that it’s up to her to save the day and she flies down to Rolly, in which she grabs him with her claws and she flies back up to where the Dalmatians were, thus saving Rolly’s life. Cadpig compliments Spot on her heroic behavior, since she’s just given a new meaning to the word chicken, though the scene then changes to inside Colonel’s railway car, in which he is awoken by the Dalmatians knocking on his door. He opens it up and the Dalmatians storm in, though when they tell him that somebody is stealing the railway car, he tells him that such is nonsense; though when he proceeds to look out the window, he discovers that they have, in truth, been shanghaied.

Lucky tells Colonel that they need to go get whoever is responsible, though when Colonel stops him, Lucky expresses that they need to do something quickly, in order to remedy their situation. Colonel tells him that they need to first discover what it is they’re up against, in which he tells Rolly, Cadpig and Spot to send out a Bark Brigade S.O.S. message. He informs them that while they’re busy performing their duties, he and Lucky will perform some reconnaissance, which makes Lucky happy, as he believes spying is something action-packed. The scene changes to the top of the train, where Rolly, Cadpig and Spot are sending performing the drill they’ve learnt to send out an S.O.S. message, in which the scene changes to the Dearly Farm, where Pongo and Perdita are playing with their children. Perdita asks Pongo if he’s seen Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig, though before he gets a chance to reply, the two of them hear their message, which causes them to realize that they’re on the train with Colonel. Pongo realizes that if they can get to the Stiffle train station quickly enough, they may be able to cut the train off before it gets to its destination, so the two of them run to the house where they then bark loudly to get Roger and Anita’s attention. Roger and Anita run out of the home, in their nightgowns, though when Pongo and Perdita then bark and run towards the railway car’s old location, Roger and Anita give chase. The scene changes to the railway car, where everything appears to be normal, though when Roger tries to rest up against it, since he’s tired from running, the railway car falls over, since it was merely a cardboard cut-out. Anita asks him if he thinks Cruella did it, though Roger tells her that he always thinks Cruella is responsible for things; though when the two of them contemplate on how to chase her down, Pongo and Perdita bark at the car, causing the Dearlys to decide to get in and drive off in an attempt to find their railway car. The scene changes back to the train, where Cruella is calling Billy Fences to make sure her deal is still going strong, though Lucky is seen being lowered into the room in order to eavesdrop on her conversation. Cruella asks Billy if he has her money and he says yes, though when he asks her where they’re going to meet up at, Cruella tells him that she wants to be somewhere across the state line, so she suggests Jenkins Junction; Billy Fences agrees and the two of them hang up their phones, though Lucky gets pulled out of the room just as Cruella turns around.

Back at the top of the train, Lucky tells his friends that Cruella is going to sell Colonel’s railway car, and that he believes it would be best for them to charge at her right now. Colonel asks him what he plans to do after they engage her, though when he fails to provide a plan, Colonel tells him that such is exactly the reason they don’t engage her, as she doesn’t realize they’re there at the moment, so they have time to formulate a plan. The scene changes to show Roger and Anita driving down a dirt road, though when they pass up a route to the Stiffle train station, Pongo and Perdita proceed to bark at them. Roger tells them to settle down, though when Anita checks her map, she realizes that the road they passed up leads to the Stiffle train station, which they ultimately decide to check out, because it’s worth a shot to see if Cruella is going there. The scene changes back to the train, where Horace and Jasper are singing a song to pass the time; Horace starts to walk backwards, for no apparent reason, though Spot exploits the moment and she opens the door, causing him to fall out. Jasper continues singing, though when he realizes his brother is missing, he goes to the door and he helps him get back inside; though when he does such, Horace lands in a metal tray, causing it to get stuck on his head. Jasper proceeds to help his brother once again, though the scene changes to the top of the train’s engine, where Colonel is coordinating the cadet’s endeavors to put a bag over top of the train’s smoke stack, to effectively smoke out Horace and Jasper from operating the train. The bag is successfully put into place, though Colonel expresses that people should never try to do such a thing at home, though the scene changes back down to Horace and Jasper, who are coughing over the intense smoke. Horace expresses that something must be wrong with the smoke stack, so Jasper orders him to go fix it, though when Horace gets to the top and attempts to remove the bag, it gets sent flying into the air, taking him with it. The scene changes to Cruella’s private car, where she is attempting to come up with an idea to use her excess whale blubber on, though when Horace crashes through the ceiling, she demands to know what he’s doing. He tells her that he thought she might want someone to yell at, which causes her to thank him, though she then tosses him back to the engine room and she tells him to stop wasting time.

Horace lands in the engine room, which causes Jasper to ask him what was going on with the smoke stack. He tells him that it’s weird, because it seemed like somebody covered it with a bag, though at that moment, Cadpig appears behind Horace and she bites him on his rear end. Due to the fact that he was just bit, Horace jumps back in pain, though he hits Jasper in the process, causing Jasper to hit the train’s breaks, which makes the train come to a grinding halt. Cruella storms into the engine room in order to discover what’s going on; she orders the two brothers to get the train moving right away, though when Horace does such, Cruella is sent to the floor, due to the sudden velocity in which the train had taken off with. The scene changes to show the Dalmatians making their way back to Colonel’s railway car, though when the train hits a bump, Colonel falls to the ground, causing him to limp into his railway car in pain. Lucky asks him if he’s okay, though Colonel tells him that he must have sprained his leg when he fell, though the scene changes to show a bandaged Colonel telling the Dalmatians their plan. He tells them that once the train passes Stiffle station, the train is going to head up Mount Sherwood, though when he asks the cadets what comes to mind when they think of a mountain; though Cadpig merely comes up with positive images associated with mountains. However, Lucky interjects to tell him that now isn’t the time to think of such things. He tells him that they need to take action and cut loose, though Colonel compliments Lucky for saying what he did, which confuses him. Colonel explains that if they time it right, they can cut loose from the rest of the train just as it’s crossing the mountain, which would permit them to roll down to the Stiffle station and freedom. Rolly asks him what they should do if Cruella sees them, as he doesn’t know how to stop her, though Colonel tells him that he has a plan for that as well. He reminds the Dalmatians that battles aren’t won by impulsive behavior, but rather by exploring all the options. He tells them that he’s going to go make one more S.O.S. call on the barking chain, though Cadpig asks him what’s going to happen to them if his plan fails and they can’t get the car loose. He tells her, with a grim look and tone, that if they fail to succeed in their endeavor, it’ll be the end of the line in more ways than one.

The scene changes to show the train traveling up the mountain in question, in which Cruella tells Horace and Jasper that they can’t stop for anything. The scene changes to the back of the train, where Spot takes notice of an upcoming railroad switch, in which Colonel comforts Rolly, who is preparing to jump out of the moving train in order to land at the aforementioned railroad switch. The train passes the switch and Rolly jumps out and lands right on target, though the scene changes back to the train; Colonel tells Lucky, Cadpig and Spot that they need to keep watch as he unhitches the railway car from the rest of the train, though Lucky tells him that he’s too injured to do this alone. Colonel attempts to tell him otherwise, though Lucky reminds him that they’re working together as a team, and that they need to use their strengths if they wish to succeed, so Colonel decides to let the cadets help him out. The scene changes to show the train making its way further up the mountain, though the scene changes back to Colonel and the cadets, who are now working together to try to put Lucky in a position to pull the bolt out of the hitch. The scene changes to Cruella De Vil, who receives an unwanted phone call from Billy Fences, though before she can say what she wants to him, she notices what the dogs are attempting to do. She approaches them with an umbrella in hand and she attempts to knock Lucky away from the hitch, though when Colonel tries to pull him back to safety, Cruella grabs a hold of Lucky with the umbrella’s handle. In order to get free, Lucky presses the button on the umbrella, which causes Cruella to fall down while he gets sent back to where Colonel is. Lucky tells Colonel that they’re getting close to the top of the mountain, which causes Cadpig to ask what they’re going to do, though Colonel tells her to save her question for a rainy day. Cadpig realizes Colonel has an idea to use the umbrella to unhitch the car, though Colonel tells Spot that he needs a diversion; Spot happily agrees and she proceeds to cluck a song while dancing on and around Cruella’s head, which buys the Dalmatians enough time to carry out their plan. They use the umbrella as a means of permitting the wind to force the hitch loose, in which their plan works successfully and the railway car starts to roll back down towards Stiffle station, while Cruella’s train heads down the other side of the mountain.

The scene changes to Cruella’s train, where she orders Horace and Jasper to stop it immediately, though Horace refuses due to his orders. Cruella tosses them aside and she stops the train herself, in which she orders them to throw it in reverse and they ultimately do such. The scene changes back to Colonel and the Dalmatians, who are distraught over the fact that they’re going too fast, as Colonel had hoped the umbrella would have serves as a means of slowing them down. Cruella’s train quickly catches up to the railway car, though after the railway car gets past a certain point, Rolly changes the railroad switch, which causes Cruella’s train to go down another path. Cruella looks and she sees Rolly was responsible, though she expresses that they couldn’t have done all that on purpose, though realizing her predicament, she decides to call Billy Fences in order to get him to come to Stiffle station. Cruella then climbs up to the roof of her train and she jumps over to Colonel’s railway car, leaving Horace and Jasper in the train, in which it proceeds to go down a very long dead end, where it ultimately crashes against the wall and explodes. Horace and Jasper emerge from the train, smoldering due to the explosion, in which they both pass out because of what they describe as broken bones. The scene changes to Stiffle station, where Colonel’s railway car manages to stop right in front of the station. Cruella stands up on the roof, though Roger and Anita are standing there and they ask her what she’s doing with their railway car. She attempts to deny that a railway car is even there, though they remind her that she’s standing on it. At that moment, Lucky, Cadpig, Spot and Colonel rush out of the railway car, in which Lucky runs and gives Pongo a hug while Cadpig gives Perdita a hug. Pongo expresses that he’s happy that they made it, though Lucky expresses that Rolly is on his way, in which he runs up to Rolly and they give one another a high five. Rolly tells him that things worked great, though Lucky insists that it was merely because they planned ahead. The scene changes back to Cruella, who attempts to convince the Dearlys to sell her the car because it’s worth a fortune; though as soon as she says such, Billy Fences comes by in his train and he tells her that it actually isn’t worth a fortune, as the train’s model is of a different year and that he already owns one of those, so he drives off. Cruella, in frustration, kicks the railway car she’s standing on, causing it to fall to the ground; though the episode ends with Cruella expressing that she should take the bus next time, though Lucky runs up and licks her on the face as the screen fades to black.