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30 Rock: Black Tie

Liz contemplates whether or not she's on a date when she accompanies Jack to a birthday party for a foreign prince. There, Liz sees another side of Jack when he runs into his ex-wife. Back at the office, Tracy tempts Pete with a booze and babe party and Kenneth tries to keep Pete on the straight and narrow.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x12
Production Number: 113
Airdate: Thursday February 01st, 2007
Special Airtime: 09:31 pm

Director: Don Scardino
Writer: Tina Fey, Kay Cannon

Alternate Airdates:

UK (COMEDY CENTRAL) Dec 27, 2007

Guest Stars
Isabella RosselliniIsabella Rossellini
As Bianca
Lonny RossLonny Ross
As Josh Girard
Will ForteWill Forte
As Thomas
April KimmApril Kimm
As Hi Jack
Paul ReubensPaul Reubens
As Gerhardt Hapsburg
Quisha FreemanQuisha Freeman
As Supersize
Main Cast
Tina FeyTina Fey
As Liz Lemon
Tracy MorganTracy Morgan
As Tracy Jordan
Jane KrakowskiJane Krakowski
As Jenna Maroney
Jack McBrayerJack McBrayer
As Kenneth Parcell
Scott AdsitScott Adsit
As Pete Hornberger
Judah FriedlanderJudah Friedlander
As Frank Rossitano
Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin
As Jack Donaghy
Episode Notes
Ratings: 5.71 million viewers

Guest star Will Forte is the fifth Saturday Night Live cast member to appear on the series.

Episode Quotes
Tracy: Pete, you got two type of women in this world, one who gives you strength and one who takes strength from you like Delilah took strength from that movie.

Jenna: Oh, Liz, its always been my dream to meet and marry a prince, like a modern-day Cinderella story.
Liz: Hey, maybe I'm Cinderella this time.
Jenna: No, Liz. Cinderella is blond. You can be Snow White and party with the little people.

(at Gerhardt's party)
Jenna: Oh, hello.
Liz: Hi. How did you get in here?
Jenna: Oh, Liz, if you dress well and enter with confidence, you can get in anywhere.
Liz: You showed the security guy your boobs, didn't you?
Jenna: Just one. It's not the White House.

Jack: (to Liz) That Gerhardt is amazing, isn't he? I mean, most people in his situation would be angry with their family for the centuries of inbreeding, but not Gerhardt. He's too busy trying to stave off infection.

Bianca: (referring to Liz) Congratulations, John. She's much sharper than the last girl you had. What was her name?
Jack: Beyoncé.

(Jenna isn't sure if she wants to be with Gerhardt)
Liz: Wait, you're actually considering this?
Jenna: Of course I'm considering it. You know I've always reminded myself of Grace Kelly.

(Liz tries to talk Jenna out of being with Gerhardt)
Liz: You've already made up your mind about this, haven't you?
Jenna: Oh, you're right, Liz! I should go for it!
Liz: You're not even listening, are you? Poop. Monkey butt.
Jenna: No, you're a good friend and thank you.

Girl: (to Pete) Your name sounds Jewish. You must be important.

Jack: (about Bianca) Sexually, she wanted it four or five times a day and always standing up.
Liz: (laughs) Standing up, what? How did that even work?
Jack: You're kidding, right?
Liz: Yeah...

Jenna: Gerhardt, would you like to dance?
Gerhardt: Sadly, because my body does not produce joint fluid, I cannot.

Pete: Hey, I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm just- I'm just dancing, Kenneth.
Kenneth: Do you remember the movie Footloose, where those evil kids won in the end? You're going to make a mistake tonight.
Tracy: (excitedly to Pete) You gonna make a mistake tonight!

Jenna: You're twenty-five?
Gerhardt: Yes, can you believe it? Finally old enough to rent a car! (screams) Oh, it feels good to laugh.

Gerhardt: Jenna, I know we have just met, but I think I love you. Do you love me?
Jenna: (reluctantly)
Gerhardt: Oh! Knowing I have the love of a beautiful woman has set me free! (something falls onto his plate)
Jenna: I think you just lost an eyebrow.

Jack: (to Liz) When Gerhardt was born, the doctor told his mother and cousin he would either live for fifteen minutes or for a hundred years. Boy, he proved them all wrong.

Jack: The look on Bianca's face just before she choked you... (laughing) That was the most satisfying thing.
Liz: It was pretty good.
Jack: Oh, just to know that she's filled with bile over me warms my heart.

Jack: Lemon, I wanna thank you for showing me that I could have a pleasant evening with a woman my own age.
Liz: I'm twelve years younger than you.
Jack: A woman your age then.

Jack: I had "lunch" with Martha Stewart and "dinner" with her daughter Alexis.
Liz: Gross.

Cultural References
Visual: Jack showing Liz a necklace in a jewelry box, then closing the jewelry box on Liz's fingers.

This action between Jack and Liz parallels the same move in Pretty Woman (a 1990 romantic comedy) between Edward (played by Richard Gere) and Vivian (played by Julia Roberts). In the movie, Vivian reacts with laughter, but here Liz reacts with an exclamation of pain.

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