48 Hours

Season 18

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Season 18

542 :18x01 - Back From the Dead

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543 :18x02 - Out of the Shadows

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544 :18x03 - Strange Truth

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545 :18x04 - Defending Your Life

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547 :18x06 - Scared to Death

The wife of a police officer is shot to death. Who the clues point to and why, are what makes this a real '48 Hours Mystery'

550 :18x09 - Nightmare in Napa

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551 :18x10 - Deadly Ride

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552 :18x11 - Love, Lies, Murder

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555 :18x14 - The Girl Next Door

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556 :18x15 - The Phone Call

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557 :18x16 - Rage on the Run

A bodybuilding couple, a friend and partner involved in more than business and then his body found. Beautiful bodies, illegal steroid use and sale, intense competitions and a love triangle.

558 :18x17 - Blaming the Babysitter

The 13 year old seemed mature, level headed and perfect to watch their children. No one could imagine that one life would be ended and another’s lifetime on the line.

559 :18x18 - Dream Killer

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560 :18x19 - What They Did For Love

A baby, kidnapped from Los Angeles, California ends up in Italy. Bill Lagattuta follows a trail that includes clues of love, betrayal and quite possibly, murder.

561 :18x20 - The Highest Stakes

Young, pretty Christie Wilson visited a northern California casino on a week night, no one knew she was there or that she’d stay late into the night, gambling and drinking. She left the casino with a man she had met at the blackjack tables and has never been seen or heard from again. The man she was caught on surveillance films leaving with, is being held, but has given no clues and denies he harmed her. Tonight, watch the mystery unfold.

562 :18x21 - Texas Confidential

March 11, 2006 She was married to a bookie. Two brothers had plenty of money, enjoyed living on the high life, but when the bookie’s wife ended up dead, all bets were off.

Wealthy brothers, gambling, sex and layers of secrets. When murder entered the picture, the investigation began uncovering a real life thriller

563 :18x22 - Natalee Holloway: New Clues in Paradise

New Clues In Paradise: Natalee Holloway
48 Hours reports on the newest and exclusive details of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Thanks to her family and friends, this case will not go away until it’s solved.

564 :18x23 - Love Lost

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565 :18x24 - A Knock on the Door

April 15, 2006 A Knock On The Door

A young husband killed in his bed. His wife hysterical about the home invasion robbery gone bad that changed her life. This was a typically quiet town, thrown upside down by this tragedy and twenty years later, a knock on the door, changed everything again
Guest Stars: Hannah Storm as Herself

566 :18x25 - The Marilyn Tapes

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567 :18x26 - Deadly Proposal

After a college professor disappears, everyone in her life insists it could never have been on purpose. She was passionate about teaching and in love with a good man, so when it was discovered that she was already married, everything about her seemed to be other than what it appeared. Could her lover, or her husband, have been involved? Peter Van Sant reports.

568 :18x27 - The Last Dance

Erin Moriarty digs into the mystery surrounding the young dancer murdered while well on the way to achieving her dreams.

569 :18x28 - Cheatin' Heart

Randy Hardison wrote hits for Darryl Worley, Lee Ann Womack and Garth Brooks, and was fast becoming a star in his own right. Tonight, Peter Van Sant reports on the mysterious death of Randy Hardison, just 6 months after meeting a Nashville newcomer. Was it murder?

570 :18x29 - Duty, Death and Dishonor

May 20, 2006 Duty, Death and Dishonor

This soldier fought in duty for the United States to take Baghdad. He was one of the lucky ones who returned home. Then he vanishes. Erin Moriarty asks the question ‘what did he know?’ and who might want to silence him?

571 :18x30 - Deadly Obsession

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Classification: Documentary
Genre: Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 19, 1988
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