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Day 5: 4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M. - Recap

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CTU have set up a conference with the Attorney General that is only minutes away. Karen asks Chloe to play the recording - there's nothing on there. Jack tells Chloe to double check everything but there is nothing on the memory chip - it's been erased. Jack asks Chloe who had access to the room while she was working - Miles did. Jack storms out and heads towards Miles. Karen tries to get a security guard to stop him only for Jack to punch him in the chest before crumpling on the floor. Jack grabs Miles by the throat and pushes him against the wall. Karen manages to persuade Jack to let go. It looks like Miles is packing up to go elsewhere - he's been transferred. "Transferred to where?" Karen asks. Jack knows exactly where: "The White House." Karen is disgusted with Miles and slaps him in the face. President Logan calls inquiring about the conference with the Attorney General and informs Karen that he's suspending Jack's arrest order. Jack knows his release will mean he's alone and unprotected - the perfect target. Word comes in that Bierko has escaped and the lone agent who survived the attack is sure he heard Bierko's men mention something about a nerve canister. CTU put Bierko's capture at the top of the priority list.

Bierko opens a garage door with a crate inside. His men open it to reveal a canister of nerve gas.

Martha considers taking her sleeping pills but tosses them on the floor. She has Aaron's cellphone and gives it to a Secret Service agent to give back to him.

Elsewhere, the President walks into a room where Aaron is tied to a chair with blood flowing from his nose. President Logan tries to dictate terms but Aaron is having none of it. This man is a traitor to him, unworthy of being President.

President Logan steps out with Agent Adams following. Adams has worked with Aaron for five years and insists he'll be a problem and needs to be taken care of. He goes back inside and President Logan calls Graham. Everything is under control and the plan for Jack will be set in motion to take him out. Mike appears to let the President know that Bierko has escaped along with the possibility there's still one more nerve gas canister out there.

CTU have little to work with. Nothing on satellite and no witnesses. Karen suggests using Henderson to find Bierko by offering him a deal. Jack isn't happy about this but it maybe the only way to go.

Henderson is willing to help on the condition that Jack covers his and Miriam's tracks when this is all over so that the President can't find them. Jack agrees but he wants nothing less than Bierko's head on a plate.

From a list of names Henderson gave, CTU manage to narrow it down to one person who may be helping Bierko. They want to send Curtis in to bring in Joseph Molina however Henderson has other ideas. It would take hours to get anything out of Molina. A quicker way would be to send Henderson in which does not meet with Jack's approval. Karen orders Jack to go in with Henderson to keep an eye on him.

Martha takes a walk around the grounds. Meanwhile, at the stables, Agent Adams leads Aaron at gunpoint to the open boot of a car. Aaron tries to reason with Adams but they argue and Aaron is knocked to the floor. Martha stumbles upon the commotion. Whilst Adams is distracted, Aaron knocks him against the wall and the gun falls to the floor. Adams punches Aaron and grabs a crowbar. As he raises it in the air to strike down, a gunshot goes off. Adams falls to the floor as Martha holds the gun having just shot him.

Henderson is sent in to Molina's house with Curtis' men covering all possible escape routes. Once inside, Henderson begins telling Molina about the men outside and to save what he can and wipe everything else. Jack orders Curtis to go in and a firefight ensues. Henderson tells Jack he blew it. All he needed was another 30 seconds and Molina's files would've been transferred onto a flash drive. Chloe is given access to Molina's files but it's going to take some time to decrypt.

Martha wipes the blood off Aaron's face. Aaron tells her to find Mike Novick, he needs to be told about everything and he can help get Aaron off the grounds.

Chloe finds plans for a Russian submarine that's docked at a nearby port. It's there as part of the treaty that was signed earlier in the day calling for the sharing of technologies between the US and Russia. Jack asks Henderson what kind of weapons the sub has. It has missiles that, although not nuclear, can each wipe out several city blocks. They both board a helicopter and head for the port.

Audrey puts the ranking US officer on the sub through to Jack. He tells him he needs to secure the vessel and lock down the weapons now as the sub has been targeted for a terrorist attack. The lieutenant alerts his officers and goes to check topside. Waiting for him is Bierko, who shoots him twice. Jack tells the helicopter pilot to hurry.

Bierko and his men put on gas masks and drop the nerve gas canister into the submarine. They seal it and the gas is released, killing everyone on board. The men go inside and find the weapons systems where they enter the code Molina gave them. It works and now Bierko has control of the missiles.