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24: Day 5: 2:00 A.M.-3:00 A.M.

Having been warned by Karen Hayes, Chloe manages to escape the Homeland Security team sent to capture her. Jack searches for the recording on the flight whilst Martha is having trouble coming to terms with her husband's involvement in the day's events. President Logan faces mounting pressure from Graham to find Jack, Mike suspects there's more to Martha's behaviour than she's letting on and Jack has the plane's captain to contend with.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x20
Production Number: 5AFF20
Airdate: Monday May 01st, 2006

Guest Stars
Andrew HawkesAndrew Hawkes
As Scott Evans
Jayne AtkinsonJayne Atkinson
As Karen Hayes
Jude CiccolellaJude Ciccolella
As Mike Novick
Paul McCranePaul McCrane
As Graem
Stephanie ErbStephanie Erb
As Sue
Stephen SpinellaStephen Spinella
As Miles Papazian
Kirk AcevedoKirk Acevedo
As George Avila
Kirk B.R. WollerKirk B.R. Woller
As Hans Meyer
Richard GillilandRichard Gilliland
As Captain Stan Cotter

Co-Guest Stars
Tracy HoweTracy Howe
As Agent Justin Adams
Main Cast
Kiefer SutherlandKiefer Sutherland
As Jack Bauer
Mary Lynn RajskubMary Lynn Rajskub
As Chloe O'Brian
James Morrison (1)James Morrison (1)
As Bill Buchanan
Jean SmartJean Smart
As Martha Logan
Gregory ItzinGregory Itzin
As Charles Logan
Episode Notes
Kim Raver and Roger Cross are not credited at the beginning and do not appear in this episode.

Richard Gilliland, who guest stars as Captain Stan Cotter, is the real life husband of Jean Smart (Martha Logan).

Episode Quotes
Ed: Please step aside, sir. We need to search the house.
Bill: No, I'm not stepping aside. Do you have a warrant?

Ross: (after being rejected by a woman at the bar) I was just asking, you don't have to go all feminist on me. (to barman) You see that? Twenty first century woman, we better get used to 'em.

Jack: (asking if he can sit next to the air marshal) The stewardess said I could change seats, I was next to the galley, it's kinda noisy, trying to get some rest.

Martha Logan: (to Agent Adams) I just called the President of the United States a son of a bitch, no reaction? He must have some kind of law in the books against that. Or am I immune? Just like he is.

Martha Logan: You don't have much of a personality, do you, Justin?

Martha Logan: This is more than just a tough time, Mike. None of this is gonna go away, I just have to live with it.

President Logan: I don't see where any of this becomes your business, Mike.
Mike Novick: I'll tell you where, Mr. President. I'm your Chief of Staff. If there's something going on that I don't know about that involves national security, it is my business!

Mike Novick: That you're both covering something up.
Martha Logan: You know, Mike, I'm the one around here that's supposed to be paranoid not you.

Ross: Wow, nice piece. Never seen one of these before, what is that?
Chloe: (after using a stun gun on him) It's a CTU Series 4.

Jack: I have a gun, your air marshal is down. Captain, it is your problem. You need to remain in a holding pattern, do you understand me?
Captain Stan Cotter: You do what you have to do, Mr. Bauer. My job is to land this airplane and that is what I am going to do.

President Logan: Bauer's lied to us all day. He's played us all for fools.

Jack: You're gonna land this plane or I'm gonna put a bullet in your head.

President Logan: What?!
Graham: It's the only option you've got. Otherwise... you go to prison... for treason and murder.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoel Surnow  |  Robert Cochran
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