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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Putting Out Fires

Following a public mishap, Skip, the First Son of President Gilchrist, is ushered back to the White House so he can be kept under careful watch. Meanwhile, Dale attempts to keep a cool atmosphere when South American leaders visit to discuss a trade agreement. Elsewhere, Emily tries to make peace with her stepdaughter Becca, who has a surprise in store for everybody.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Miguel Sandoval as DeSoto |
Guest Stars: Carlos Lacamara as Panamanian President | Jose Yenque as Columbian President | Paula Newsome as Atlanta Weaver | Mary Pat Gleason as Presidential Assistant |
Co-Guest Stars: Jay Leno as Himself | Ella Rouhier as Adorable Girl | Chic Daniel as Secret Service Agent #1 | John Eddins as Secret Service Agent #2 | Juan Carlos Cantu as Argentinian President | Robert Covarrubias as Ecuadorian President | Angela Elayne Gibbs as HHS Secretary | Kim Varasteh as Budding Scientist | Clint Culp as Burly Boom Guy | Parker Croft as Mike | Karan Soni as Misfit | Brock Waidmann as Jimmy | Adam Shapiro as Reporter
Director: Jason Winer

2 :01x02 - The Skiplantic Ocean

When the media reveals Becca’s surprising news, Skip attempts to take her mind off the situation while President Gilchrist has a group therapy session with his generals to help cope with things. Meanwhile, hoping to gain Becca’s trust and keep the secret safe from Marigold and Xander, Emily gets tangled in a web of lies.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Willie C. Carpenter as General Maurer | Peter Jason as General Harrigan |
Co-Guest Stars: Mika Brzezinski as Herself | Willie Geist as Himself | Misty Monroe as Reporter 2 | Joe Scarborough as Himself | Adam Shapiro as Reporter 1 / Evan | Staci Lawrence as Casey
Director: Jason Winer
Writer: Mike Royce

3 :01x03 - So You Don't Want To Dance?

In an attempt to rally votes for new educational reforms, President Gilchrist and First Lady Emily hold an extravagant gala to gain the support of the unlikable Senator Thoroughgood, who attends with his wife Bunny. Meanwhile, Skip builds the confidence to ask Stacey, the mailroom clerk, to the event. Elsewhere, Becca reveals a hidden past between her and Marshall.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Stacy Keach as Senator Frohm Thoroughgood |
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Bunny Thoroughgood | Susan Park as Stacey Kim | Mary Pat Gleason as Presidential Assistant |
Co-Guest Stars: Savannah Guthrie as Herself | Steve Seagren as Mailroom Supervisor | Sean Hamrin as Thoroughgood's Aide | Blair Hickey as Onlocker #1 | Jennifer Christopher as Onlooker #2 | Nicci T. Carr as Reporter
Director: Jason Winer

4 :01x04 - Meet The Parent

A determined President Gilchrist uses his clout to track down someone that just might prove to be someone of major importance to the First Family.  Meanwhile, the Gilchrist’s host the Austrian Chancellor and his wife, but when Emily questions proper protocol and tries to do things her own special way, she lands herself in quite a difficult situation.  Elsewhere, Skip realizes his true calling in life.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Rene Auberjonois as Winslow |
Guest Stars: Robbie Amell as D.B. | Rebecca Wisocky as Bianca | David St. James as Klaus | Peter Jason as General Harrigan | Willie C. Carpenter as General Maurer |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Shapiro as Reporter 1 / Evan | Misty Monroe as Reporter 2 | John Eddins as Lead Secret Service Agent | Adam Kaiz as Steward | Mayank Bhatter as Mahmoud
Director: Jason Winer
Writer: Peter Knight

5 :01x05 - Frosting/Nixon

President Dale Gilchrist is forced to deal with a group of angry protestors after Skip's attempt to quell the situation goes awry. Emily tries to form a closer relationship with Xander, by helping him campaign for student body President. Elsewhere, Becca has a hard time coping with her future.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Missi Pyle as Agent Sarah Harlan | Jane Edith Wilson as Mrs. Stitchcomb | Danika Yarosh as Jessica
Writer: Sanjay Shah

6 :01x06 - Skip the Tour

President Dale Gilchrist's brother Doug stops by the White House, initiating a long-standing rivalry which threatens their relationship and prompts Emily to take on the role of peacemaker. Meanwhile, Becca prepares for an interview and Skip decides to offer his own special version of the White House tour after witnessing one from an official tour guide.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Bruce Campbell as Doug Gilchrist | Rory O'Malley as Tour Guide | Robbie Amell as D.B. | Robert Patrick Benedict as Skeptic | Mary Hart as Herself | Mary Pat Gleason as Presidential Assistant | Nadege August as Vanessa
Director: Jason Winer

7 :01x07 - To The Ranch

When unable to make a decision about who to nominate to the Supreme Court, President Dale Gilchrist decides to take a family trip to their ranch to clear his head. During their getaway, Skip finds himself moping over his failed relationship, while Becca contemplates major flaws in her own relationship. Meanwhile, Emily attempts to spend some quality time with Marigold and Xander, who both struggle with their loss of technology while at the ranch.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Robbie Amell as D.B. | Susan Park as Stacey Kim | Chuck Todd as Himself | Boo Arnold as Secret Service Agent Terry | Wyatt Nash as Tad
Director: Ken Whittingham

8 :01x08 - Live from the Lincoln Bedroom

When Skip decides to start an official podcast of the Gilchrist White House, much to Marshall's dismay, he makes a surprising personal discovery that may have an impact on his relationship with his father. Meanwhile, Becca interferes with Emily's parenting decision regarding Marigold's academic future, which leaves them at odds with one another
Guest Stars: Tim Bagley as Mr. Norgel | Lucia Vecchio as Kayla | Mike Moonves as Blogger
Director: Jason Winer
Writer: Ryan Raddatz

9 :01x09 - Game Theory

When Skip announces his big date with Stacey, Emily takes it upon herself to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Becca and D.B. attempt to paint a mural for a special room. Elsewhere, Dale and Xander get wrapped up in a heated game of Risk.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Susan Park as Stacey Kim | Robbie Amell as D.B. | Willie C. Carpenter as General Maurer | Peter Jason as General Harrigan | Matt Corboy as Tommy
Director: Jason Winer

10 :01x10 - The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury

After learning Skip only needs to complete one more assignment to graduate college, Emily vows to do whatever it takes to ensure he receives his diploma. When Becca's ideas fall flat at a committee meeting, she devises a plan to make her voice heard. Elsewhere, Marshall takes extreme measures to get a few moments of solitude

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Henry Winkler as Senator Faxler | Matt Price as Congressman Shapiro
Director: David Grossman

11 :01x11 - Dinner, Bath, Puzzle

After a meeting with the French President and his wife, President Gilchrist and Emily decide to plan an outside-the-box date night in hopes of rekindling their romance. Elsewhere, when Skip is left to watch the children for the evening, things don't go quite as expected. Meanwhile, Marshall and D.B. form an unexpected bond.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Tom Amandes as President Bernard Milbert | Sofia Milos as Bernice Milbert | Robbie Amell as D.B. | Rafael J. Noble as Postmaster General Lou Berryman
Director: Sanjay Shah
Writer: Jon Lovett

12 :01x12 - Bursting the Bubble

Princess Abigail of Andorra arrives at the White House to attend an annual peace gala and to everyone’s surprise, requests Skip to be her escort. Elsewhere, with D.B.’s parenting skills in question, Becca decides to put him to the test, and learns something about herself in the process. Meanwhile, Emily is anxious to find some quality time with her friends, but discover things aren’t as they used to be.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Hannah Simone as Princess Abigail of Andorra | Robbie Amell as D.B. | Susan Park as Stacey Kim | Mary Pat Gleason as Presidential Assistant | Pete Gardner as Pete | Maura Soden as Madeline
Director: Jason Winer
Writer: Peter Knight

13 :01x13 - Marry Me, Baby

During an interview with Larry King, President Gilchrist inadvertently sheds some insight into his marriage and puts the legitimacy of his nuptials with Emily into question. Meanwhile, Skip looks to help resolve the situation and Becca and D.B. are met with some surprising news.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Robbie Amell as D.B. | Larry King as Himself | Stacy Keach as Senator Frohm Thoroughgood | Rene Auberjonois as Winslow | Susan Park as Stacey Kim | Pete Gardner as Pete | Matt Corboy as Tommy
Director: Jason Winer
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Politics
Status: Canceled
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: December 17, 2012
Ended: March 28, 2013
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