And How They Met - Recap

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We meet Caroline and Max, two waitresses, that come from different social worlds. Caroline was rich and has been cut off, while Max has always been broke.

Max decides that it is time to tell a customer how rude it is when someone snaps in their face to actually get their attention. The next day, Max finds out that the other waitress had been fired. She wants the extra money and can handle doing all of the waiting work, but he has already hired someone else. They work together and Caroline realizes that she really doesn't have a clue how to waitress.

Caroline father is in jail and she has lost her trust fund. Throughout a rough night at work, Max continues to train her. The night ends and they decide that they are going to split their tips and while they do this Caroline decides that they should sell cupcakes for an extra overhead and keep that part of it. Max doesn't feel comfortable with that, but Caroline has already done that.

They leave work and Caroline tells Max that she is going to be staying with her friend in the city. Max finds her sleeping in the subway and Max gets tazed. Max talks to Caroline and ends up bringing her home to her place and then goes to her nanny job. She talks to her boss at the nanny job and she tells her about the "Channing Situation". They were victims, but lost nothing. She is told how Caroline was affected due to it.

Caroline is at Max's washing her work uniform. Max's boyfriend comes in and his name is Robby. The sink overflows and he takes his shirt off to get the water up, but he gets too close and Caroline ends up having to tell him to back off. Caroline and Max work together at the diner and Caroline tries to avoid Max. She ends up telling her that she really deserves better than that guy. Max instantly gets angry and leaves to go talk to Robby about it. When she gets there, there is another girl in their bed. She loses her cool completely and ends up flipping on him for not only cheating on her, but trying to do so with Caroline earlier.

Max goes back to the diner and talks to Caroline. She apologizes to her and also thanks her for letting her know about him. Oleg hits on her and then they get ready to leave. Max tells Caroline that she could crash at her place if she needs a place. Caroline confides in her that she really just wants her horse back. She wants to start a bakery with Max. She thinks that they both should get two jobs and save up to do that, then she will be able to someday have everything she feels she needs.