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30 Rock: Cleveland

Sick of New York, Floyd debates moving to the Midwest and asks if Liz would leave TGS to come with him. Jack heads to Paris, and the alter, with Phoebe. Tracy works to finance his latest venture, "Tracy Jordan Comeback."

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x20
Production Number: 120
Airdate: Thursday April 19th, 2007
Special Airtime: 09:00 pm

Alternate Airdates:

UK (COMEDY CENTRAL) Feb 07, 2008

Special Guest Stars
Lester HoltLester Holt
As Himself

Guest Stars
Emily MortimerEmily Mortimer
As Phoebe
Eric DysartEric Dysart
As Alan Garkel
Grizz ChapmanGrizz Chapman
As Grizz
Jason SudeikisJason Sudeikis
As Floyd
Kevin Brown (2)Kevin Brown (2)
As Dot Com
Maulik PancholyMaulik Pancholy
As Jonathan

Co-Guest Stars
Justin Smith (2)Justin Smith (2)
As Black Crusader
Raymond McAnallyRaymond McAnally
As Cleveland Dude
Anthony MazzaAnthony Mazza
As NYC Cop
Brian Patrick RussellBrian Patrick Russell
As Cleveland Cop
Gary TaconGary Tacon
As Crazy Homeless Guy
Jack MoranJack Moran
As Cleveland Vendor
Jenelle MalbroughJenelle Malbrough
As Bratty Kid
Jennifer BasseyJennifer Bassey
As Old Vibrant Lady
Julian WalkerJulian Walker
As Nice Cleveland Person
Lori HammelLori Hammel
As Cleveland Woman
Mira TzurMira Tzur
As Receptionist
Mitch PoulosMitch Poulos
As TV Station Man
Traci HovelTraci Hovel
As Broker
Main Cast
Tina FeyTina Fey
As Liz Lemon
Tracy MorganTracy Morgan
As Tracy Jordan
Jane KrakowskiJane Krakowski
As Jenna Maroney
Jack McBrayerJack McBrayer
As Kenneth Parcell
Scott AdsitScott Adsit
As Pete Hornberger
Judah FriedlanderJudah Friedlander
As Frank Rossitano
Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin
As Jack Donaghy
Episode Notes
Ratings: 5.16 million viewers

Episode Quotes
Liz: (to Floyd about an apartment) By the hammer of Thor! Can you afford this place?

Phoebe: I'm Phoebe, we've met before. Jack proposed to me outside your office? I have hollow bones like a bird?
Liz: Yes, no, I remember you. Hi.

Jack: (giving Liz his credit card) Here, take my gold card.
Liz: Ooh, it’s heavy.
Jack: It’s...made of gold.

Tracy: I need a loan to finance my Thomas Jefferson movie. It's gonna be at least thirty million dollars with all the Claymation sex scenes in it.

Tracy: I'm gonna have so much money, my grandkids are gonna play lacrosse. Lacrosse, Liz Lemon.

(Jack talks to Floyd about the other guy going after the promotion)
Jack: Plus, his name is Alan Garkel. (laughing) You're never gonna lose a job to a guy named Garkel.
(a black man in a wheelchair comes out of the elevator)
Alan: Did someone say my name?
Jack: (to Floyd, hushed) No, you're not gonna beat that. (to Alan) Well played, Garkel.

Jenna: I'd marry Jack in a heartbeat. I would have a three-way with two Jacks!

Jenna: Wow, how Sex and the City are we right now? I'm Samantha, (to Phoebe) you're Charlotte, (to Liz) and you're the lady at home who watches it.

(Liz tries to convince Floyd how wonderful New York is)
Liz: Come on, this is the capital of the world. The culture, the diver—
(a man walking by spits at her; Liz yells in disgust)
Floyd: Are you all right?
Liz: He spit in my mouth! Ugh! Let's go to Cleveland.

Tracy: The Black Crusaders are a secret group of powerful black Americans. Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey are the chief majors, but Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, and Gordon from Sesame Street? They're members, too, and they meet four times a year in the skull of the Statue of Liberty. You can read about that on the Interweb.
Liz: Ah, well, it must be true if it's on the "Interweb."

Jack: Who taught Tracy about anagrams?
(Dot Com quickly points to Grizz)

(Liz and Floyd walk around Cleveland)
Woman: Excuse me, are you a model?
Liz: (laughs) Uh, no.
Woman: Oh, you are so skinny! You really should eat something.

Liz: Kenneth, have you tried to call Tracy?
Kenneth: Yes, ma'am. I tried all six of his cell phones. (eerily) It's almost as if he never existed. (normal voice) Or maybe he's not answering.

Liz: In Cleveland, I'm a model.
Jenna: Yeah, we're all model's west of the Allegheny.

Phoebe: You know how John Lennon was better than the rest of the Beatles but didn't realize it until he met Yoko Ono? Well, I'm Jack's Yoko.
Liz: You want to be Yoko?

(Jack and Liz talk to Tracy on the phone)
Jack: For God's sake Tracy, where are you?
Tracy: Starting a new life.
Liz: Because of the Black Crusaders? That's crazy. Tray?
Jack: Dammit, Lemon, why didn't you tell me the Black Crusaders were after Tracy? (he sprints toward the exit)
Liz: (to Kenneth) Surprisingly fast.

Floyd: (to Liz) If the whole world moved to their favorite vacation spots, then the whole world would live in Hawaii and Italy and Cleveland.

Liz: Don't mention Floyd. Floyd is not happening. Floyd is moving.
Jack: Floyd is moving? (she nods) What did you do?

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