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24: Day 6: 10:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.

Fayed searches for someone to make triggers for four more bombs. Back at CTU, Assad mentions a lead that traces back to Jack's family. In the Anacostia detention facility, Walid is instructed by the FBI to infiltrate a group of suspicious men.

Episode Info

Episode number: 6x5
Production Number: 6AFF05
Airdate: Monday January 22nd, 2007

  • Currently 9.6/10
9.6/10 (5 Votes cast)
Guest Stars
Adoni Maropis
As Abu Fayed
Adrian Neil
As Liddy
Alexander Siddig
As Hamri Al-Assad
Andrea Grano
As Ellen Price
David Hunt (1)
As Darren McCarthy
Evan Ellingson
As Josh Bauer
Haaz Sleiman
As Heydar
Harry J. Lennix
As Walid Al-Rezani
Jamison Jones
As David Nirman
Matt Battaglia
As Agent Jennings
Missy Crider
As Rita
Nasser Faris
As Salim
Paul McCrane
As Graem
Rena Sofer
As Marilyn Bauer
Ryan Cutrona
As Admiral John Smith
Scott William Winters
As Agent Samuels
Main Cast
Kiefer Sutherland
As Jack Bauer
Mary Lynn Rajskub
As Chloe O'Brian
James Morrison (1)
As Bill Buchanan
Regina King
As Sandra Palmer
Marisol Nichols
As Nadia Yassir
Eric Balfour
As Milo Pressman
Carlo Rota
As Morris O'Brian
Jayne Atkinson
As Karen Hayes
Peter MacNicol
As Tom Lennox
D.B. Woodside
As Wayne Palmer
Episode Notes
Chloe confirms that Curtis is dead.

Jack hasn't spoken with his father for over 9 years.

The first twelve minutes of this episode was leaked onto the internet at the beginning of January.

Episode Quotes
Morris: It's a lot to process.
Chloe: So many people.
Morris: Yeah.
Chloe: And Curtis, I can't believe this.
Morris: I know you and him were friends.
Chloe: Why do people I know keep dying?

Chloe: We've got massive packet loss, do you want to help me put up routers?
Morris: Who wouldn't?

Abu Fayed: The authorities discovered our location. The bomb never reached its target.
Darren McCarthy: Damn it, Fayed! I sold those weapons to you, the least you could've done was warn me before you blew them up in my city!
Abu Fayed: I told you, it was not supposed to happen the way it happened.
Darren McCarthy: A little late for apologies, don't you think?!

Jack: Do we know if this was Fayed's endgame?
Bill: It wasn't. There are four more nukes out there.
Jack: You need to pick me up.
Bill: You said you were out.
Jack: Not after this.

Admiral John Smith: These people want to live in the Stone Age, I say let's put them there.
President Palmer: Admiral, I am very sure that your emotions are shared by many in this room and across this country...
Admiral John Smith: It's not just emotions, our duty demands we...
Tom: The President is talking, Admiral, do not interrupt!
President Palmer: We will retaliate, Admiral. But, we will do so, Sir, carefully and with our sights locked on our enemy and only our enemy.

Agent Samuels: Don't worry, he's not going to hurt him, it's just for show.
Sandra: That doesn't sound like it's just for show.
Agent Samuels: Miss Palmer, I advised you to leave. If you wanna stay, keep your comments to yourself.

Liddy: You'll never guess who just called here.
Graem: Who?
Liddy: Your brother, Jack.
Graem: Talking about, Jack's rotting away in some Chinese prison.
Liddy: No, actually, he's here in LA.
Graem: How the hell did that happen?
Liddy: I don't know.
Graem: What's he want?
Liddy: He's looking for the old man.
Graem: You know why?
Liddy: He didn't say but if I were you, I'd expect a call from Jack. Your name came up.
Graem: Damn it, we should've killed Jack when we had the chance instead of handing him over to the Chinese.
Liddy: We tried.
Graem: This isn't good. My brother has a way of digging things up that need to stay buried.

Karen: Tom, you are counseling that we embrace the politics of fear.
Tom: I am saying that we embrace reality. We are afraid but if fear consolidates public support for measures that save our nation from extinction then you bet I'm in support for fear.
President Palmer: Tom, people cannot be any more afraid than they are now. I would like this message to have a calming effect. Yes, we will call this a nuclear bomb because that is what it is but if we expect civil war to run those streets, we cannot stoke the panic. We're not gonna mention policy in this speech. The American public just needs to know that every single member of this administration is working with the single purpose of restoring order and making our streets safe again.

Agent Samuels: You know, it's probably not the best thing that you're here.
Sandra: I've told you before, Walid is my client.
Agent Samuels: I know what you told me and frankly, that carries no weight with the FBI. Now, let's be honest, the only reason you're here is you're the President's sister.
Sandra: And, you remember that and we'll be fine.
Agent Samuels: You don't have any trouble bending the rules when it's to your advantage, do you?

Jack: (to Graem) Try and raise your voice, I will rip your tongue out, are we clear?

Tom: Are you alright, Sir?
President Palmer: Tom, I can't let the American public see how scared I am.
Tom: No, you cannot. But, then, we just got hit by a nuclear bomb. Bravado would be no more appropriate than fear.
President Palmer: Thank you, Tom.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoel Surnow  |  Robert Cochran
Warning: 24 season 6 episode 5 guide may contain spoilers
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