Season 5

93 :05x01 - Take My Diva . . . Please!

Mary’s fundraising event is in jeopardy when the hired performer discovers that Sandra is dating her old boyfriend
Special Guest Stars: Nell Carter as Beverly Morris | Jackée Harry as Sandra Clark |
Guest Stars: Felton Perry as Armand Bouvier
Director: Gerren Keith

94 :05x02 - Tenants, Anyone?

The new landlord is doing everything possible to hide from Mary and the tenants of 227.
Special Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Sandra Clark
Director: Gerren Keith

95 :05x03 - A Pampered Tale

Mary, Rose, Pearl and Sandra go to a weekend spa and enter a beauty contest. Meanwhile, Travis discovers a baby in his limo and Lester and Julian help care for the baby until the mother returns.
Special Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Sandra Clark |
Guest Stars: Diana Bellamy as Courtney Cabot-Blair | Angela Bassett as Amy Burnett | David Downing as Father Gabbuy
Director: Gerren Keith

96 :05x04 - The Fight of the Century

Mary and Lester’s argument over a missed boxing match tests the stability of their marriage.
Guest Stars: Rochelle Ashana as Kim
Director: Gerren Keith

97 :05x05 - How the West Was Fun (1)

At a dude ranch, Mary lassos Rose and Sandra into a treasure hunt, and Dylan takes a likin' to a filly.
Special Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Sandra Clark |
Guest Stars: Carmen Filpi as Old Geezer | Rick Hurst as Bronco Bob | Hank Rolike as Doc
Director: Gerren Keith

98 :05x06 - How the West Was Fun (2)

Lester comes to the rescue of the kidnapped women.
Special Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Sandra Clark |
Guest Stars: Rick Hurst as Bronco Bob | Dorothy Parke as Cactus Katie | Hank Rolike as Doc | Jace Kent as Roy
Director: Gerren Keith

99 :05x07 - Video Activity

Hit singer Bobby Brown is shooting a music video at Brenda’s school, and Brenda will do anything to be in it – including plagiarism.
Guest Stars: Jeff Maynard as Tony DeCarlo | Charmaine Charles as Nancy Grant | Bobby Brown (1) as Himself
Director: Gerren Keith

100 :05x08 - Flying Down to Leo's

Mary and Sandra are prevented from attending Lester’s birthday party after a biker gang chooses them to be their girlfriends.
Special Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Sandra Clark |
Guest Stars: William Phipps as Leo | Don Gibb as Skullcrusher | Dan Tullis, Jr. as Meat Hook
Director: Gerren Keith

101 :05x09 - Reunion Blues

After leaving his father, Dylan’s mother starts dating Julian.
Guest Stars: Reid Shelton as Mr. McMillan | Charlotte Rae as Mrs. McMillan
Director: Gerren Keith

102 :05x10 - The Perfume Game

Sandra becomes the new secretary for B.G.P.T. & D but wants promotion as vice president to impress her boyfriend.
Guest Stars: Kristen Lowman as Secretary | Dominic Oliver as Vinnie | Jackée Harry as Sandra Clark
Director: Gerren Keith

103 :05x11 - War is Heck

Calvin (guest star Curtis Baldwin) returns from college with surprising decision of joining the army.
Guest Stars: Kevin Hunter (1) as Soldier No. 1
Director: Gerren Keith

104 :05x12 - Guess Who's Not Coming to Christmas

Mary decides to invite her landlord Julian to her Christmas Eve bash in hopes of livening things up.
Guest Stars: Kevin Peter Hall as Warren Merriwether
Director: Gerren Keith

105 :05x13 - There Go the Clowns

Mary accidently sends a mean message to Lester's boss, and must go to his house and erase it, but the trouble is she interrupts a birthday party and her, Dylan and Travis must dusguise themselves as clowns in order to delete the message.
Guest Stars: Leeza Vinnichenko as Greta | Torrey Anne Cook as Tina | Ronnie Schell as Arnie Holiday | Jeff Robinson as Senor Ho Ho
Director: Gerren Keith
Writer: Daryl Busby

106 :05x14 - Come the Revolution

When Mary and Lester make Brenda return a revealing dress, she stages her own revolution by throwing her own party in Julian's penthouse while he's on vacation.
Guest Stars: Eugene Williams as Chip | Lisa Marie Russell as Karen | Brian Wesley Thomas as Mike | Torri Whitehead as Lisa
Director: Gerren Keith

107 :05x15 - Where Do We Go From Here?

While at church, Lester falls alseep and him and Mary both go to Heaven and Hell. In heaven, Brenda and Calvin are successful married couple, Brenda has Lesters company, everyone is doing fine. But in hell, it's a whole different story, Brenda is pregnant with no support from Calvin, he has a un-successful career, Pearl lives with them, Rose is married to Julian. In reality, he finally awakens his dream and is still in the presence of Church.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Moll as Burnie | Della Reese as Grace |
Guest Stars: Nick LaTour as Rev. Pinckney | Jack DeLeon as William Shakespeare | John Dewey-Carter as Phil Dawson | Steve Susskind as Jack | Gwen Van Dam as Mrs. Pembroke
Director: Gerren Keith

108 :05x16 - Play Christy for Me

Lester enjoys some flirtatious musical requests while he’s working as a DJ.

109 :05x17 - Knock It Off

Travis gets involved with the local “Family” when he discovers a large sum of cash in his limo and a beautiful woman turns up at his door to retrieve the money for her mob boss.
Guest Stars: Iman as Eartha Kitten | Gary Coleman as Mr. Big
Director: Gerren Keith

110 :05x18 - Do Not Pass Go (1)

The gang at 227 goes to Atlantic City for a Luther Vandross concert.
Guest Stars: Kevin Peter Hall as Warren Merriwether
Director: Gerren Keith

111 :05x19 - Do Not Pass Go (2)

Rose’s fiancé, Warren, is caught with a mysterious woman who turns out to be the jewel thief who stole Pearl’s brooch and Luther Vandross’s watch.
Guest Stars: Luther Vandross as Himself | Jerry 'The Bicycle' Washington as Greg Bell | Kevin Peter Hall as Warren Merriwether
Director: Gerren Keith

112 :05x20 - You Gotta Have Art

Mary becomes a star by accident and appears on The Joan Rivers Show.
Director: Gerren Keith

113 :05x21 - Gone Fishing

Julian’s ex-wife wants to takeover 227, but Mary is able to help him keep the building.
Guest Stars: Patrick Cronin as Robert Howard | Lela Rochon as Leslie | Lionel Mark Smith as Reverend | Maud Winchester as Diane

114 :05x22 - Nightmare on 227

Mary is casted as a crazed murderer in a movie being filmed at 227.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Mars as Joe Bouvier | Lorraine Toussaint as Monica Paxton
Director: Gerren Keith

115 :05x23 - The Class of '90

Just before Brenda gets ready to graduate high school, Mary is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis. Mary gets a lesson in plastic surgery from her roomie; and Lester gives low marks to his father's girlfriend.
Guest Stars: George Kirby as Milton Jenkins | Kevin Peter Hall as Warren Merriwether
Director: Gerren Keith

116 :05x24 - No Place Like Home

Mary dreams that she's homeless after misinterpreting a plea for help from a street person (homeless advocate Theodore Hayes) as a threat to her safety.
Guest Stars: Tony Steedman as Mr. Morris | Amentha Dymally as Shopkeeper | Kevin Peter Hall as Warren Merriwether
Director: Gerren Keith
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1985
Ended: July 28, 1990
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