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Season 5

82 :05x01 - Tunnel of Love

Hoffs and Garrett go undercover in a massage parlor believed to be the front for a drug ring, meanwhile they deal with a DEA officer.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Copping as Mara | Meredith Scott Lynn as Unknown | Dolores Drake as Mrs. Lake | Joe Maruzzo as Unknown | Joe Brazeau as Special Agent Martin McGuire | Beverley Hendry as Sarah | Steven Bland as Earl | Kim Gerbrandt as Cocktail Waitress
Director: Jorge Montesi

83 :05x02 - Back to School

Garrett starts dating the sister of a suspected high school drug ring leader.
Guest Stars: Louis Ferreira as Unknown | David Barry Gray as Garrett | Michael Cerveris as Unknown
Director: Steve Beers
Writer: Glen Morgan

84 :05x03 - Buddy System

McCann joins Jump Street and is partnered with a mentally-handicapped teen in a school buddy system to investigate the death of his former partner.
Guest Stars: Sheelah Megill as Natalie Michaels | Brigitta Dau as Claire | Scott Grimes as Christopher
Director: Jorge Montesi

85 :05x04 - Poison

Penhall falls for his narcotics partner who seems to have a drug problem of her own.
Guest Stars: Paul Jarrett as Chucky | Richard Leacock (1) as Jam | Perrey Reeves as Tracy Hill
Director: Don McBrearty
Writer: Ann Donahue

86 :05x05 - Just Say No! High

While working undercover in a high school, Hoffs is suspended by Jump Street after failing a drug test. While Penhall investigates a drug ring at a high school, he becomes suspicious why a star basketball player refuses to take part in the schools anti-drug program.
Guest Stars: Peter Outerbridge as Bill Godwin | Peter Stebbings as Coach Brandon
Director: Randy Bradshaw

87 :05x06 - Brothers

Doug's younger brother Joey joins Jump Street. After being rejected by Doug he volunteers to go undercover in a cult and soon becomes brainwashed by their leader and a pretty girl who shows him love.
Guest Stars: Don MacKay as Kyle Morgan | Alison Quinn as Rachel | John Pyper-Ferguson as Joshua
Director: Don McBrearty

88 :05x07 - This Ain't No Summer Camp

Doug and Joey join a wilderness camp for troubled teens to investigate a possible murder, but are constantly harassed by the leader, an ex-Marine.
Guest Stars: Jano Frandsen as Kyle Brickman | Janne Mortil as Diane | Zachary Ansley as Jeremy Stowe | Leon Russom as Ohanian

89 :05x08 - The Girl Next Door

McCann investigates a murder of a high school football star and dates a cheerleader who has AIDS.
Guest Stars: Lochlyn Munro as Gerald | Ocean Hellman as Suzanne Ross | Robert Eliot as Vince Ingerson (as Michael Davies)
Director: Brenton Spencer

90 :05x09 - Diplomas for Sale

Doug and Joey enroll in a college where good students are becoming criminals.
Guest Stars: Anna Hagan as Dean | Noah Beggs as Steve Campbell | Channing Mitchell as unknown | Jayson Boyd as Dave Burton | Leslie Carlson as Professor Gray
Director: Randy Bradshaw

91 :05x10 - Number One with A Bullet

Doug's life enters limbo while doctors struggle to save him after being shot and makes life-altering career choices after talking with those he meets there.
Guest Stars: Ken Tremblett as Barry Wells | Andrea Mann as Unknown
Director: Peter DeLuise
Writer: Ann Donahue

92 :05x11 - Equal Protection

Hoffs and Fuller investigate white police officers who are believed to be beating black teens.
Guest Stars: Patricia Forte as Unknown | Deryl Caitlin as Unknown | Richard McGregor as
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Jeff Myrow

93 :05x12 - The Education of Terry Carver

Hoffs, Joey and Mac try to find evidence that a girl was attacted and raped.
Guest Stars: Doug Abrahams as Capt. Briggs | Roark Critchlow as Dave Gibson | Jan D'Arcy as Dean Crane | Jonathan Crombie as Bill Howard | Christianne Hirt as Terry Carver
Director: Randy Bradshaw

94 :05x13 - Baby Blues

Joey takes responsibility for a baby girl while trying to find her drug addicted mother.
Guest Stars: Jane Mortifee as Nurse Sullivan | James Purcell as Dr. Reznick | Heather Hess as Katherine Jameson
Director: Zale Dalen

95 :05x14 - Film at Eleven

Mac tries to solve the mystery of why a famous reporters daughter had been missing.
Guest Stars: Michael Rogers as Det. Bryan | Tim Henry as Frank Walters | Don S. Davis as Lt. Donnelly | Noah Beggs as Brandon Ross | Jennifer Milmore as Sharon Crofft | Rende Rae Norman as Mickey Croft
Director: Peter DeLuise

96 :05x15 - In the Name of Love

Mac goes undercover for the FBI by dating the daughter of a notorious drug dealer while trying to rekindle a romance with an old flame.
Guest Stars: Beth Toussaint as Samantha | Duncan Fraser as Unknown | Kelli Fox as Unknown
Director: Zale Dalen

97 :05x16 - Cop Love

Mac and Joey try to find who is responsible for robberies at an old age home with one suspect being the son of Fullers girlfriend.
Guest Stars: Joy Coghill as Mrs. Dixon | Markus Redmond as Charles Wallace | Fay Hauser as Adrienne Wallace
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Simon Ayer

98 :05x17 - Under the Influence

Mac enters a devil worship cult who's leader can lure boys to join them with her beauty.
Guest Stars: Todd Shaffer as Unknown | Tasha Simms as Unknown | Leslie Bega as
Director: Jorge Montesi

99 :05x18 - Crossfire

Hoffs is brought to court after being charged with a civil suit for arresting a man for solicitation.
Guest Stars: Kevin McNulty as Delucca | Geoffrey Thorne as Joshua Dorsett | Renée Jones as Yvonne Andrews
Director: Jorge Montesi
Writer: Ann Donahue

100 :05x19 - Wasted

Mac goes undercover as a football player after a schools star dies from a heart attack.
Guest Stars: Sam Malkin as Unknown | Steve Bacic as Tommy Boylan | Dale Wilson as
Director: Brenton Spencer

101 :05x20 - Bad Day at Eagle Rock

A group of high school extortionists has Hoffs, Mac and Fuller going in undercover to investigate.
Guest Stars: Thomas Mitchell (2) as Unknown | Dale Walters as Unknown | Michael Cudlitz as Unknown
Director: Brenton Spencer

102 :05x21 - Homegirls

Hoffs infiltrates a girl gang to find who is responsible for a murder of a teen she witnessed.
Guest Stars: Brenda Crichlow as Unknown | Carol-Ann Jeffers as Unknown | Jada Pinkett Smith as
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Jeff Myrow

103 :05x22 - Second Chances

Hoffs and Mac investigate a car theft ring with the prime suspect being one of Hoffs students.
Guest Stars: Brock Johnson as Unknown | Deanna Milligan as Unknown | Martin Cummins as Nick Capelli
Director: Steven Williams
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 12, 1987
Ended: April 27, 1991
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