And the Pretty Problem - Recap

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“Well hello Ladies,” Max exclaims to her table of four older women. She begins with a joke about their night on the town and having fun. When she is interrupted by one of them. A woman with a green “granny sweater” points down at the table and yells at max about how sticky it was. The woman across from her follows “would it hurt ya, to clean a little? What kind of place is this?” Her companion adjacent to her; leans over and says “The kind of place that serves the soup…Cold!” The fourth and final woman looks at Max and asks her “what is up, with your earings? Are she some kind of Gypsy?” Max has had enough. She raises her hand to stop the ladies from talking and she proceeds to tell them “Woah, Woah! Hold up ladies. You don’t get a bitch pass, just cause your old.” “If you’re gonna act like an ass, I’m gonna treat you like an ass.” She wiped the sticky spot from the table and asked the ladies if they could start their relationship over again. “Who wants tapioca?” She asks and all four ladies raise their hands.

Max walks over to Earl’s register and asks him for a new order slip book. He hands it to her and points out the ‘trendy people sitting in a booth. He compliments how well dressed they are. He believes it’s the neighborhood getting better. Then he reminisces “I remember a time when a black man couldn’t even get a cab around here…and that time was Wednesday.” Caroline stops Max as she’s walking away to point out the very same table. They were intelligent and wanted to know who had made the cupcakes. Caroline excitedly sends Max towards them. She gets there with her guard up, “What?!?” Max exclaims; she expects them to berate her, but they do no such thing. She glows as they complement the cupcakes that she is so proud of. Caroline waits until Max is done talking to them and she asks; “So, what did they judgmental locusts want?” Max retorts “You are so judgmental!” Max smiles; “they wanted to tell me the cupcakes were FABULOUS!” After a quick sexual joke from Oleg, Max walks off to take an order to her table. Caroline is approached by Han. He hands her a card from the ‘Trendy people. They had left it before they departed. It was a suggestion to Max and Caroline to try and sell their cupcakes in the bakery attached to the apartment building that they lived in. Caroline thought it was a great idea. Han seemed disappointed. Caroline explained that they were trying to start up a real business. Han was under the impression that they “had something special.” Caroline tells Han that they were not exclusive. She had very big dreams, cupcake dreams. Much bigger than the diner.

Later that day Johnny walks into the diner, Caroline turns around to greet him. She points him in the direction of Max’s tables. He tells her “Were good in your section. Caroline; this is my buddy Carlos.” He introduces his friend who looks at Caroline, does a shimmy and says: “Whassss Happening?” She gives them a stupid look and tells Johnny she is working the counter. Johnny turns to Carlos and questions his previous statement. “Whassss happening? C’mon dude! You have a literature degree from NYU.” Carlos tells Johnny that when he is nervous “My Rico Suave” comes out. Carlos promises Johnny “it won’t happen again.” They sit down at Caroline’s counter and she hands them some menus. Instead of saying thank you; all that Carlos can say is; “Whasss happening?” Johnny’s eyes roll and Carlos reminds him that he is nervous. Max now standing behind Johnny tells him that her section is on the other side. Johnny knows, he tells Max that they are good where they are. Max seems confused. She goes and asks Caroline who is just as confused. Caroline doesn’t know why Johnny is sitting at her counter when he comes in to see Max every night. He was her friend, or crush, or “what-ever.” Caroline goes back into the dining area and Max walks into the refrigerator. Johnny quickly enters scaring her. She tells him he isn’t supposed to be in there. “I know, I’m a bad boy.” He replies. He continues to explain to Max why he is sitting in Caroline’s section. His friend Carlos had been “Crushing on” Caroline and asked him to “do what he could.” So Johnny looks deep into Max’s eyes, he leans in as if he is going to kiss her and he asks her; “Pimp to pimp” if she could help hook up his friend. She asks if “it’s hot in here?” “Yes and we’re in a freezer” he replied. “My Freezer!” Oleg replied in his thick Ukrainian accent. Johnny exits the walk-in. Oleg then begins questioning Max about what she is looking for in a man.

Back at the girls apartment Caroline is telling Max that she is not very interested in Carlos. The only man important to Caroline right now was Chestnut; her horse. She was focused more on their business than anything else. Caroline also reminds Max that she wants to go and try and get their cupcakes sold. Max agrees to go, just to help Caroline relax and “get laid.” She had been through a lot and had no outlet. Caroline brushes it off her shoulder and changes the subject. She tells Max she had redecorated her room. She walks over to her murphy bed and pulls it down to reveal a pink nightmare. Pink pillows, pink lining on the wall, pink drapes and a pink blanket. Max says it looks like Caroline had opened a vagina.”

The next day the girls walk into the coffee shop where they wanted to “push” their cupcakes. Max had been up the night before baking them. The woman behind the counter introduces herself as “Sumar”, Caroline tells Sumar about their cupcakes and asks if she would like to sample them. Caroline takes one out of the box and attempts to hand it to the odd woman; she refuses. Caroline and Max don’t understand. Sumar explains that the cupcakes aren’t pretty enough. She repeats it slower so Max can understand. Max tells Sumar off and the girls leave the Coffee shop.

Back at the diner Max walks in empty handed. Earl asks her where her cupcakes were? She explained; that she was getting upset and decided not to make any for that night. Caroline walks in closely behind her. A bag in hand. She walks over to the counter, where Max is standing and she takes what looks like a tackle box out of the bag. She explains to Max that it is a cake decorating kit for their cupcakes. They should be more professional looking so she also signed them up for a 2 time decorating class at a bakery. Caroline then looks to where their cupcakes should be displayed at the diner and asks Max where they are. Max is bitter and walks away, Caroline follows. She attempts to talk some sense into her. Caroline tells Max that she is afraid that she doesn’t think that she can make them pretty. So they would go to the classes and learn!

At the classes they are laughed by the mean women who own the bakery. They are snide with their comments as they pass judgments over Max and Caroline. They talk down and belittle them. Max wants to leave but Caroline tells her to tough it out. They needed to learn. Before the night ended the Bakers wanted each girl to make a rose. When they were presented the bakers snickered and sneered at Max and Caroline’s attempts. They were told, as a homework assignment to bring in a “Pretty Cupcake.” For the rest of the night Max tried to make her cupcakes pretty but she couldn’t. She wakes Caroline up at 3 am. Her frustration getting the best of her. Caroline tells Max that she doesn’t have to go back, but Max is “Not a quitter!” She wants to be the best at what she does and it is something she will need to master. She tells Caroline to go back to sleep “in her vagina bed” and she would see her in the morning.

Back at the Bakery the girls are getting judged by the women bakers. The women walk over to Max and Caroline. They ask Caroline where her “Pretty Cupcake” was? She didn’t have one. The world was too concerned with what people’s opinion of “pretty” was. The bakers looked at each other and exclaimed; “What-evs”. They turn their attention to Max. She reaches down and opens the box with her cupcake in it. It’s a pretty little chocolate cupcake with a cute little pink Rose on top. The girls nod, “uh-huh and how long did it take you?” Max replied “About 3 hours” She had wanted to prove to the bakers and herself that she could do it. Once she had gotten their approval she took her cupcake and SLAMMED it Rose down onto the counter. She had also made cupcakes for the bakers; to tell them how she felt. The 2 cupcakes read: “Bite me” and “Screw U.” Caroline thought it was brilliant. They didn’t have to make cupcakes pretty. They had to do what Max did best. Make them insult people! One of the bakers asks them sarcastically “Oh yeah, who’s gonna buy that?” One of the men in the baking class interrupts and raises his hand. He gay-ly yells “We will!! And really let us bitches have it!!” Max and Caroline begin to jump up and down. They High Five and have $423.25 in the bank.