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3rd Rock from the Sun: The House That Dick Built

Dick feels like his control over the mission is falling to pieces when Sally decides to move out, and Harry considers having a baby with Vicki Dubcek. Dick tries to sabotage Sally¹s attempts to find a new place, but Sally decides to rent the apartment over Mrs. Dubcek¹s garage, Dick breaks in, posing as an intruder, to scare Sally into moving back home, but she beats the tar out of him. Meanwhile, Harry¹s debating whether or not he should have a baby with Vicki because he¹s unsure, both of his and Vicki¹s parenting abilities, and of the consequences of human/alien interbreeding. The two of them drop in on the house where Tommy¹s helping Alissa baby-sit so Harry can take the baby for a 'test drive.' When he sees how good Vicki is with the baby, he knows everything¹s going to be fine. Also, Tommy tries to figure out whether or not he's officially Alissa's boyfriend.