And the Disappearing Bed - Recap

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Max walks over to Earl, and hands him a receipt and a credit card. She makes fun of her customers. Joking about their need to use a credit card on such a small order asks Earl what they would need their 8 airline points for. To go to New Jersey? After a laugh, Caroline walks over to Earl and Max. “I can take a lot…” she begins while waving the receipt around. The customer had left her a very small tip on a fairly large order; she was pissed. It made her feel as if she was a failure at life and as a waitress. “I was able to handle losing my money, and I was able to handle losing my money.” She had said it twice “cause it bared repeating.” Max snatched the receipt out of Caroline’s hand and said “I’ll take care of this” and the girls dash out of the diner. Out on the street, in front of the diner the couple stand embracing each other. Max calls to them, asking them if Caroline had done anything wrong and if there was anything wrong with their service. He nasally replies; “No…Tipping’s an option.” The woman, Max and Caroline all look at the man ignorantly. “So is spitting in your food…You may want to remember that the next time you leave a waitress pennies.” The woman apologetically tells the girls that; “This was their first; and last date.” Then she walks away. Finally Max makes fun of the man for not getting any action.

Back at their apartment Max walks in to a waiting Caroline. She asks Max to sit down. It takes a “Bear Claw” from Starbucks to get Max to sit and listen to what Caroline has to say. Once seated Caroline begins. She reaches behind the couch and pulls out a poster she had made called a “Vision Board.” Her ridiculous tip had made her overlook her life; she was determined to make a change. One step at a time. Her vision board had pictures and inspirational words pertaining to what she wanted out of her life. For instance their cupcake business and a beautiful new bed. To start Caroline ordered a “Murphy Bed” to fold up into the wall. She no longer wanted to sleep on the couch. Max wants to know who is going to build it? Max couldn’t help because she had to help Peach, the woman she was babysitting for; with her children’s birthday party. She had been running Max ragged for a week. Caroline asks Max if she had asked Peach if she could buy cupcakes for the boys party. Max assumed Peach wouldn’t even listen to her. She didn’t see hers’ as a real business; so she didn’t even ask. Caroline wants to motivate Max…She tries. Max tells Caroline she has to have “Jesus, or Je’sus” do it for her. All of the sudden there is a knock at the door. Max asks “Who is it?” The man on the other side of the door answers. “Jesus.” Here with the Murphy bed.

Back at the diner Caroline shows Max her newly tailored uniform. She also gives Max business cards she had printed out for their cupcake business. Max, proud to be named the head baker on the card. At Peaches house Max walks in on the babies having a spa day. Cherry instructing the Masseuses. Telling them how to rub her babies to relieve all of their stress. Max walks up to Peach very nervous. She begins to ramble on making no sense at all. She was trying to tell Peach about her business but she couldn’t get the words out. During her ramble Peach interrupts; “I’m dumb to whatever this is” and she waves her hands around Max. She tells Max to make sure the babies make their spray tan appointment. Peach then leaves. At the diner again Max is sitting across the counter from Johnny. He has a doodled napkin in front of him. Max pokes fun at it and keeps it. Johnny amused by her pretends to interview her. He takes a celery stalk and holds it up to his mouth as if it were a microphone. He asks her a question and places the stalk in front of Max’s mouth. Max alluringly bites the celery and after an awkward moment of silence Johnny gets up and leaves. Max confused herself and was unsure of what kind of situation she had just caused. Caroline then asks Max if she had given Peach her card. Max tells Caroline that she could not get up the courage. Her words just would not work. Caroline tells Max about Earls cd’s. He hadn’t sold any. She asks Earl if she may. He agrees. She walks over to a table of men and talks all four of them into buying his CD. They agree that she is a very good salesman.

Peach calls Max over to comment on their spray tans. Peach then tells Max that the person she wanted to do her boys party deserts had been booked by someone else. Max seizes the opportunity and throws her card at Peach tells her she has a business and runs away. She runs into her apartment and Caroline tells her that she had called Johnny to ask him to help build her murphy bed. Max begins to freak out. She had an odd moment over that celery and she has a million of his drawn-on napkins hanging everywhere in their apartment. She would seem crazy and look like she’s obsessed with him. Caroline invites him up despite Max’s issues. They then begin to take the napkins down as fast as they can. He knocks and Max answers the door as cool as a cucumber. She then steals him away so he can’t help Caroline build her bed. She wanted to teach her a lesson and make her do it herself. She stole Johnny away to have a few beers with him out back. They have a dumb/awkward cowboy conversation. Max begins to feel more comfortable with him she wants to ask him what he thought of the “Celery situation” instead her words again came out jumbled. She quickly changes the subject telling him that it was time to get on the horse. He is uncomfortable on the horse; he begins to joke about his “balls.” She finally asks him if he was thinking about the celery. He said no, but that he started when she asked. He told her it was intense. At that same moment Max begins to lose her balance, Johnny helps her and places his hand on her breast. They both think it’s very weird and Johnny goes home. Max feels dejected and she goes home. Sad and “on guard” she doesn’t want to open herself up to anybody. She then goes to bed but she is woken up by Caroline trying to build her bed with a shoe or something similar. Max walks out and Caroline begins to cry and asks Max for help. Max breaks down, demands a bear claw and the girls build the bed. When they are done Max walks over to their counter and places a picture of their dream bakery up on the pillar to her side; along with napkins. Caroline notices and is proud of Max for putting the picture up on her “vision beam.” Just then Caroline’s phone rings. It’s Peach calling about information on their cupcake business. She mentions that she has no idea where she even got the card but she was interested. Caroline tells her they are a startup company and Peach tells her that she wants “A real business.” Peach then hangs up and Caroline gets very excited. Somebody called. That proved to her that her business cards had worked. She then throws the business card on her murphy bed. It lands causing the bed to spring up into the wall! Caroline turns to Max and mentions adjusting the springs on the bed. Max replies telling her that she liked them that way and they both laugh. The girls end the day with $423.25 saved up, towards their dream.