Season 2

23 :02x01 - Shattered Images

Chance and Calder are forced to work together when a killer comes after them. Meanwhile, Chance discovers what happened to his family on the day they were murdered.

24 :02x02 - Dance with the Devil

Chance and Cie help out an undercover agent who is tracking down a serial killer who is targeting an isolated strip club.

25 :02x03 - Amore... Omerta

To infiltrate a Mob hijacking ring, Chance and Cie pose as a truck driver and his wife.
Guest Stars: Timilee Romolini as Lisa Signorelli | David Quane as Sammy Signorelli

26 :02x04 - Old Wives' Tale

To help Chance find the truth about his dead wife, Calder does some digging and comes up with the name of a man who knows something.

27 :02x05 - Honor Thy Father

Cie goes on a trip to her hometown to meet with her family, but discovers that they're acting oddly.
Guest Stars: Ryan O'Quinn as Tuck Jones | Susan Hawk as Herself

28 :02x06 - Criminal Trespass

A gang of witnesses in the Witness Protection Program plan to use their status to commit a bank robbery.

29 :02x07 - Just South of El Paso

Chance and Cie get involved when a Texas Ranger is involved with a South American drug cartel and some missing money.

30 :02x08 - Hot Cars, Fast Women

A female car thief joins the team when Chance and Cie go after a Russian arms dealer.
Guest Stars: Sandra Hess as Katie Caldwell

31 :02x09 - Countdown

When an inmate confesses to a crime that another man is going to be executed for, Chance and Cie check the inmate's story to prevent a miscarriage of justice.
Guest Stars: Carrie Stevens as Natalie Reno | Barry Sigismondi as Jack

32 :02x10 - Past Imperfect

Chance and Cie go undercover as campaign workers to help a senator who has received death threats.

33 :02x11 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time

When Snow is kidnapped by a teenage gang, Chance and Cie have to find him before a killer finds the teenagers.

34 :02x12 - A Place Called Defiance

Chance and Cie investigate with Calder's help from jail when an ATF agent is murdered and a young boy is injured.
Guest Stars: Jake Lloyd as Cole

35 :02x13 - Come Back, Little Diva

Someone on a pop singer's crew is dealing heroin so Chance and Cie go undercover to find them.

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Guest Stars: Kim Strauss as Eric Smalls | Jon Briddell as Lorenz | Terri Poch as Desiree

36 :02x14 - Slight of Mind

Kidnappers torture and brainwash Hardesty, who manages to escape and tries to locate them.

37 :02x15 - Dream Girls

When an undercover cop is murdered, Chance and Cie investigate a local escort service that may be tied to the crime.
Guest Stars: Brittney Powell as Denise Sanders

38 :02x16 - The Cage

When fighters in an illegal cage fighting operation turn up dead, Chance and Cie go undercover to investigate.
Guest Stars: Andrew Kenneth Martin as Nicholas James Barton | TJ Myers as Vivian

39 :02x17 - Crossing the Line

Chance and Cie investigate a police officer suspected of corruption and Cie makes the mistake of getting involved with the suspect.
Guest Stars: Kenny Johnson as Sonny

40 :02x18 - A Family Upside Down

To nail a smuggler moving stolen goods across the world, Chance goes undercover to get close to him.
Guest Stars: Nadege August as Elise Betrie

41 :02x19 - Once a Thief

The team goes after a mobster with his fingers in dozens of criminal pies.
Guest Stars: Sandra Hess as Katie Caldwell

42 :02x20 - The Game

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Guest Stars: Yorgo Constantine as Bill Longtree | Robert Axelrod as Harvey

43 :02x21 - Second Sense

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Guest Stars: Amy Weber as Special Agent Abigail Rose

44 :02x22 - The Interrogation

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