48 Hours

Season 20

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Season 20

608 :20x01 - Perfectly Executed

The 1994 triple murders of three family members (Tariq, Sultana and Basma Rafay) in Bellevue, Wash., are investigated, with the focus on chief suspects Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns. Peter Van Sant is the correspondent.

609 :20x02 - The McGuire Diaries

Video diaries show the thoughts of a wife, mother and nurse who murdered her husband.

610 :20x03 - Storm of Murder

Two murders and a city that says "enough." Helen Hill was a mother and a filmmaker; Dinerral Shavers, a musician and a teacher. They came back to New Orleans to rebuild. But they became victims in a storm of murder.

611 :20x04 - The Sugar Land Conspiracy

A man is accused of murder, but is defended in court by one of the people he allegedly tried to kill.

612 :20x05 - An Eye For An Eye

Investigating the December 1995 murder of an African-American couple in Fayetteville, N.C., by soldiers in the Army's 82nd Airborne Division, and charges that it was racially motivated.

613 :20x06 - A Time to Kill

A wife and mother disappears into thin air from her New York home on the day after 9/11/01.

614 :20x07 - Where's Maddie?

The 2007 disappearance of 4 year old Madeleine McCann in Portugal is investigated.

615 :20x08 - Capture the Queen

Investigators combed the country to find a missing Ivy league schoolgirl from South Carolina. Instead, they find they have been searching for a master con woman.

616 :20x09 - An Invisible Enemy

The NCIS feels the death of a young Marine may have been murder.

617 :20x10 - Death Without Mercy

The 2005 death of James Michael in West Virginia is investigated and the chief suspect is his wife Michelle. Michael was found dead in his house after a fire that may have been intentionally set.

618 :20x11 - The Socialite's Secret

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619 :20x12 - In Too Deep

A look at a gruesome murder case involves a female college student.

620 :20x13 - Lost in Paradise

An investigation into the case of a murdered American Peace Corps worker.

621 :20x14 - Fight for the Truth

The murder of two parents leaves their son in prison for the next 17 years.

622 :20x15 - Trigger Point

The husband of a sweet, soft-spoken female teacher is charged murdered. Did she intentionally kill him or was it all in self defense?

623 :20x16 - Flood of Blame

35 people died in the care of a couple who ran a nursing home when hurricane Katrina rolled in and they failed to help them evacuate the premises. Now they face a life of imprisonment. They explain their story for the first time.

624 :20x17 - Who Killed the Beauty Queen?

College student and Miss Arkansas contestant Nona Dirksmeyer was found bludgeoned to death in her apartment on Dec. 15, 2005, just days shy of her 20th birthday. Could it have been her boyfriend who committed the murder? He was found covered in blood, which he says was a result of trying to revive her. But her mom says that the couple had started fighting ever since he left the college the both attended and enrolled in another school. An empty condom wrapper may have set him off in a jealous rage.

625 :20x18 - Addicted to Love

A plastic surgeon has a deadly relationship with one of his patients.

626 :20x19 - The Long Road

Is it possible that the wrong people were convicted of murdering a couple of newlyweds?

627 :20x20 - Love and Death in the Wild

Money greed and sex is behind a murder in Alaska.

628 :20x21 - Stolen Dreams

An investigation of the 2003 bank robberies in Long Island, NY, allegedly committed by Steven Trantel, a Wall Street stock trader.

629 :20x22 - The Lord's Boot Camp

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630 :20x23 - A Long Way From Home

A 21 year old British student Meridith Kercher, was killed in Italy in November, 2007. Amanda Knox, the victim's roommate was jailed for the crime.

631 :20x24 - The Letter

A key to solving a murder may lay in a letter which was written by a woman.

632 :20x25 - Dream Killer

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633 :20x26 - Cold Case

Jennifer Servo, a 22 year old reporter from Montana had just moved to Abilene, TX, to take a job as a reporter at KRBC-TV. But this dream never came true since she was found strangled and had a blunt force trauma on her head inside her apartment. Because there was no forced entry, the police believed she knew her killer yet there was no physical evidence.

634 :20x27 - The Last Take

Actress Christina Helm was murdered in 1997 but has gone unsolved. But an investigation shows that a secret diary may have led to her death.

635 :20x28 - Courting Disaster

An investigation of 2 murders which occurred on the same day and have a tie in together, when on June 12, 2006 Charla Mack of Reno, and the family court judge who was overseeing Mack's divorce, Chuck Weller, were found shot. Charla's husband Darren Mack is the prime suspect in this crime.

636 :20x29 - The Preacher's Wife

A minister's wife is found dead, but did she commit suicide or was someone involved.

637 :20x30 - Point Blank

The authorities need to know whether a murder victim died over the jealousy of his wife.

638 :20x31 - Polygamy: a World Apart

A report concerning polygamy and the Fundamentalist of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their leader Warren Jeffs.

639 :20x32 - Betrayal

An investigation involving a mystery surrounding a computer whiz, his Russian bride and the KGB.

640 :20x33 - Stolen Beauty

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Classification: Documentary
Genre: Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 19, 1988
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