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24: Day 5: 6:00 A.M.-7:00 A.M.

Martha delays her husband from boarding the helicopter whilst Aaron and Mike work together to get Jack on board Marine One. Jack prepares to induce a confession from the President and record it for the Attorney General.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x24
Production Number: 5AFF24
Airdate: Monday May 22nd, 2006

Director: Jon Cassar
Writer: Robert Cochran

Guest Stars
Carlo RotaCarlo Rota
As Morris O'Brian
David FabrizioDavid Fabrizio
As Secret Service Agent
Glenn MorshowerGlenn Morshower
As Agent Aaron Pierce
Jayne AtkinsonJayne Atkinson
As Karen Hayes
Jude CiccolellaJude Ciccolella
As Mike Novick
Charles ChunCharles Chun
As Chinese Agent
Dan ZiskieDan Ziskie
As Attorney General
John Lacy (1)John Lacy (1)
As Federal Marshal

Tzi MaTzi Ma
As Cheng Zhi
Main Cast
Kiefer SutherlandKiefer Sutherland
As Jack Bauer
Mary Lynn RajskubMary Lynn Rajskub
As Chloe O'Brian
Kim RaverKim Raver
As Audrey Boudreau
James Morrison (1)James Morrison (1)
As Bill Buchanan
Jean SmartJean Smart
As Martha Logan
Gregory ItzinGregory Itzin
As Charles Logan


The President kisses his wife's neck and zips up her dress after sleeping with her. Martha looks on regretfully but she knows this was the only way to stall her husband from getting on the helicopter...

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Episode Notes
Roger Cross is not credited at the beginning and does not appear in this episode.

On the back of the photo of Edgar and Chloe, that Bill finds in Edgar's possessions and gives to Chloe, is some text (written backwards) and numbers:

PHONE (followed by a smudged word)


31 05 97 37 81 (the 24 fan phone)

Episode Quotes
Martha: This is your moment, Charles. I-I think that when you step out of that helicopter alone after saving the country, that's an image that history will never forget.
President Logan: Alright. Thank you, Marty.

Jack: (to helicopter pilot) Captain. I can fly this thing if I have to which leaves you with one of two choices - you either do what I say and you live or you don't and you die for nothing, do you understand me?

President Logan: (to Jack) Are you going to kill me? I suppose you want some sort of revenge, I understand that. Bad things happened, I didn't want them to happen. People who work for me, they-they went too far, they did things they thought I wanted them to do but they were wrong. You have to understand, I have always acted in the country's best interests but you're just trying to get even. Do you realise what effect this will have on the American people?! This day has been trying enough and now the President is being attacked. If you want to do what's right, you will turn this thing around and go back! Damn it, Bauer, say something!

President Logan: (as Jack empties the President's pockets) Jack, I'm the President of the United States, I'm not carrying any weapons.

Morris O'Brian: Jack Bauer, I should've known that.
Jack: Modified equipment?
Morris O'Brian: Yep. (spots the President) Ahhh, it's President Logan, Jack.
Jack: Get outta here!

Chloe: Listen, Jack, I don't mean to put any added pressure on you but if you don't have a confession by then, we'll all be arrested for treason.
Jack: Yeah, I know.

President Logan: A man will say anything under torture. This won't mean a thing!
Jack: Mr. Logan, I'm not gonna torture you. But you are going to tell me what I want to know. Or so help me God, I will kill you.

Jack: (to President Logan) A year and a half ago, I was warned that my life was in danger by someone within the government. I was told the only way I could stay alive was to create the illusion that I was dead. I was forced to deceive people that I loved. My only daughter will never forgive me. As I see the depth of your corruption unfold, I have no doubt that you are that source of danger. David Palmer was a great man and he was a great President. But he was also my friend. He tried to warn me about you and now he is dead. Other people tried to help me and they are dead, too. So, Mr. Logan, I hope you understand... I have absolutely nothing to lose. You are going to be held accountable for your part of everything that happened today. You are not gonna be able to hide behind the Presidency. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE GOING TO FACE JUSTICE! And make no mistake about this, this is personal and if you think for a second that I am scared to put a bullet in your brain, you don't know me.

President Logan: (to Martha Logan) You said that I was a good liar but I am nothing compared to you.

President Logan: Why did you help them?
Martha: Because you killed David Palmer!
President Logan: I told you, I-I-I didn't realise that was going to happen.
Martha: Your people killed him to protect you! You covered it up, that's just as bad!
President Logan: I covered it up because I had to!
Martha: Oh, and then others died to cover that up!
President Logan: That's right, for the good of the country.
Martha: You sold nerve gas to terrorists, you're insane! YOU'RE INSANE!
President Logan: I did it for the good of the country as I saw it at the time!

President Logan: (on David Palmer) A great President. A great American. And, on a more personal note, a wonderful friend.

President Logan: Agent Clark, arrest these men and get them the hell out of here!
Agent Clark: I'm sorry Mr. President, we have orders.
President Logan: You take your... You take your orders from me!
Agent Clark: Not anymore.

Audrey: (to Jack) I can't believe you're really... you're really here!

Jack: I'll be right back, I promise.
Audrey: Take as long as you need, I'm not going anywhere.
Jack: I love you.

Bill: In any event, we can expect Hal Gardner to be sworn in as President soon which means this'll probably the last time I'll see this place.
Karen Hayes: I don't think so. Not if I have anything to do with it, and I will. You'll be back here, running CTU.

Bill: Karen... I was thinking of getting some breakfast before going home...
Karen Hayes: I have to go over to Division for one last briefing. Bureaucracy. Rain check?
Bill: (smiling) Sure.

Cheng Zhi: You surely must be aware, Mr. Bauer, that China has a long memory. Only eighteen months ago, you invaded our territory and killed our Consul. Did you really think that we would forget? Hmm?

Jack: Kill me. Just... kill me.
Cheng Zhi: Kill you? You're far too valuable to kill, Mr. Bauer.

Episode Goofs
The reassignment protocol papers state: "***Pilot Change, Agent Sterling Carruth to be relieved by Agent Ronald Franklin" - Ronald Franklin is Jack's alias which means the relieved co-pilot's name should be Sterling Carruth. However, in the outbuilding, Aaron Pierce refers to him as 'John'.

Jack breaks into an abandoned printing press facility - one which already has its lights on inside.

Morris says he's out once he's done one last favour for Chloe (the hand-off to Jack) to which she agrees yet he's still hanging around at the end of the episode when Chloe is given the photo by Bill.

Cultural References
President Logan: (to Jack) You make me a martyr, I'll go down in history with Lincoln and Kennedy but you'll go down with John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald - is that what you want?

John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head on 14 April, 1865. Lincoln lay in a coma and died the next day.

Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy on 22 November, 1963.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoel Surnow  |  Robert Cochran
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