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Day 5: 6:00 A.M.-7:00 A.M. - Recap

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The President kisses his wife's neck and zips up her dress after sleeping with her. Martha looks on regretfully but she knows this was the only way to stall her husband from getting on the helicopter.

Jack finds a flight suit in a locker inside the Secret Service outbuilding. Chloe calls on his cellphone, she and Morris may have found a way to pull the co-pilot from the flight. Jack enquires about the reassignment protocol which Mike will handle.

Chloe turns to Morris, she needs him to do one more favour for her.

A Secret Service agent opens the helicopter door and tells the co-pilot he needs to take a call in the outbuilding immediately.

Mike hurriedly prints out the reassignment papers and scans them. Martha approaches him and tells him that she's delayed the President for as long as she can. She asks if he's heard anything from Jack Bauer yet and he informs her that he's sending the necessary documents now. Mike calls Aaron to tell him the reassignment protocol papers are on their way to the outbuilding and that they should hurry.

The co-pilot taps in the code on the keypad and enters the outbuilding. He picks up the phone expecting a response but there is none. Aaron calls out from the locker area and as they converse, Jack appears and wraps his arms around the co-pilot's neck, sending him into unconsciousness. Aaron hands Jack the documents that he needs and puts on a helmet before setting off for the helicopter. Inside, he tells the pilot that John was relieved and shows him the reassignment papers.

The President pulls up nearby and gets out, telling an aide that his speech needs to be more positive. Mike informs Martha that Jack is on the helicopter and that she needs to make her excuses to get off the flight. She tells the President that she's forgotten her medication and that she doesn't want to delay him. She tells him that this is his moment, when he steps off that helicopter alone after saving the country, it's an image that will live on in history. This is acceptable to the President as he grins at the thought of it. As Martha and Mike look on, the President boards the helicopter with two Secret Service agents and takes off.

Jack pulls out a gun and points it at the Captain, giving him a choice of doing what he says or dying for nothing. The pilot agrees to the instructions and Jack goes back towards the President. He uses a stun gun to shock the two agents into unconsciousness and tosses some handcuffs to the President, ordering him to put them on. Jack takes off his helmet, revealing who he is to the shocked President. He asks Chloe if Morris is ready with the equipment and she replies that he's on his way. She tells him to head towards a specific heading to an industrial park. President Logan tries to reason with Jack but he remains silent. "Damn it, Bauer! Say something!" he barks.

Chloe calls Morris in his car and tells him to meet Jack at the industrial park where the helicopter is about to land. She tells him to make sure Jack calls her when Morris does the hand-off.

The helicopter lands near an abandoned printing press facility and Jack marches the President inside. President Logan tries to bargain with Jack but he's having none of it. Jack empties the President's pockets and throws the contents onto a table. A door creaks open in the distance - it's Morris. He hands Jack a briefcase and the modified equipment before making his exit. Jack calls Chloe, he only has ten minutes to get a confession otherwise they'll all be arrested for treason.

Jack sets up the camera equipment and begins questioning the President about his involvement in the day's events but he denies it all. Jack insists President Logan will face justice for what's he's done and that he's not afraid to kill him. Jack points his gun at President Logan and counts to three... but he can't pull the trigger. The Secret Service arrive and surround Jack. As he's led away, the President takes his things and puts them back into his pockets.

A helicopter with President Logan inside lands at an airfield. Mike receives a call and tells Martha that Jack was unable to extract a confession from her husband. David Palmer's coffin is carried from a plane to a position near a makeshift stage. Martha breaks down and is led away to a hangar away from the reporters in attendance. President Logan steps inside the hangar and slaps his wife in the face - he knows she helped Jack Bauer get to him. He searches her for any bugs before they have a conversation about David Palmer's assassination. President Logan threatens his wife to keep quiet otherwise he'll have her pumped full of drugs she won't know who she is.

President Logan begins a speech about David Palmer and the day's events. Meanwhile, Chloe is on a conference call with the Attorney General. Bill and Karen Hayes step into the room and Chloe tries to explain what she's done. She begins playing a recording of the conversation between President Logan and his wife that took place in the hangar a few moments ago.

As President Logan talks about what a great man David Palmer was, a Federal Marshal receives a call from the Attorney General. He waits for the President to finish his speech before searching his pocket to find a micro-transmitter. President Logan stares at his wife in shock before ordering another Secret Service agent to arrest the Federal Marshal but he doesn't take orders from him anymore. As the President is led away, David Palmer's coffin is moved onto a plane and shots are fired into the air.

Jack's wounds are being treated when Audrey arrives. They kiss each other and an agent interrupts to say a Kim Bauer is on the phone for Jack, it's been put through to a landline just inside a nearby door. Jack promises Audrey he'll be right back and that he loves her. He steps inside and picks up the phone, "Hey, Kim?" A masked man suddenly covers Jack's mouth with a chloroform-soaked cloth as another man appears who Jack kicks away. A third man tries to punch Jack but he blocks before passing out and is carried away.

Bill asks Karen if she wants to join him for breakfast as they prepare to leave CTU. She declines due to a meeting at Division but they agree to do it another time. Bill then spots Chloe and hands her a photo he found in Edgar's possessions - it's of Edgar and Chloe during happier times. She gets upset and Morris asks if she wants to talk about it. She does and they both leave CTU.

Audrey enters the building Jack is in to look for him but all she finds is a phone receiver hanging off the hook. She immediately tells an agent that Jack Bauer is missing and he calls it in.

Elsewhere, Jack is dragged along the floor and has been visibly beaten. Two figures step out from the shadows - one is the agent who told Jack about the phonecall and the other is Cheng Zhi from the Chinese Embassy. Jack is reminded of the events from 18 months ago when the Chinese Consul was killed. Jack demands to make one phonecall but Cheng Zhi doesn't respond. Jack pleads them to kill him but he's far too valuable to kill. As a bloody Jack lies on the floor, his location is revealed, it's inside a ship headed for China...