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3rd Rock from the Sun: Eat, Drink, Mary (1)

It's the second anniversary of the first time Dick slept with Mary, and love is in the air. Dick decides to throw a party for himself and Mary, Harry and Vicki Dubcek (Jan Hooks), who's back in town and ready to pick up their romance where it left off, and Sally and Officer Don. When the family realizes that Tommy's been hiding some serious gourmet cooking skills from them, Dick insists that Tommy prepare a festive menu for the lovers. At the party, Dick realizes that Mary has no idea what they're celebrating, and he begins to have doubts about the future of their relationship. Just as Dick and Mary are settling their problems in one room, and Sally and Don are about to consummate their love in another, they're all interrupted by Vicki, screaming that Harry's been abducted by her psychotic ex-boyfriend, Randy (Phil Hartman), who's come to town to eliminate his competition by kidnapping him. In Randy's car, Harry receives a transmission from the Big Giant Head, potentially compromising the aliens' identities.