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Day 5: 5:00 A.M.-6:00 A.M. - Recap

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Bierko's goon flushes the nerve gas from the submarine's atmosphere so that they may breathe without the gasmasks on. Bierko starts the missile launch sequence and informs his men he's identified 12 high value targets - financial centres, transportation hubs and high population density areas. What they accomplish today will be remembered by their countrymen forever.

Audrey gets in contact with Admiral Kirkland and tells him about the Russian submarine takeover. She asks how long it would take for him to despatch F-18s to sink the submarine and he responds by saying he'll need confirmation first but it'll take 22-25 minutes for them to get there. According to the CTU simulation, Bierko will have the missiles in the air in less than 20 minutes. Admiral Kirkland scrambles the F-18s straight away and it seems this will be down to the team on the ground.

Jack has the sub in sight and informs CTU that it's been locked down. Audrey tells him the F-18s won't be able to get there on time. Jack decides his team will have to find a way onboard themselves but it looks unlikely they'll get very far if all entry points are guarded. Henderson spots a signal tube coming out of the water, it could mean there's friendlies onboard who could help Jack get inside. Chloe scans all emergency frequencies to see if there is anyone sending out a distress call. Henderson reiterates his deal with Jack, after this, he wants to disappear along with his wife with Jack's help. Chloe locates a distress signal from a survivor inside the sub and patches him through to Jack. Jack tells him he's going to have to let them in via the forward hatch but there's a guard there who will have to be killed.

Mike apprises the President about the submarine situation. Martha watches from outside and calls Aaron to tell him she still hasn't been able to speak to Mike and will call back when she does.

Jack and his team move closer to the submarine and Chloe patches the petty officer through to Jack. He's now in position near the guard. Jack tells him step by step how to slit the guard's throat. He's nervous and isn't sure if he can do this as he's only an engineer. Jack responds by telling him he has no other choice, lives are at stake here. The guard is killed despite a struggle and Jack is let into the sub. The petty officer makes his way to the other side of the control room and creates a diversion whilst Jack enters from his side. He crawls up to a control panel and gets Agent McCullough to signal him with the mirror when Bierko's goon is directly above him. Jack stabs him in the throat. Henderson takes a look at the missile controls, it's going to take him a while to reverse the launch sequences. Jack and the CTU agent leave to hold off Bierko and his men while Henderson does his job. McCullough is shot and Jack shoots back, killing one of Bierko's men. Only Bierko and one of his goons remains. There's a noise in the background which distracts Jack and Bierko's goon grabs him. As Bierko goes to shoot Jack, Jack spins around using the goon's gun to shoot Bierko in the shoulder. Jack struggles with Bierko's man and disables him by pushing his face into hot steam. Bierko hits Jack with a spanner and they fight. Henderson tells Jack he's shut down the missile launch sequence. Meanwhile, Jack has his legs locked around Bierko and breaks his neck.

With the launch sequence cancelled, Audrey is ordered to get the F-18s recalled. Jack makes his way back to the control room only to find Henderson has gone. He tells Chloe he's getting a lot of feedback and to take him off of com. Jack heads out to look for Henderson. Henderson appears from behind him holding the gun that Jack gave him earlier. He asks Jack that he wasn't really going to let him go, was he to which Jack responds with a no. Henderson pulls the trigger but nothing happens - the gun wasn't loaded. "Good for you, Jack," Henderson concedes. Jack tells Henderson he was responsible for the deaths of David Palmer, Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler - his friends. Jack shoots Henderson dead.

Jack has a private word with Chloe on the phone - he's not going back to CTU, he's going after Logan. He needs her to modify some communications equipment which she says isn't exactly her area. She's going to have to get some help.

The President is notified of the success of Jack's mission. He tells Mike he wants to make a speech about David Palmer so Mike leaves to get started on it right away. Martha catches Mike in the corridor and tells him she needs to come with him. She persuades him to follow after an initial reluctance.

President Logan is on the phone with Graham and tells him about Bierko and Henderson who are dead. However, there's still Jack to deal with but he'll be taken care of.

Martha leads Mike to Aaron who tells him everything. It all makes sense now as why the President was making strange decisions throughout the day. Mike is willing to get Aaron off the ranch, he knows one of the guards well who won't bother searching his car if he's driving. Aaron and Martha say their goodbyes.

Jack calls Mike as he's trying to locate Aaron who happens to be with Mike. He wants their help in bringing President Logan to justice. It'll take about 20 minutes for Jack to reach them but the President will be gone by then. Mike will have to find a way to delay him.

Chloe requests an authorisation code from Karen and Bill, she needs access to a high clearance workstation for new personnel - her ex-husband, Morris O'Brian. Chloe finds Morris chatting up one of the CTU workers and tells him to start work on modifying some com equipment.

Mike tells Martha that there is a way to bring the President to justice despite the recording being destroyed. Jack can get a confession out of him but she will have to stall him from his flight to allow Jack enough time to get there.

Jack meets up with Aaron who tells him about the President's flight on a helicopter. Jack needs to figure out a way to get on that chopper.

Martha asks her husband for forgiveness, she regrets the things she said to him earlier. After talking it over, Martha manages to persuade the President to stay a little longer.

Jack and Aaron enter a Secret Service outbuilding which has no-one inside. Mike calls and tells Jack the President won't be getting on the helicopter just yet. He asks Jack how far he's willing to go if Logan doesn't confess. Jack responds: "As far as I have to."