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24: Day 6: 6:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M.

As Jack Bauer continues to pursue an unexpected lead, two unlikely foes come face-to-face in attempt to defuse an escalating international situation. CTU newcomer Mike Doyle makes an impact when he joins in the hunt for new leads. Meanwhile, the Administration and CTU prepare to take new measures that could change the world forever.

Source: FOX

Episode Info  

Episode number: 6x13
Production Number: 6AFF13
Airdate: Monday March 12th, 2007

Special Guest Stars
Gregory ItzinGregory Itzin
As Charles Logan
Powers BoothePowers Boothe
As Vice President Noah Daniels
Jean SmartJean Smart
As Martha Logan

Guest Stars
Adoni MaropisAdoni Maropis
As Abu Fayed
Ajay MehtaAjay Mehta
As Ambassador
Boris Lee KrutonogBoris Lee Krutonog
As Russian Bodyguard
Glenn MorshowerGlenn Morshower
As Aaron Pierce
John NobleJohn Noble
As Anatoly Markov
Kari MatchettKari Matchett
As Lisa Miller
Kathleen GatiKathleen Gati
As Anya Suvarov
Nick JamesonNick Jameson
As President Yuri Suvarov
Rade SerbedzijaRade Serbedzija
As Dmitri Gredenko
Rick SchroderRick Schroder
As Mike Doyle
Main Cast
Kiefer SutherlandKiefer Sutherland
As Jack Bauer
Mary Lynn RajskubMary Lynn Rajskub
As Chloe O'Brian
James Morrison (1)James Morrison (1)
As Bill Buchanan
Marisol NicholsMarisol Nichols
As Nadia Yassir
Eric BalfourEric Balfour
As Milo Pressman
Carlo RotaCarlo Rota
As Morris O'Brian
Peter MacNicolPeter MacNicol
As Tom Lennox
Episode Notes
A warning is given at the start of the episode: "Viewer discretion is advised."

DB Woodside, Jayne Atkinson and Regina King are not credited and do not appear in this episode.

This episode marks the return of Jean Smart as Martha Logan.

After the end of last season, Martha Logan was institutionalised.

Martha Logan and Aaron Pierce are now a couple.

Martha hasn't taken Charles' phone calls in almost two years.

Episode Quotes
Charles Logan: Does he know I'm all alone here in a holding cell?
Chloe: This isn't really a cell and you're hardly alone. This is standard procedure for someone who's under house arrest.
Charles Logan: Excuse me?
Chloe: Sorry, I'm feeling ambivalent. I'm gonna go.

Milo: So, we're prepared to provoke an international incident just to liberate one of our own operatives?
Mike Doyle: No, liberating Jack is a secondary goal. Our primary objective is to abduct Anatoly Markov, the consul. Now, according to Jack, Markov knows how to find Gredenko who controls the remaining three suitcase nukes.
Milo: 'Scuse me but is nobody worried that this could be considered an act of war against the Russians?

Milo: Doyle, normally we're on general attack assessment first...
Mike Doyle: I don't care what you normally do, Pressman. And I wasn't speaking to you, I was talking with her.
Milo: Yeah, it's so weird 'cause I had this thought that you might come here and not be a jerk like you were in Denver but... you are.
Mike Doyle: That's right. Just like Denver.

Nadia: (on Doyle) I take it you know him?
Milo: Yeah. I don't like him very much.
Nadia: Does he know what he's doing?
Milo: Yeah, he's good.

Mike Doyle: Do I have your attention? 'Cause I only wanna do this once. I have twenty five soldiers that are about to put their asses on the line. Whether they live or die largely depends on what gets done here. That's not to mention the larger threat of three nuclear weapons that may be down the street for all we know. So, if anyone has a problem taking orders from me without giving me lip, tell me now and I will have you reassigned.

Milo: Doyle, you keep your hands off of my people, is that clear?
Mike Doyle: They need to understand what I expect from them.
Milo: I know what you expect, that's all that matters.

Milo: You alright?
Morris: My shirt's a blend, it doesn't wrinkle.
Milo: You know what I mean.
Morris: Yes. I am alright.
Milo: Thought I was a pain in the ass, huh?

Tom: Sir, I would like to know what you hope to achieve in your talk with the Ambassador.
Vice President Noah Daniels: I want him to know that I hold his country responsible for all of it... the nuke and the Presidential assassination attempt. They need to be motivated to bring down these terrorists and I want them to know that America is mad as hell and ready to retaliate with a nuclear option if they don't.

Bill: Former President Logan believes he can convince his ex-wife to put a call in to Anya Suvarov. He thinks the Russian first lady can get through to her husband.
Vice President Noah Daniels: That's about as likely as the terrorists knocking on my door and surrendering.

Aaron Pierce: I don't understand how Martha can possible be of any help.
Charles Logan: What you understand really doesn't matter.
Aaron Pierce: I no longer have to tolerate your sarcasm!
Charles Logan: Please, this was not sarcasm. Something needs to be done and-and I think Martha might be able to help.
Aaron Pierce: I don't know what to tell you Mr. Logan but Martha simply doesn't wanna speak with you. She hasn't taken your calls in almost two years, I don't know why you think she would now.

Charles Logan: It's a very delicate matter, there's an international incident brewing and I think that you might be able to help diffuse it.
Martha Logan: Let me get this straight. The government is desperate so they come to you to fix the world and, uh... and you come to me. I can't be dragged into another drama with you, Charles, I won't...

Charles Logan: Martha.
Martha Logan: So this is the new improved Charles Logan. Reborn.

Charles Logan: Martha, this is very complicated, please don't make me explain everything in details, we...
Martha Logan: Oh, oh, oh, I'm sorry, just do as you say without asking, I'm sorry. You haven't changed a bit.
Charles Logan: Look, look at this, look at this. I'm still under arrest. After this is over, I go back to prison. I'm just trying to help.
Martha Logan: Prison? Oh, is that what you call a 10,000 square foot house with a swimming pool and tennis court?

Vice President Noah Daniels: Abu Fayed, a citizen of your country, enters the United States and detonates a nuclear bomb killing thousands. Next, Assad attempts to assassinate the President.
Ambassador: We cannot be held responsible. You know fully well that we have cooperated with you since the inception of this crisis. These threats against us are reckless and counter-productive. I had an understanding with your President.
Vice President Noah Daniels: And now, you're gonna have one with me! You help us find those nukes before another goes off or I'm gonna unleash the full power of our military on your country.

Charles Logan: Martha, I'm sorry. The last thing I wanted to do was upset you.
Martha Logan: Funny, you always managed to get to that last thing.

Charles Logan: Martha, if it makes you feel better to insult me, please, feel free. I didn't come here to fight with you.
Martha Logan: It does make me feel better. I can say exactly what I want finally without having to worry about incurring your wrath. The great Charles Logan, the President of the Universe, the great leader, the murderer!

Martha Logan: Now you're trying to irritate me, aren't you?
Charles Logan: No, Martha, no. I'm not.
Martha Logan: Oh, cut the crap! The sincerity of the new enlightened soul. At least you used to be an honest crook!

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoel Surnow  |  Robert Cochran
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