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3rd Rock from the Sun: Feelin' Albright

Now that Mary is dean, Dick's intoxication with his access to her power gives way to frustration that he's just her "spouse," powerless and ornamental. To appease him, she puts him in charge of a meaningless vanity project - a charity fashion show. When the other professors praise him effusively even though his fundraiser fails, Dick realizes that they're only using him to suck up to Mary, and he demands that they treat him with the contempt that he actually deserves. Sally freaks out when she realizes that she's not Don's first serious girlfriend, and becomes obsessed with seeing how she measures up to his past paramours, until she finally realizes that nothing matters but what the two of them have now. Harry and Tommy try to strike it rich with a neighborhood lemonade stand, then quit when they realize it's a cute thing for kids to do, but a creepy thing for adults.