30 Minute Meals


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Rachel Ray's Thirty Minute Meals is a cooking show on the Food Network. Rachel rakes in 6 million a year and cohabits a de luxe apartment in Manhattan with a furry-looking husband and a pit bull. She appears in at least four shows on the boob toob so I guess most of us would believe she has reached the pinnalce of success and deserves a measure of respect.

I remember the great days of TV chefs like Julia Child - great days when personality, intelligence, and tip top kitchen skills ruled. Rachel essentially lacks all three. I needn't discuss Ray's personality and intelligence. Discover her for yourself; I don't want to spoil it for you. Ray's kitchen skills however I can discuss. Her skills are limited to chopping things with her personal brand of knives ($99.99, available on-line at the Food Network store), sauteing everything in her personal brand of olive oil, opening jars and bottles of stuff like hot sauce, boiling water, and merrily tossing red pepper flakes into almost every dish. If hot spicy dishes are your thing, then Rachel's your bag.

Rachel does take on healthy fruit and vegetable dishes (that's good) and her meals are simple to execute (no comment). Today she prepared a Peach Cobbler by opening a plastic bag of frozen peach slices and spreading the slices into a baking dish. Next, she stirred some water into a bit of Bisquix and finger-spread the dough over the slices. Step 3, she opened a can of slivered almonds and tossed a few over the dough. Then the whole was popped into the oven. Cooking? You be the judge.

Do we really need a TV program that shows us how to follow a recipe on the back of a Bisquix box? I suppose we do. Ray appeals to the busy person who doesn't want to cook but must for one reason or another (like feeding a family). I think the show works best for those who don't want to spend more time in the kitchen than is absolutely necessary. Rachel Ray is an appropriate punishment for a fast food nation.

Review posted on Friday, August 24th 2007 at 9:14 am