Season 3

13 :03x01 - Working in a Coal Mine

West Virginia native, Morgan Spurlock will spend 30 days in a coal mine, and will get a first hand experience of just how dirty and dangerous the job can be. He will also go with his boss/roommate Dale Lusk, to a clinic to check for black lung disease.

14 :03x02 - Living in a Wheelchair

Ray Crockett, a former NFL player who played with a teammate who ended up paralyzed, will spend 30 days in a wheelchair. Crockett's home and car are retrofitted, as he continues coaching his son's football team. He will also play a game of wheelchair rugby against other spinal cord injured players. Host Morgan Spurlock challenges Marlon Shirley, a Paralympian to a foot race.

15 :03x03 - Animal Rights

A North Carolina hunter joins a PETA campaign coordinator/vegan for one month. Among the places they attend are an animal rights protest, work at a center which rescues farm animals and meet with animal rights organizers.

16 :03x04 - Same Sex Parenting

An adoptee, now a mother of two adopted sons herself, is opposed to same sex adoptions. She will spend the next 30 days living with a gay couple in Michigan who have adopted four boys of their own. Among their stops includes attending church with the family, travelling to the state capital in Lansing for a rally for gay and lesbian couples promotting adoptions, and a meeting with a group of lesbian mothers. She will also have a discussion with former foster children about growing up without parents or a permanant home.

17 :03x05 - Gun Nation

A dance instructor from Massachusetts who is in favor of gun control will spend 30 days in Ohio at the home of a gun enthusiast. Among the stops will be a job in a gun shop and a visit to a gun show. She in turn will introduce people who have lost a loved one to a bullet.

18 :03x06 - Life on an Indian Reservation

Morgan Spurlock spends 30 days on an Navajo reservation in New Mexico where he explores the Native American culture. Morgan is hosted by a school superintendent and her husband, a college physical education instructor and rodeo rider. They are well connected to their native culture while enjoying the well to do lifestyle. While there Spurlock also spends some time in a hogan, which is a bit less accommodating dwelling, and works in a tire store.