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24: Day 6: 6:00 A.M.-7:00 A.M.

A series of bombs explode throughout the country and President Wayne Palmer must give in to a terrorist's demands if he is to halt the attacks.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 6x1
Production Number: 6AFF01
Airdate: Sunday January 14th, 2007
Special Airtime: 08:00 pm

Director: Jon Cassar
Writer: Howard Gordon

Guest Stars
Adoni MaropisAdoni Maropis
As Abu Fayed
Eric BruskotterEric Bruskotter
As Stan
Kal PennKal Penn
As Ahmed Amar
Megan GallagherMegan Gallagher
As Gillian Wallace
Michael AngaranoMichael Angarano
As Scott Wallace
Raphael SbargeRaphael Sbarge
As Ray Wallace
Roger R. CrossRoger R. Cross
As Curtis Manning
Steven SchubSteven Schub
As Henchman #1
Tzi MaTzi Ma
As Cheng Zhi

Co-Guest Stars
Marci MichelleMarci Michelle
As CTU Worker
Benito PajeBenito Paje
As Young East Asian Man
D.C. DouglasD.C. Douglas
As USOJ Blake Simon
Kahlil JosephKahlil Joseph
As Middle Eastern Man
Ruben PlaRuben Pla
As Yusuf Amar

Stephen MerchantStephen Merchant
As CTU Worker
Main Cast
Kiefer SutherlandKiefer Sutherland
As Jack Bauer
Mary Lynn RajskubMary Lynn Rajskub
As Chloe O'Brian
James Morrison (1)James Morrison (1)
As Bill Buchanan
Marisol NicholsMarisol Nichols
As Nadia Yassir
Eric BalfourEric Balfour
As Milo Pressman
Carlo RotaCarlo Rota
As Morris O'Brian
Jayne AtkinsonJayne Atkinson
As Karen Hayes
Peter MacNicolPeter MacNicol
As Tom Lennox
D.B. WoodsideD.B. Woodside
As Wayne Palmer
Episode Notes
This season takes place 20 months from the end of season 5.

Kiefer Sutherland's name does not appear as part of the cast credits at the beginning of this episode.

Former guest stars DB Woodside, Jayne Atkinson, Carlo Rota and Eric Balfour join the main cast as well as new additions Peter MacNicol and Marisol Nichols. Roger Cross is credited as a guest star again and is no longer part of the main cast.

Karen Hayes is now the President's National Security Advisor.

Wayne Palmer became President of the United States three months ago.

Bill Buchanan is now married to Karen Hayes.

Nadia Yassir has been at CTU for two months and is second-in-command to Bill.

This episode was leaked onto the internet a week before it was due to air along with three other episodes from the 24 season 6 premiere DVD due for release on January 16th.

Episode Quotes
Middle Eastern Man: (as the bus driver stares) Open the doors. Please, I have to get to work. I'll be late for work. Please open the door! Come on, man. Open the doors. (bus driver starts to pull away) Open the doo- I, I can't believe you! I can't believe you didn't open the door! I have as much right to be on the bus as you!

Tom: Our country is under siege! And you're the National Security Advisor, Karen. Frankly, I'm surprised by your resistance.
Karen: These places that you keep building - they're nothing more than concentration camps.
Tom: 'Detention facilities'. And the criteria for determining who should be detained are very reasonable.
Karen: Reasonable? This revised plan of yours justifies locking up every American who prays towards Mecca!
Tom: That's a ridiculous exaggeration and you know it.
Karen: Right now, the American-Muslim community is our greatest asset. They have provided law enforcement with hundreds of tips and not a single member of that community has been implicated in these attacks!
Tom: So far! Mr. President, the people are losing faith in our ability to protect them. We've got to do something about this now!
Karen: And locking up more Muslims will not make them safer.
Tom: No, Karen, but it will make them feel safer.
Karen: What about the cost of the civil unrest that your plan will create? There will be riots, demonstrations...
Tom: Security has its price!
President Palmer: So does freedom, Tom.

President Palmer: I mean, wasn't it just three months ago that I took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution?
Tom: And what about preserve and protecting and defending the American people?

Milo: I've told you twenty times - you don't send out a report without a certified header on.
Morris: Well, this makes twenty one, you should update your count.
Milo: Do you, and-and I'm just curious, ever open your mouth without sarcasm just spilling out of it?
Morris: Sorry, are we done here?
Milo: Look, I'm just telling you to be careful otherwise you will find yourself back selling ladies shoes in Beverly Hills.
Morris: You're really settling well in the whole middle management thing, aren't you?
Milo: What's your problem with me?
Morris: I liked you fine as an analyst, actually, you were very good. As a boss, bit of a bore.

Chloe: You promised me you're gonna get along with Milo.
Morris: I'm sorry, darling, that's a promise that I just can't keep.
Chloe: Morris. Morris. You know, I had the same problem with department heads when I first started and I learned how to fit in. There's no reason why you can't.
Morris: Except I don't happen to be a pretty lady.
Chloe: What are you talking about?
Morris: You're a hottie.
Chloe: No, I'm not.
Morris: Yes, you are, deal with it.

Chloe: What are you talking about? We don't even know where Assad is.
Nadia: We will, we have a lead.
Chloe: No, we don't. If we did, I would know about it.
Nadia: We found a way to get Assad's location.
Chloe: How?
Nadia: Jack Bauer.
Chloe: Jack's in a Chinese prison.
Nadia: Not anymore. The President negotiated his release two days ago.
Chloe: Jack's coming back?
Nadia: Yes.
Chloe: Well, why did the Chinese let him go? Why today? Does this have something to do with the attacks? How do we think Jack's gonna lead us to Assad?

Cheng Zhi: (to Bill) Please convey to your President that Mr. Bauer never broke his silence. He hasn't spoken a word in nearly two years. The President has paid a high price for Mr. Bauer's freedom. What he wants from him must be very important.

Bill: Four days ago, one of Assad's men contacted us. He said he'd give up Assad for $25million. But he's demanding something more than money. He wants you, Jack. He wants you dead.

Curtis: He's demanded our surveillance protocols which means we can't risk an extraction. Once he has you, you'll be on your own.
Bill: You understand what this means, Jack? We're asking you to sacrifice yourself so we can eliminate Assad.
(Jack tries to speak)
Bill: I can't hear you, Jack.
Jack: Audrey?
Bill: Audrey doesn't know you're back.
Jack: My daughter?
Bill: Kim doesn't know, either.
Jack: You keep it that way. I know what's being asked of me, Curtis, you don't need your firearm.

Nadia: I told you, Chloe, I can't talk about this.
Chloe: Nadia, you've only been here a couple of months so you don't know me very well. But if you did, you would know how much Jack Bauer means to me. You would also know that sooner or later, I will find out so why don't you just tell me, right now?!
Nadia: Chloe, I don't have the authorisation...
Chloe: Okay, why don't I just call Division and let them know about the time you left the Jarvis firewall unsecured? If it weren't for me, you would've been fired for that.

Nadia: (to Chloe) I'm sorry about your friend. But there's nothing you, I or anyone can do. Right now, this is our only way out of this crisis. If we want these attacks to stop, Jack Bauer has to be sacrificed.

President Palmer: I've been trying to think of what I could possibly say to you after all that you've sacrificed for this country, what you've done for me in the past and of course what you've done for my brother, David. This is a desperate measure, Jack, believe me, I know but it's also a measure of our desperation. People are afraid to come outside, they're afraid to leave their homes, Jack, I mean, they're actually starting to turn against each other out there.
Jack: Bill Buchanan explained the situation, Sir. I know what's happening. I understand what's expected of me.
President Palmer: You have my word. My word, Jack, your sacrifice will not be in vain.
Jack: Thank you.
President Palmer: God bless you, Jack.
Jack: Goodbye, Mr. President.

President Palmer: I'm starting to wonder if I'm the right person to lead this country.
Tom: It's an irrelevant question, Sir.
President Palmer: Excuse me?
Tom: You will lead this country whether you want to or not. You are the President.
President Palmer: Well, this President can't shake the feeling that sacrificing Jack Bauer is a mistake. That maybe I should just call this whole thing off before it's too late.
Tom: No, Sir. You have not made a mistake. And, for what it's worth, your brother would be doing just the same thing.

Tom: They need a wider net with tighter mesh.
Karen: And what happens when innocent people get caught in that net?!
Tom: Well, like I told you before, security has its price. Just get used to it, Karen.

Bill: I don't know what to say, Jack.
Jack: Do you understand the difference between dying for something and dying for nothing? The only reason I fought so hard to stay alive in China was because I didn't want to die for nothing. Today... I can die for something. My way, my choice. To be honest with you, it would be a relief.
Bill: I'm sorry, Jack.
Jack: Don't be.

Karen: If we don't take out Assad then...
Bill: I don't need a lecture, Karen. I know what the stakes are.
Karen: I don't think you do. If these attacks don't stop, there are people in this administration who are willing to tear up the Constitution in the name of national security. The things that they're talking about doing - this country will never recover.

Abu Fayed: (to Jack) I won't let you die until I'm ready. The Chinese didn't leave much for me to work with. But before you die, you're going to feel what my brother felt. I saw his body, I know how he died. I know what you did to him.

Abu Fayed: (on Jack) He will die for nothing.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoel Surnow  |  Robert Cochran
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