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Day 8: 4:00P.M. - 5:00P.M. - Recap

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We see an overview of New York City and a car driving down a street. The car stops and Victor Aruz gets out of it. He enters a building. Two men have targeted Victor; one is a man standing behind a fence with an airphone and the other is a sniper. The sniper does not manage to shoot Victor before he enters the building.

Victor walks up some stairs, sees a man smoking in the hallway, enters a room and calls out someone's name. After realising he doesn't get an answer, he looks around and finds a dead body in the shower. Victor pulls out a gun and his cellphone and calls someone.

However, the man Victor was calling is dead, and the dead man's girlfriend is the one who answers. After hearing this, Victor walks out of the room again. Victor needs to leave the building but without getting shot, so he tricks the man who was smoking into taking his place outside. The two men outside believe the man they are looking at is Victor, while Victor has actually stolen a vehicle and is on his way out of there.

Victor drives the car out on the street, while the two men panic to kill him. The sniper takes a shot and hits Victor somewhere on the elbow. Victor has problems driving, and takes a U-turn. The sniper takes another shot, but fails, and then the other man comes running and shooting. Victor shoots back, but they both miss. Victor drives away. The two men realize they've lost, and one of them calls 911 to report the "missing car".

We're at Jack's apartment. Kim's daughter Teri is watching cartoons while Jack is sleeping. Teri wakes up Jack and they have a nice conversation. Teri says she doesn't like the cartoon, and when Jack changes channel, he goes on to FOX News and finds the story they're telling fascinating. Teri says that's boring too, and Jack finds another channel.

Jack's cellphone rings, and we see Kim and her husband, Stephen, in the car. After having a conversation through the phone, they hang up, and Kim talks seriously with Stephen. Kim is worried about her father.

The serious conversation continues a little. Once it ends, we switch to the UN building. A reporter is standing outside the building talking to a camera. Inside the building, there's an on-going meeting between President Allison Taylor and Ethan Kanin, and President Omar Hassan and Farhad Hassan. The meeting seems to be about nuclear weapons inspection.

The meeting goes on, and Farhad Hassan seems to get really angry. President Omar Hassan calms him down and apologizes for Farhad's behavior.

President Omar Hassan is concerned for the consequences of the deal being approved. When the meeting ends, President Allison Taylor and Ethan Kanin walk outside and talk on their own. President Taylor wants Ethan to make sure the deal goes through succesfully, as she believes Omar Hasssan is a "once-in-a-lifetime" leader.

President Taylor walks away and Ethan remains looking at President Hassan and Farhad. We then switch to Jack's hotel. Jack and Teri walk out of the elevator. Teri is holding a bear in her hand, and Jack bends down to ask her what she has named him. She replyies "Bear" and they are interrupted by Kim and Stephen now entering the building. Teri runs to Kim and Kim picks her up and holds her. After a small chat, Kim hands Teri over to Stephen and Jack talks to Kim using a very serious note of voice. He says he wants to move back to Los Angeles with Kim and her family.

Kim is really happy, and they hug. Jack explains that he just has to pack, and then he uses a less serious note of voice to ask Teri if it's OK that he travels with them, and Teri runs happy towards Jack. He picks her up and they all walk out towards Kim's car. Jack puts Teri in the backseat while Kim and Stephen sit in the front. Jack says goodbye to everybody.

As Jack walks back into his hotel, Stephen drives away, revealing Victor's car in the background. Victor is sitting in the car groaning and in pain. He takes a newspaper filled with ice inside his jacket on the wound, and grabs a gun. He places the gun in his pants and exits the vehicle.

(Pause from 4:11PM to 4:17PM.)

At the UN building, Chief of Staff Rob Weiss walks into a conference room where there are lots of cameras and reporters. Weiss walks up to the small stage and talks into the mic. He introduces a few rules and tells what the reporters will hear; one statement from President Taylor and one statement from President Hassan. Then he walks away.

Journalist Meredith Reed is at the entrance. She shows her press card to the security, but her card seems to be invalid. She is shocked, but is not able to enter. She then steps to the side, pulls out her cellphone and calls someone. We then switch to President Hassan's suite. He is holding what looks like a report and is walking back and forth. Farhad enters and says he's talked to Ethan Kanin. They've come to an uncomfortable position where President Taylor agrees with them, but with one condition.

As their conversation continues, it turns out President Hassan has a much lighter way on the matter at hand, while Farhad seems a little disappointed of this. The phone rings and Omar answers. It's Meredith calling. She says she's "stuck" outside.

Meredith asks if he still has time for the "interview" they'd planned, and he says yes. After hanging up, Farhad says seeing Meredith can be dangerous for Omar, but he doesn't take the advice nicely. They start to argue.

Omar orders Farhad to reset Meredith's card, and Farhad exits the room. We then switch to Jack's apartment. He is packing his stuff when someone knocks on the door. He opens and is shocked that it's Victor. Jack pulls Victor inside and throws him down on a chair. Victor says he has information.

Jack says he doesn't work for the government before, but Victor tells the information anyway. He says there's a big hit on President Hassan going on during the meetings with President Taylor. Victor asks if Jack can call CTU for him, so that Victor can get a deal with them.

Jack takes a weapon and almost kills Victor with it. Jack says that Victor better not be joking with him, but Victor says it's a real thing. However, Victor won't say any more until the deal with CTU is made. Jack says "You're lucky I'm retired" and the lets Victor live. We then switch to CTU's headquarter in New York City. We see a car driving down the basement and stopping. Out of it comes agent Cole Ortiz. He walks through the headquarters while talking on his cellphone. Agent Dana Walsh sees him and walks with him. She asks if he can get a perimeter in place.

Cole stops Dana from walking away. He asks her for a favor and she accepts. We then see Chloe O'Brian sitting at a desk. She punches her hand down on the table angry that she can't get a simply thing done. Dana walks over to her and helps her. Dana is Chloe's boss and she seems to be really nice towards Chloe, who's less than enthusiastic that she can't figure out how to do stuff.

Chloe's phone rings and Jack is the caller. Victor is putting on bandages. Jack says he needs to talk to the CTU director; Brian Hastings. However, Chloe doesn't think that's a good idea, as Hastings doesn't like to be interrupted. Jack then tells about the big hit and Chloe runs up the stairs. Hastings is on the phone discussing some stuff with somebody. Chloe then enters and convinces Hastings into answering Jack's call.

Jack informs Hastings about the big hit on President Hassan, but Hastings isn't sure if he can really trust Jack's informant; Victor. Jack says he can trust Victor, but Hastings needs more than Jack's instinct. Jack then threatens to tell President Taylor that Hastings is ignoring possibly devastating information, causing Hastings to change his opinion on the case.

Hastings agrees to talk to Victor and Victor gives him some more information. Hastings then orders a pick-up for Jack and Victor. We then see another CTU agent, Arlo Glass, sitting at his desk looking at a picture of a beautiful woman. Cole catches him and tells him to do his work or he'll be fired.

Hastings walks down the stairs and orders Cole to go with a helicopter to pick up Jack and Victor. Hastings informs everyone on the possible hit on Hassan.

Hastings gives the rest new assignments and then walks away. We then see a New York street. A police car stops, and we also see Jack exiting his hotel through the backdoor with Victor. The policeman puts on his hat and reports in that he's found a car with a licence plate that belongs to a stolen vehicle. From an unknown location, a man (Davros) is sitting and listening to this message.

Davros has a conversation with his two henchmen, and then sends them out to kill Victor once and for all.

(Pause from 4:30PM to 4:36PM.)

We're at the UN building. Ethan Kanin walks into the meeting room, but only President Taylor is there. He informs her that President Hassan agreed to their proposal, and that it's an extraordinary accomplishment. President Taylor sits down in disbelief and then starts to talk about her former husband Henry and her daughter Olivia.

Rob Weiss enters the room. He informs them of the possible hit on President Hassan. He says they should inform President Hassan, but Ethan thinks that would cause Hassan to panic.

President Taylor is now stuck between a rock and a hard place as to whether they should inform President Hassan or not. Ethan and Rob walk out and continue their conversation outside in the hallway.

Rob sees Ethan taking a few pills, and apologizes for his rude behavior towards Ethan's opinion. We then see another New York street where Jack and Victor is walking. Jack is talking on the phone with Kim. She asks if everything is OK, and he says everything's fine. Jack then hangs up. We then see CTU, where Hastings is scrambling the helicopter to Jack's location. Chloe enters the room.

Hastings is angry that Chloe didn't come with her information earlier. Chloe blaims all the new equipment and reminds him that she's new. Afterwards, she gets angry at Hasting's impatience.

We see the roof of the CTU headquarter. A helicopter is ready to take off. Cole and Dana walk out of the elevator and waits for a man's approval before Cole can enter the helicopter. When the approval is given, Cole boards and Dana watches as the helicopter takes off.

We see an empty New York street. Victor is having problems walking, and Jack checks his pulse. Jack then gets some bandage and covers up more of Victor's wound. However, a parking perk misunderstands what Jack is doing and calls 911.

(Pause from 4:43PM to 4:50PM.)

In Kayla Hassan's suite, she is putting on makeup. Her daughter, Dalia Hassan, enters and says it's time to go.

Kayla and Dalia have a conversation, and then they leave. They walk into Omar's suite and share another, quite unpleasant conversation.

Farhad walks out of an elevator and into the room where Meredith Reed is trapped. He resets her press card and gives her access. Farhad warns her that if she destroys any deals while she's there, it will have consequences for her.

Inside the UN building, President Taylor is disrupted while reading something. Rob Weiss enters and informs her that President Hassan will be there in minutes. After some talking, Omar enters the room. Meanwhile, back on the New York street, Jack is struggling to keep Victor alive.

Two policeman suddenly pop up at the scene where Jack is trying to rescue Victor. They point guns at them and Jack explains that Victor is important for national security. Just as the policemen are about to arrest Jack and Victor, the two henchmen arrive. They start shooting wildly at Jack and the policemen. Jack tries to keep them away, but realizes he can't. He then shoots the lock off a door and they run inside.

Jack calls Chloe and requests the helicopter to land quicklier. CTU declares this is as a situation and Cole gives new landing coordinates to the pilot. The two henchmen follow Jack and Victor as they run up the stairs in a building.

As Jack and Victor continue to run up the stairs, Jack asks Victor to tell him everything he knows in case he doesn't survive. However, Victor won't say anything before the deal. Jack realizes he must get rid of the two henchmen. He takes a fire axe and plunges it into one of the henchmen's stomach. He then pushes the other henchmen over the railing.

Jack picks up a machine gun and continues to walk with Victor. They see the helicopter landing through a window, and Jack uses his weapon to crush open the window. He throws Victor out on the other roof and jumps himself. As the helicopter lands, Cole rushes towards Jack to help him carry Victor. However, Jack says he's done and walks away.

Just as Jack walks away, Davros is on another rooftop. Davros fires a missile towards the helicopter, and the chopper explodes. Jack and Cole survive, while Davros runs away. Everyone at CTU is shocked. Jack and Cole run towards Victor, who is at his last breaths.

Victor finally reveals that the enemies have someone on the inside, close to President Hassan. Right before he says the name, Victor dies and Jack checks his pulse. Victor's dead. At the UN building, Meredith Reed walks through a hallway talking on her cellphone. She stops next to a big television screen that shows President Hassan. Meredith says she's behind schedule, but that it will be done. She then hangs up the phone and walks away.