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A Christmas Cruella - Recap

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The episode begins at night on the Dearly Farm, in which it is snowing and the scene zooms in on the house. Nanny is seen putting some decorations onto a tree, while Rolly smells various presents in order to determine their contents. Cadpig tells Rolly that he really shouldn’t be guessing people’s gifts, since it ruins the surprise, though she then asks him what she got for Christmas; Rolly smells a nearby package and he tells her she got the same thing as last year, a chew toy, though she tells him that it’s the thought that counts, though she then expresses that she can always exchange it for something else. Rolly then goes to smell another package, though Nanny inadvertently grabs him and she places a ribbon on his read end, though she then tosses him towards the Christmas tree, where he collides with another present. Nanny expresses that she’s finished with the presents, though when she looks at the clock, it strikes six o’clock, causing her to express that Roger and Anita should be home any minute. She then turns towards the Christmas tree, where she mentions that it’s missing something; Spot tells Cadpig to leave this to her and she jumps up to where the star should be, in which she strikes a pose, though Nanny jokingly expresses that there’s worse things that could be on the tree. The scene then changes to the House of De Vil, where Horace and Jasper are singing O’ Christmas Tree, though they’ve changed the lyrics to match their unorthodox tree, as they are setting up an upside down, mechanical Christmas tree that was made from stolen car parts. Jasper proceeds to plug the Christmas tree into the wall outlet, though the Cruella De Vil angel that is on top of the Christmas tree proceeds to shoot lasers out of its eyes, causing mayhem for the two bumbling brothers, as well as the customers walking around the House of De Vil; the Cruella De Vil angel proceeds to tell people to buy, shop and spend, in accordance with the holiday season, though the scene then changes to the top of the House of De Vil, where Cruella De Vil is seen telling her employees to work harder while a very muscular man is seen beating a drum in accordance with Cruella’s comments. Cruella then expresses that she loves Christmas, since it’s a wonderful display of capitalism, though the scene then changes to Anita’s office, where Cruella De Vil wishes to check up on her progress with her latest fashion designs. She tells Anita that she wishes to get her designs out before Christmas shopping is done, though Anita reminds her that it’s Christmas Eve and everyone’s finished shopping, though Cruella expresses that there’s always some last minute shoppers.

Roger arrives, in which he’s carrying Lucky, and he lets Anita and Cruella know he’s behind them. Anita gets up and asks him how Lucky is doing, since Roger had to take him to the veterinarian, though Roger tells her that he’ll be fine, as he merely had a pine needle stuck in his paw. Cruella halfheartedly tells them that it’s tragic, though she then tells Anita to get back to work; Roger tells her that it’s six o’clock, though Cruella tells him that she isn’t going to let her employees leave on time merely because it’s the night before a silly holiday. She asks Roger why she can’t work late like she always does, though he tells her that it isn’t a silly holiday, as it’s Christmas Eve, though Anita tries to stop Roger before he says something offensive. Anita tells Cruella that she would like to be home with the family, just this one time, though Cruella angrily expresses that if she takes off early today, tomorrow she’ll want off the whole day, though Roger tells her that Anita has been working full-time for weeks, so she’s not going to work on Christmas. Cruella reminds him that Christmas is about giving, in which Anita should give her more of their time, though Roger expresses that he wants her to spend Christmas with him and their family; Cruella decides to let Anita take the day off, though she then fires her, in which Anita attempts to reason with her, though she refuses to care about what Anita’s trying to say. The elevator door closes and the scene changes to show Roger and Anita walking out of the House of De Vil, in which they pass up a charity Santa Claus and a bum sitting on the sidewalk, though the scene then changes back to the House of De Vil. Horace and Jasper are continuing their attempts to fix the mechanical Christmas tree, in which Jasper tells Horace to aim the Cruella De Vil angel up high, as since it’s Christmas, they should shoot the lasers over people’s heads, rather than at them. Cruella then comes through the elevator and she forces people to get out of her way, though when Jasper attempts to wish Cruella a Merry Christmas, she brushes him off and she knocks down the latter he was standing on. He attempts to keep from falling by grabbing onto Horace, though this, in turn, causes Horace to start to fall, so he grabs onto the Christmas tree, though it ultimately starts to fall down as well, causing Cruella to get hit as it falls. She starts to stumble around, with a dazed look on her face, though she then fires Horace and Jasper before she falls into a state of unconsciousness.

The scene blacks out and then it comes back into focus, in which Cruella De Vil wakes up and she attempts to find Horace and Jasper, though she realizes that they’re nowhere to be found. She expresses that they must have took off early too, like everyone else, though when she asks herself if Santa and his elves are the only people who work on Christmas Eve, she takes a memo to remind herself to take over the North Pole. She then makes her way out of the House of De Vil so that she can get into her car, though when she opens the door, she hits a Santa Claus charity collector. She looks at him, though she then takes a handful of dollars from the charity pot, claiming that the money should be enough to cover the damages that he did to her door. She walks past a bum, though she orders him to get off her property, in which she also scolds him because the rags he’s wearing aren’t in season. Cruella then continues to make her way to her car, in which she knocks over several Christmas carolers, though she then gets into her car and she speeds down the road to get back home. She intentionally drives her car through several snowmen that are sitting at the side of the road, in which they reform as snow-devils, though the scene then changes to show Cruella De Vil pulling into her home. She gets out of her car and she inputs a security code into her security system, though when a camera comes down to perform a retinal scan, the security camera moves around too quickly for her to look straightly into. However, the security camera then morphs into Horace and Jasper’s heads, in which they say Cruella’s name, though Cruella becomes frightened and she assaults what she’s seeing with her purse. The two heads hit the snow, in which they remerge to form the security camera, though a scared Cruella then mentions that she must have hit hear head a bit too hard, though the scene then changes to Cruella’s bedroom, where Cruella is preparing to go to sleep for the night. She approaches the bed and she places a candle she was holding on the counter, though a sudden wind blows out the candles and a ghostly moan is heard, which causes Scorch to jump underneath the covers of the bed. A bound Horace and Jasper enter through the door, albeit merged together in one body, though when Cruella asks them who they are, Jasper expresses that that they’re from Scrooges Anonymous, in which Horace tells her that they’re there on a paranormal intervention.

Horace proceeds to sing a song, saying Cruella better change or she’ll end up like them, though when Cruella asks if she’ll become a tone-deaf nitwit, Jasper ignores her question and he tells her that she’ll be visited by three spirits throughout the course of the night; he tells her that they’ll show her the way to change, though the two of them then leave, causing Cruella to dismiss what she’s just saw as a para-abnormal phenomenon. She then gets into bed, in which she lies down next to Scorch and she tells him that there’s nothing to be afraid of, though at that moment, a howl is heard and a small ghost floats into the room, which turns out to be Cadpig, albeit dressed with a Santa hat on. She introduces herself as the Ghost of Christmas Past, though when Cruella tells her that she’s just a god, Cadpig tells her that there’s a concept called multi-tasking that lets people be different things at once. She then tells her that she’s there to take her on a journey through the defining moments in her past, though when Cruella tells her that she doesn’t want to go, Cadpig decides to use special effects and she causes the furniture to come alive, all the while using her ghostly powers to change her appearance, which ultimately scares Cruella into going with her. Cruella reluctantly gets on the sofa-chair that Cadpig made float into the room, in which the chair takes off through the window and the scene changes to the past, where Cruella recognizes one of the buildings as being her childhood home. Cruella wipes off a window and she sees a baby Cruella being played with by an old nanny, in which Cruella asks Cadpig if she was adorable, causing Cadpig to say yes, in a dysfunctional sort of way. The nanny taking care of Cruella reads a postcard that Cruella’s parents sent to their daughter, as they’re too busy at a vacation resort to come home and spend time with their daughter; the baby Cruella opens up a present, hoping a Dalmatian puppy will be inside, though when she discovers there’s just a shirt inside, she starts to cry. The nanny approaches Cruella, in an attempt to put the outfit on her, though Cruella rips up the outfit, claiming she wanted a puppy for Christmas. The scene changes to show the real Cruella expressing that what she’s seen is appalling, in which Cadpig agrees, as her parents didn’t even spend Christmas with her, though Cruella expresses that she wasn’t talking about that, as she actually meant she couldn’t believe she once wanted a horrid Dalmatian. Cadpig glances at her for her comments, causing her to expresses that she didn’t mean any offense, though the scene then changes back to the baby Cruella.

The nanny places Cruella in her crib, in which she’s crying about how she wants a puppy, though as soon as the nanny leaves, Cruella uses the telephone to call the police, in which the scene changes to show the nanny being mailed off in a package by two mailmen. The baby Cruella looks out the window and she expresses that she better get a puppy next time, though the scene changes back to the real Cruella. Cadpig tells her that her desire to have a puppy must have stemmed from the lack of love she received from her parents, though when Cruella asks her what she means, Cadpig calls her a brat and she decides to check another Christmas of Cruella’s past. The scene changes to show a British nanny reading another postcard from Cruella’s parents, in which a child Cruella opens up a present, all the while hoping a Dalmatian puppy is inside the box. However, when a shirt is inside the box, she rips up the shirt and she runs outside in anger; though when she realizes all her neighbors got puppies for Christmas, she gets on her bike and she angrily rides around the children, covering them and their puppies with snow, though she also mows down the snowmen they were building. The real Cruella expresses that this was a painful memory, since she suffered that day, though Cadpig tells her that the children, the puppies and the snowpersons were the ones who really suffered. Cruella tells Cadpig that she’s her therapist, so she should feel her pain, so Cadpig attempts to tell Cruella that she needs to try to see things through other people’s perspectives. Cruella tells her that she doesn’t care about other people, as people need to care about her, though Cadpig decides she’s had enough of the pity party and she decides to check out another Cruella Christmas. The scene changes to show a teenaged Cruella De Vil walking down the sidewalk, though when she sees families enjoying Christmas together through windows, she angrily starts to run home. When she arrives, she thinks she sees silhouettes of her parents, in which a dog is heard barking, so she runs inside thinking her parents are finally home for Christmas, and that they brought a Dalmatian with them. However, inside the house, she discovers that it’s just cardboard cut-outs of her parents and a mechanical puppy, though this causes Cruella to lose her composure and most of her sanity. Cruella, in anger, tosses the cardboard cut-outs of her parents into the fire place, along with the mechanical Dalmatian, though doing such causes half of her hair to fade white; she then turns around to face the nanny who was taking care of the house, though the nanny just runs away in fear as Cruella laughs.

The scene changes to the real Cruella, who is crying over what she’s seen; Cadpig comments on it, though Cruella mentions that it’s due to the smoke. Cruella asks Cadpig what she’s going to show her next, though Cadpig expresses that her hour is up, despite the fact that it’s only been fifty minutes, so she sends Cruella back to her room, where she wakes up in her bed. She is awoken by a very large Rolly, who is out the window, though when she attempts to run away, she slams into a large pile of food. Rolly is then seen on top of the food and he proceeds to eat as much of it as he can; Cruella asks him if he’s the Ghost of Christmas Binging, though he introduces himself as the Ghost of Christmas Past. He tells her that he’s going to show her the shadows of this year, though he first decides to finish eating, in which the scene changes to show several hours passing. Eventually, Cruella gets tired of waiting and she asks Rolly if they can get this over with, in which Rolly picks Cruella up and he places her on his back. He then jumps through the wall and he proceeds to make his way towards the Dearly Farm in order to show Cruella the consequences of her actions. Cruella looks through the window and she sees Anita giving Roger a computer chair that permits the sitter to exercise as they work, in which Roger gladly accepts it, though Anita tells him that she’ll have to take it back since they can’t afford it since she got fired. Roger then gives her his present, a portfolio to help her with the job she no longer has, though he reminds her that they won’t be able to keep it anymore anyway. Anita then gives Nanny a pair of electric long johns so that she can stay warm when she needs to go feed the Dalmatians when it’s cold outside, though she reminds her that they won’t be able to keep it; Nanny tells her that it’s no trouble, since she has a lot of natural insulation. Roger then proceeds to give the Dalmatians a large number of chew toys, though he then expresses that they were going to be theirs, since now he’ll have to take them back to the store as well, causing the Dalmatians to pout. Anita then tells Lucky that they got something special for him, so Lucky starts to limp towards her, though Cruella mentions it’s absurd that he’s still limping because he just had a pine needle in his paw. Rolly tells her that it turned into piney-pawitus, and that the veterinarian could save Lucky’s leg, though the Dearlys no longer have the money to afford the operation.

Roger proceeds to put a metal cast on Lucky’s leg, which makes Lucky happy because he can walk with it, though Roger then takes the cast off Lucky, saying that it will need to go back to the puppy medical supply store. Cruella tells Rolly that the entire situation is absurd, though when Rolly tells her that it’s Dickens, Cruella finds the notion to be stupid. The Dearlys then wish everyone a Merry Christmas, though Roger expresses that he doesn’t wish Cruella a Merry Christmas, since she’d charge them for the air they breathe if she could. Cruella likes this idea and she takes out her memo-master and takes a note of it, though this angers Rolly. He tells her that Christmas is about love and sharing, in which she expresses that they shared a great idea, though Rolly tells her that she needs to think about other people instead of just herself. Cruella mentions that all the ghosts tell her that, though she says that other people aren’t her, so why should they matter, though when she asks Rolly for guidance, he gives up on her and he tells her that he hopes the next spirit has better luck. The scene changes back to Cruella’s bedroom, where she wakes up with a fright, though when she looks behind her, she sees a figure resembling the grim reaper standing behind her. Cruella asks the shrouded figure who they are, though the shrouded figure removes their cowl to reveal that Spot is the Ghost of Christmas Future, though she then puts her cowl back on and she points to the window to get Cruella to look outside. When she does such, she sees Swamp Rat auctioning off her valuables to the other denizens of the swamp, causing her to believe she’s either moved or is getting the house remodeled. Cruella runs up to Spot and she asks her to tell her what everything means, though Spot then changes the scenery to have the two of them walking through a graveyard. Spot points to a grave and Cruella reads it, in which it’s for Fluffy, though Spot looks around in an embarrassed demeanor and she then points Cruella to the right gravestone, which turns out to be her own. Cruella realizes that she’s been buried in a pet cemetery, though she then asks Spot why this happened; Spot removes her cowl and she looks towards the camera, in which she expresses she had a great song and dance number there, though it was cut out of the final version. Spot puts the cowl back on and she points her scythe towards the grave; Cruella realizes that if she doesn’t change her ways, this will be her fate, though when Cruella attempts to plead with Spot, a bell tolls and the scene changes back to the real world.

Cruella wakes up, still on the floor at the House of De Vil, having been knocked unconscious by the Christmas tree. She realizes that all she saw was just a dream, albeit a long one, since it’s morning; though to figure out which morning, she runs outside and asks a child on the street what day it is. He sarcastically tells her that it’s Halloween, as she asked a stupid question, though he then tells her that it’s Christmas. Cruella exclaims that starting today, she’s going to change her ways, so she runs inside to get Horace and Jasper to help her out. She wakes them up and she tells them that they need to go Christmas shopping, as she needs to get gifts for everyone, though when Jasper tells her the only place open on Christmas is the House of De Vil, she decides that she’ll improvise. The scene changes to outside the House of De Vil, where Cruella is seen through an open window at the top floor; she tosses out several office supplies, including heavier objects such as photocopiers, in which the people on the street panic as the machines bust through the ice and plunge into the water below. The scene then changes to show Cruella De Vil emptying her purse into a Santa Claus charity collector’s basket, in which she asks him if the donation is tax deductible, so he nods yes as she walks on. Cruella then approaches a bum who was sitting on the side of the road and she gives him her coat, causing him to squeal in a girlish voice over how great he now looks. Cruella then approaches a group of Christmas carolers and she joins in on the singing, though when they stop and stare at her, she wishes them a Merry Christmas and she walks off, saying everybody’s a critic. Cruella then gets in her car and she proceeds to make her way to the Dearly Farm, though when she runs through three snowmen on her way, they reform as snow-angels, though the scene then changes to the Dearly Farm. Cruella bursts through the door and she tells the Dearlys that they shouldn’t celebrate Christmas without her; she expresses that she got gifts for everyone, in which she gives Roger and Nanny office supplies, though she gives Anita a person named Susan’s paper-weight. Anita questions this, though Cruella explains that she meant to grab her own, since she’s giving her job back to her, though she tells her that she can have Susan’s office. Anita then gives all the Dalmatians office supplies as well, in accordance with Christmas, though when Anita expresses that they feel bad since they didn’t get her anything, she tells her that she’s gotten what she always wanted, spending Christmas with Dalmatians. The episode ends with Cruella picking up Wizzer, causing Roger to tell her not to, though Wizzer urinates on her and Cruella then says the famous line from Charles Dickens’ play that the episode was based off of, “God bless us, everyone”; though the screen fades to black as the screen zooms out, showing snow falling over the Dearly Farm.