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And the Rich People Problems - Recap

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“Evening Hot Chocolate!” Max exclaims to Earl, as she walks in the front door of the diner. Earl looks up and asks Max “What is the worst sentence you could ever hear come out of Han’s mouth?” Max replies with “I got you pregnant.” Earl chuckles and tells her Han is having karaoke installed. Max looks over, lets out a low gurgling scream and runs towards Han. She attempts to talk some sense into him. He believes theme nights will bring in customers. Han now, microphone in hand; Is talking to the customers at the diner. He asks them, in a heavy oriental accent “Who wants to sing Katie Perry’s: Teenage Dream?” Caroline invisible in the background rushes from the front door towards the kitchen. Almost as if she doesn’t want to be seen. Earl turns to Max, who is back at the register. He tells her, he had heard that songs too many times, it made him want to “close his nuts in the cashiers drawer.” Max rushes to the woman at the table that Han had just pointed out to sing. She pleaded with her, begging her not to sing the song. She could not take karaoke. Her brain would EXPLODE! In exchange for “sitting this one out. the woman’s cobbler was free.

Max looking for Caroline asks Oleg if he had seen her. She was in the back having dental problem. She hadn’t worn her bite plate and her teeth were migrating. She was in pain and grinding her teeth. She needed a bite guard. Back at the apartment, Max and Chestnut were wondering where Caroline was. As she walks in the door Max begins to tell her that she and Chestnut were worried and thinking about what kind of new human they were going to go and get from the shelter. Caroline proceeds to tell Max about her day of teeth grinding and being in pain. Then Caroline went to the drug store to get a cheap bite plate. But it didn’t fit her “freaky Tim Burton” mouth. So, she tried to return it but Ronda. The person at the drug store; “Whose nametag said happy to help. Was neither happy nor helpful.” “Said; I couldn’t return it because it had already touched my teef.” Caroline, who is now sitting at her and Max’s kitchen counter. Looks down and sees a newspaper with her father’s picture on it. She gets angry at the article. It claims that her father is staying silent. She tries to calm down by eating the sushi she had brought home with her. Max had never tried it before. Caroline couldn’t understand how and Max told her it was because she was poor. Max tried a piece. While Caroline reminisced of a sushi restaurant that she and her father had often gone to.

Caroline told Max that every time she and her father went to this restaurant. She would say a joke in Japanese. She and her father would laugh and laugh. Then she told Max the joke…In Japanese, Caroline begins laughing hysterically. While Max had no idea what she had said. Caroline hands her a utensil to eat some sushi. Caroline tells Max she had gotten the sushi from a corner deli, she told her the woman at the counter was Japanese and she had said; “it was good.” They both took one bite and quickly spit it out.

Max and Caroline walk into a dentist’s office in the subway. The first thing they notice is the bullet lodged in the glass in front of the male receptionist. Max would like to leave and Caroline tells Max that they don’t have money to go to a real dentist, and her teeth are slowly migrating. So she has a dental emergency that needs to get fixed immediately. A wailing moan cry’s out from beside the girls and a grizzled man has a bloody rag hanging out of his mouth. The receptionist leans over and yells at the man, telling him they will get to him when they have a chance. The man just moans in pain again and sits in his chair. Along the wall in the waiting room. Caroline knocks at the receptionist window and explains her problem. She tells him she needs a bite plate and uses the medical term for the problem she is having. “Advanced Bruxism.” The receptionist replies, “Ahhh, I have Hep C. We all have our, things. What do you need?”

Max cuts in “We need to be leaving” Caroline smiles and tells the receptionist she “just needs a bite guard.” He replies, as if he semi-understands. “Oh, I can do that. That’s where I squirt the foam, right into your mouth and make a mold. Come on in the back.” Max grasps Caroline’s arm for dear life and pleads with her to leave. Telling her she would not only “need a bite guard, but a rape guard too.” The receptionist asks if Caroline would like “the gas?” Caroline asks if that’s necessary. The receptionist creepily tells her, “Ohh, you want the gas.” The grizzled man, wails again. Max pulls Caroline and they head right for the exit.

Back at the diner. Han is still holding his microphone and standing in the middle of the dining area. He announces to the diners, in the same heavy, oriental accent. That he will be doing. “One last song before they closed. The Spice Girls: Tell me what you want what you really, really want.” Max walks up behind him and pulls the chord. In the back Oleg is propositioning Caroline, he tells her he would give her the money for the fancy dentist. She would have to give him sexual favors in return. It somehow reminds her that her penthouse apartment’s skylight was never security wired. She had bribed the installers to not wire it. She wanted to be able to come and go from her room as she pleased.

In Caroline’s penthouse. Caroline is boasts to Max “see, I told you I could get the skylight open.” They continue to walk a flash-lit path towards Caroline’s light switch. Once the lights are on Max’s eyes widen. She can’t believe how awesome Caroline’s place was. Then Caroline told her that they were only standing in her closet. Max screams at the top of her lungs in surprise. Max has never seen anything like it. It looks like a museum to her, she never knew how rich Caroline was. Caroline shows Max a little bit of her closet and some of her stuff. She takes her bite-plate and puts it in her mouth. Max discovers Caroline’s bathroom and after about an hour they have to leave. They don’t want to take any more of a risk of getting caught. After a quick dance Caroline takes some of her stuff, to take back to the apartment. As they were leaving the girls have a brilliant idea to take as much of Caroline’s expensive possessions as they can hold. They can sell the stuff and make lots of money for their cupcake stand. Anything with a price tag, they may be able to resell. Max goes right into a closet inside of the bigger closet. A beeping alarm starts going off. Caroline exclaims “Not the furs!” the furs were wired and the girls had to grab as much as they could. As fast as they could and leave.

The Subway doors open and Max and Caroline, fat with furs and shoes and purses draped around them enter the train car. They sit down and begin to look at the stuff they had run off with. While going through one of the purses they find $200 and decide to go and get sushi. Max and Caroline have a wonderful time, Caroline even tells the server her joke in Japanese and they all laugh. Max laughing only because it makes her feel rich. During their meal, Caroline’s dad calls and wants to talk to Max. Max not knowing what to say, hesitatingly takes the phone. Her dad tells Max to remind Caroline to wear her bite guard. The check arrives, but the $200 doesn’t cover their bill. The girls scramble and begin to check their purses.

At the diner Max is again standing with Earl at the cash register. Han is again about to sing a song. He begins by telling the people in the diner, what a cougar is. Earl asks Max what could be worse than karaoke…He then tells her its open mic night. Before she can stop Han, Caroline walks over to her with bad news. The break in caused her Penthouse to heighten security and the furs were inventoried. So they can’t be sold. Max is only worried about never seeing Caroline’s bath tub again. Max jokingly tells Caroline that she should have known that “they always inventory the furs, bitch!” Both girls start to laugh and they are left with $543.25 in their cupcake stand fund.