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3rd Rock from the Sun: Pickles and Ice Cream

Sally, intrigued by the "cult of pregnancy" and the strange bonding rituals that occur between its members, pretends to be pregnant in order to share the experience. Dick, inititially skeptical, is entranced by the power of ushering in a new human life when he helps to deliver the baby of a woman in Sally's Lamaze class. Sally, however, is struck by the immense responsibility that motherhood entails, and vows to wait until she's ready before experiencing it for herself. Harry's pet from the home planet, Pickles, tracks him down across galaxies, with one big change -- he's assumed human form. Harry, initially thrilled at the reunion, decides that Earth might be too dangerous a place for his pet, and sends him home -- but not before Pickles has a close encounter with Mrs. Dubcek.