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Season 17

Michael Jackson Verdict

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Katrina's Fury

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Disaster In The Delta

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511 :17x01 - Going to Extremes

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512 :17x02 - Written in Blood

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514 :17x04 - Dark Side of the Mesa

His wife and child disappear. You’d think this would be enough of a tragedy for a young husband, but it’s really just the beginning of a horrific nightmare. Correspondent Susan Spencer reports.

516 :17x06 - American Taboo

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518 :17x08 - The Right to Kill

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519 :17x09 - Vanished

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520 :17x10 - Eye of the Beholder

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522 :17x12 - Why Did Eric Kill?

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524 :17x14 - A Shot in the Dark

Who fired the single shot that killed the wife of a prominent heart surgeon? Susan Spencer reports.

525 :17x15 - Where's Our Baby?

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526 :17x16 - Hostage

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528 :17x18 - Murder in the Hamptons

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529 :17x19 - Postmarked for Murder

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530 :17x20 - Chamber of Secrets

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532 :17x22 - Secrets of the Well

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533 :17x23 - Prime Suspect

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534 :17x24 - A Question of Murder

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535 :17x25 - Blood Feud

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537 :17x27 - Terror at the Morgue

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539 :17x29 - Secrets from the Grave

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540 :17x30 - A Mind for Murder

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Season 18

542 :18x01 - Back From the Dead

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543 :18x02 - Out of the Shadows

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544 :18x03 - Strange Truth

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545 :18x04 - Defending Your Life

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547 :18x06 - Scared to Death

The wife of a police officer is shot to death. Who the clues point to and why, are what makes this a real '48 Hours Mystery'

550 :18x09 - Nightmare in Napa

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551 :18x10 - Deadly Ride

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552 :18x11 - Love, Lies, Murder

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555 :18x14 - The Girl Next Door

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556 :18x15 - The Phone Call

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557 :18x16 - Rage on the Run

A bodybuilding couple, a friend and partner involved in more than business and then his body found. Beautiful bodies, illegal steroid use and sale, intense competitions and a love triangle.

558 :18x17 - Blaming the Babysitter

The 13 year old seemed mature, level headed and perfect to watch their children. No one could imagine that one life would be ended and another’s lifetime on the line.

559 :18x18 - Dream Killer

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560 :18x19 - What They Did For Love

A baby, kidnapped from Los Angeles, California ends up in Italy. Bill Lagattuta follows a trail that includes clues of love, betrayal and quite possibly, murder.

561 :18x20 - The Highest Stakes

Young, pretty Christie Wilson visited a northern California casino on a week night, no one knew she was there or that she’d stay late into the night, gambling and drinking. She left the casino with a man she had met at the blackjack tables and has never been seen or heard from again. The man she was caught on surveillance films leaving with, is being held, but has given no clues and denies he harmed her. Tonight, watch the mystery unfold.

562 :18x21 - Texas Confidential

March 11, 2006 She was married to a bookie. Two brothers had plenty of money, enjoyed living on the high life, but when the bookie’s wife ended up dead, all bets were off.

Wealthy brothers, gambling, sex and layers of secrets. When murder entered the picture, the investigation began uncovering a real life thriller

563 :18x22 - Natalee Holloway: New Clues in Paradise

New Clues In Paradise: Natalee Holloway
48 Hours reports on the newest and exclusive details of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Thanks to her family and friends, this case will not go away until it’s solved.

564 :18x23 - Love Lost

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565 :18x24 - A Knock on the Door

April 15, 2006 A Knock On The Door

A young husband killed in his bed. His wife hysterical about the home invasion robbery gone bad that changed her life. This was a typically quiet town, thrown upside down by this tragedy and twenty years later, a knock on the door, changed everything again
Guest Stars: Hannah Storm as Herself

566 :18x25 - The Marilyn Tapes

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567 :18x26 - Deadly Proposal

After a college professor disappears, everyone in her life insists it could never have been on purpose. She was passionate about teaching and in love with a good man, so when it was discovered that she was already married, everything about her seemed to be other than what it appeared. Could her lover, or her husband, have been involved? Peter Van Sant reports.

568 :18x27 - The Last Dance

Erin Moriarty digs into the mystery surrounding the young dancer murdered while well on the way to achieving her dreams.

569 :18x28 - Cheatin' Heart

Randy Hardison wrote hits for Darryl Worley, Lee Ann Womack and Garth Brooks, and was fast becoming a star in his own right. Tonight, Peter Van Sant reports on the mysterious death of Randy Hardison, just 6 months after meeting a Nashville newcomer. Was it murder?

570 :18x29 - Duty, Death and Dishonor

May 20, 2006 Duty, Death and Dishonor

This soldier fought in duty for the United States to take Baghdad. He was one of the lucky ones who returned home. Then he vanishes. Erin Moriarty asks the question ‘what did he know?’ and who might want to silence him?

571 :18x30 - Deadly Obsession

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Season 19

572 :19x01 - Dark Voyage

Ashley Barnett was looking to celebrate her 25th birthday when she boarded the Carnival cruise ship "Paradise" in Long Beach, Calif., on Oct. 14, 2005. But less than 24 hours into the trip, the aspiring actress, who was beginning to make her way in Hollywood, was dead. Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports.

573 :19x02 - The Informer

What do you do if you find out your best friends got away with murder? Correspondent Susan Spencer reports on the case for 48 Hours Mystery.

574 :19x03 - Millionaire Manhunt

A millionaire is on the run – wanted for the murder of his socialite wife. Correspondent Susan Spencer reports on the case for 48 Hours Mystery, Saturday at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

575 :19x04 - Dangerous Liaisons

Enter a world of extremes – a world of hard bodies and intense passion. A bodybuilder, his gorgeous girlfriends, and a twisted murder plot! Correspondent Maureen Maher reports for 48 Hours Mystery.

576 :19x05 - Nashville Blues

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577 :19x06 - Scientology - A Question of Faith

Did a mother's belief in Scientology contribute to her brutal murder? Peter Van Sant examines a March 2003 murder that doctors say might never have occurred if Jeremy Perkins, a 28-year-old paranoid schizophrenic, had received proper treatment to control his psychotic delusions - delusions which made him believe his mother, Elli, was evil. The family desperately wanted to help their son, but they followed the principles of Scientology, a religion which strongly opposes psychiatric treatment. Elli Perkins was stabbed more than 70 times by her mentally ill son.

578 :19x07 - Memory of Murder

Investigation of a murder in which a mother allegedly implicated her own son. Peter Van Sant is the correspondent.

579 :19x08 - Exposed

An actress on CSI: Miami crosses paths with a real life serial killer. Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports.

580 :19x09 - Blood & Money

It's a story of two wealthy brothers, two separate murders and one family's tragedy. Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

581 :19x10 - Decade of Mystery

John Ramsey speaks for the first time since his wife's death, the Karr arrest, and about new details in JonBenet's murder. Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

582 :19x11 - Deadly Proposal

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583 :19x12 - Murder on Lockhart Road

A mother and two kids are murdered. There are bizarre clues, 11 eyewitnesses, eight drops of blood and a killer with a foot fetish. Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports.

584 :19x13 - Duty, Death and Dishonor

The disappearance of a U.S. soldier returned from Baghdad is investigated. Erin Moriarty is the correspondent.

585 :19x14 - Rage On The Run

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586 :19x15 - Endgame

Cold case cops plant a trap for a killer on the run with his kids. Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports.

587 :19x16 - Murder on His Mind

The murder trial of Stephen Stanko is covered. He's accused of murdering his live-in girlfriend, Laura Ling, in Murrells Inlet, S.C., in April 2005 and of raping Ling's 15-year-old daughter. Troy Roberts is the correspondent.

588 :19x17 - Searching for Secrets

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589 :19x18 - Deadly Obsession

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590 :19x19 - The Sweetheart Murders

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591 :19x20 - Secrets in the Sand

A young woman is shot and killed, her husband is shot four times. But did he pull the trigger? Correspondent Harold Dow reports for 48 Hours Mystery.

592 :19x21 - Love and Lies

An investigation into the link between the alleged suicides of two Georgia women, Jennifer Corbin and Dolly Hearn, who died 14 years apart. Corbin's husband, Barton, is the chief suspect in both deaths. Peter Van Sant is the correspondent.

593 :19x22 - Murder Comes Knocking

The July 2004 shooting death of Jarrod Davidson in Santa Barbara, Cal., is investigated. His wife, Kelee, and her parents are the chief suspects. Maureen Maher is the correspondent.

594 :19x23 - The Biggest Gamble

The disappearance and murder of Christie Wilson, who was last seen leaving a California casino in October 2005, is investigated. The chief suspect is Mario Garcia, a man she gambled with and who left the casino with her. Erin Moriarty is the correspondent.

595 :19x24 - Caught in the Crossfire

Millionaire Darren Mack seemly had the perfect life until the breakup between him and his wife which resulted in a judge being shot.

596 :19x25 - To Catch a Killer

The efforts of Tommy Ray, special agent for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, to bring suspected killer Nelson Serrano to justice for the murders of one former business partner and the son, daughter and son-in-law of a second partner. Harold Dow is the correspondent.

597 :19x26 - Murder on the Cape

The 2002 murder of fashion writer Christa Worthington on Cape Cod is investigated. Susan Spencer is the correspondent.

598 :19x27 - Dangerous Reunion

Former cheerleaders are targeted by a killer.

599 :19x28 - Dark Side of the Mesa

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600 :19x29 - The Ghost of David Coffin

Examining the 1996 murder of Georgia millionaire David Coffin, including the investigation of Scott Davis, a 2003 California gubernatorial candidate.

601 :19x30 - The Puppet Master

Police try to determine who was calling the shots when a young mother was gunned down. Troy Roberts is the correspondent.

602 :19x31 - Virginia Tech: Anatomy of a Rampage

Katie Couric reports on the April 16 shootings on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va.

603 :19x32 - Nightmare in Napa

An investigation into the 2004 Halloween night murders of Leslie Mazzara, a former South Carolina beauty queen, and her roommate, Adriane Insogna, who were stabbed to death in their Napa, Cal., home.

605 :19x34 - Power, Passion and Poison

A politician's suspicious death is investigated. Troy Roberts is the correspondent.

606 :19x35 - Death of a Dream

The 2005 murder of Catherine Woods, an aspiring Broadway dancer whose throat was slashed in her New York apartment, is investigated. Erin Moriarty is the correspondent.

607 :19x36 - Beyond the Boardwalk

Murders of women in Atlantic City are investigated. Harold Dow is the correspondent.

Season 20

608 :20x01 - Perfectly Executed

The 1994 triple murders of three family members (Tariq, Sultana and Basma Rafay) in Bellevue, Wash., are investigated, with the focus on chief suspects Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns. Peter Van Sant is the correspondent.

609 :20x02 - The McGuire Diaries

Video diaries show the thoughts of a wife, mother and nurse who murdered her husband.

610 :20x03 - Storm of Murder

Two murders and a city that says "enough." Helen Hill was a mother and a filmmaker; Dinerral Shavers, a musician and a teacher. They came back to New Orleans to rebuild. But they became victims in a storm of murder.

611 :20x04 - The Sugar Land Conspiracy

A man is accused of murder, but is defended in court by one of the people he allegedly tried to kill.

612 :20x05 - An Eye For An Eye

Investigating the December 1995 murder of an African-American couple in Fayetteville, N.C., by soldiers in the Army's 82nd Airborne Division, and charges that it was racially motivated.

613 :20x06 - A Time to Kill

A wife and mother disappears into thin air from her New York home on the day after 9/11/01.

614 :20x07 - Where's Maddie?

The 2007 disappearance of 4 year old Madeleine McCann in Portugal is investigated.

615 :20x08 - Capture the Queen

Investigators combed the country to find a missing Ivy league schoolgirl from South Carolina. Instead, they find they have been searching for a master con woman.

616 :20x09 - An Invisible Enemy

The NCIS feels the death of a young Marine may have been murder.

617 :20x10 - Death Without Mercy

The 2005 death of James Michael in West Virginia is investigated and the chief suspect is his wife Michelle. Michael was found dead in his house after a fire that may have been intentionally set.

618 :20x11 - The Socialite's Secret

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619 :20x12 - In Too Deep

A look at a gruesome murder case involves a female college student.

620 :20x13 - Lost in Paradise

An investigation into the case of a murdered American Peace Corps worker.

621 :20x14 - Fight for the Truth

The murder of two parents leaves their son in prison for the next 17 years.

622 :20x15 - Trigger Point

The husband of a sweet, soft-spoken female teacher is charged murdered. Did she intentionally kill him or was it all in self defense?

623 :20x16 - Flood of Blame

35 people died in the care of a couple who ran a nursing home when hurricane Katrina rolled in and they failed to help them evacuate the premises. Now they face a life of imprisonment. They explain their story for the first time.

624 :20x17 - Who Killed the Beauty Queen?

College student and Miss Arkansas contestant Nona Dirksmeyer was found bludgeoned to death in her apartment on Dec. 15, 2005, just days shy of her 20th birthday. Could it have been her boyfriend who committed the murder? He was found covered in blood, which he says was a result of trying to revive her. But her mom says that the couple had started fighting ever since he left the college the both attended and enrolled in another school. An empty condom wrapper may have set him off in a jealous rage.

625 :20x18 - Addicted to Love

A plastic surgeon has a deadly relationship with one of his patients.

626 :20x19 - The Long Road

Is it possible that the wrong people were convicted of murdering a couple of newlyweds?

627 :20x20 - Love and Death in the Wild

Money greed and sex is behind a murder in Alaska.

628 :20x21 - Stolen Dreams

An investigation of the 2003 bank robberies in Long Island, NY, allegedly committed by Steven Trantel, a Wall Street stock trader.

629 :20x22 - The Lord's Boot Camp

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630 :20x23 - A Long Way From Home

A 21 year old British student Meridith Kercher, was killed in Italy in November, 2007. Amanda Knox, the victim's roommate was jailed for the crime.

631 :20x24 - The Letter

A key to solving a murder may lay in a letter which was written by a woman.

632 :20x25 - Dream Killer

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633 :20x26 - Cold Case

Jennifer Servo, a 22 year old reporter from Montana had just moved to Abilene, TX, to take a job as a reporter at KRBC-TV. But this dream never came true since she was found strangled and had a blunt force trauma on her head inside her apartment. Because there was no forced entry, the police believed she knew her killer yet there was no physical evidence.

634 :20x27 - The Last Take

Actress Christina Helm was murdered in 1997 but has gone unsolved. But an investigation shows that a secret diary may have led to her death.

635 :20x28 - Courting Disaster

An investigation of 2 murders which occurred on the same day and have a tie in together, when on June 12, 2006 Charla Mack of Reno, and the family court judge who was overseeing Mack's divorce, Chuck Weller, were found shot. Charla's husband Darren Mack is the prime suspect in this crime.

636 :20x29 - The Preacher's Wife

A minister's wife is found dead, but did she commit suicide or was someone involved.

637 :20x30 - Point Blank

The authorities need to know whether a murder victim died over the jealousy of his wife.

638 :20x31 - Polygamy: a World Apart

A report concerning polygamy and the Fundamentalist of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their leader Warren Jeffs.

639 :20x32 - Betrayal

An investigation involving a mystery surrounding a computer whiz, his Russian bride and the KGB.

640 :20x33 - Stolen Beauty

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Season 21

Michael Jackson: Picking Up The Pieces

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Michael Jackson: The Last Dance

Coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service from earlier today.

640 :21x01 - Kidnapped

An interview with Shawn Hornbeck, who had been held captive for four years in Missouri after being kidnapped in 2002 at the age of 11 before finally being rescued.

641 :21x02 - Into Thin Air

An investigative search into a mother who disappeared over 30 years ago.

642 :21x03 - Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor?

Dr. Timothy Stryker is accused of murdering his fellow physician Dr. Linda Goudey 15 years ago. Her body was found in the back seat of her car in the parking lot of the Boston-area hospital where she worked. The OB/GYN had places in 24 area of her body which were injured due to her attack and strangulation. The investigators were sure her boyfriend, Dr. Stryker was the killer, but the case went cold after a question involving the circumstantial evidence. Now he gives his first interview about the incident.

643 :21x04 - Blood and Money on Horseshoe Bay

An investigation of the 2005 murder of Charlie White Sr., a 73 year old millionaire from Horseshoe Bay, TX. the main suspect is Charlie's own son, Darin.

644 :21x05 - Vegas Heat

Craig Titus and his wife Kelly Ryan were a pair of stars in the world of bodybuilding. He won Mr. Olympia and she is a fitness champion who graced magazines and won many competitions. Not only is it revealed that the couple used steroids, but they were also hard partiers who used illegal substances. But on Dec. 14, 2005, Ryan's car was found with the charred remains of a woman inside. It was first believed to be Kelly, but the investigators received a surprise when she answered the door. The body was discovered to be that of her assistant Melissa James. The case was decided to be about fame, drugs, sex and jealousy.

645 :21x06 - Truth on Trial

An investigation of the death of Karen Tipton, who was found stabbed in her home in Decatur, AL.

646 :21x07 - Sign of the Times

An inside look at a case in which an mortgage banker is the prime suspect of the deaths of his clients.

647 :21x08 - Drawn to Murder

The police once helped find a teen and convict him of murder, but now they are trying to free this same guy.

648 :21x09 - The Guessing Game

An investigation into the shooting death of a pregnant Belinda Temple, who was killed in her Texas home in 1999. Her husband, David, a high school football coach became the prime suspect.

649 :21x10 - Invitation To A Murder

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650 :21x11 - Peace, Love and Murder

The 2000 stabbing death of a wife and mother is examined by correspondent Harold Dow.

651 :21x12 - Lady in The Water

An investigative look at the murder of Barbara Mullenix, who was killed in Huntington Beach, CA. in 2006. Her body was dumped into Newport Harbor after being stabbed over fifty times.

652 :21x13 - Conspiracy To Kill

An investigation of a lover's triangle between two military men and one woman, all who are now dead.

653 :21x14 - An Invisible Enemy

An investigation into the 2002 murder case of a 23-year old San Diego Marine.

654 :21x15 - Live To Tell - The Year We Disappeared

A killer is terrorizing a girl who is willing to kill her whole family.

655 :21x16 - Live To Tell (2)

A pair of teens survive to tell their harrowing story after being kidnapped and shot while out on a date.

656 :21x17 - Picture Perfect

Travis Alexander was stabbed 27 times and shot in the face in Mesa, Arizona in 2008. His digital camera displayed photos of the victim shortly before his death. Alexander's ex-girlfriend, Jodi Arias, stands accused.

657 :21x18 - Live To Tell (3)

June of 2005 was a dark day in the life of Jean Silverwood. She and her family where out for a serene day of sailing when the boat encountered an accident and was sinking. Now Jean had a choice to make, she could either help save her husband or her four children. Jean tells her story tonight.

658 :21x19 - Toxic

One of the world's leading scientists is dead, and investigators suspect that foul play was involved.

659 :21x20 - Point Blank

Traci and Scott Rhode were a devoting couple of high school sweethearts with three children, who had lived together for 20 years now. But on October 15, 2003, Scott was found with a gunshot wound to his head inside their Brownsville, Texas home. Was it a murder or a suicide made to look like a murder? After a 2-year investigation, Traci was arrested. With some crying for mercy and others crying for blood, Traci's fate lay in the hands of the jurors, who were about to deliver a jaw dropping decision.

660 :21x21 - The Curious Case Of Colonel Shue

An Air Force soldier's death was ruled an accident, but his wife wants to prove it was not.

661 :21x22 - American Girl, Italian Nightmare

An American, Amanda Knox, is on trial in Perugia Italy, accused of killing her British roommate, Meredith Kercher on November 2008.

662 :21x23 - Death Without Mercy

An investigation into the 2005 death of James Michael of West Virginia, in where he was found inside of his burned out home which was believed to set on purpose. The main suspect...his wife, Michelle.

663 :21x24 - Deep Secret

An investigation into the disappearance of a teen to determine whether foul play was involved and if a serial killer was responsible.

664 :21x25 - Dark Voyage

Newport Beach is an area where good and evil intersect in the waters.

665 :21x26 - Catch Her If You Can

An interview with Esther Reed, just after her 2009 sentencing for fraud and identity theft, after the con artist assumed the identities of several people to gain admittance into select Ivy League universities and collect student loans.

666 :21x27 - Daddy's Girl

A stepfather's death has a brother and sister at odds with each other.

Season 22

667 :22x01 - Seven Days of Rage

An investigation of the Craigslist killer.

668 :22x02 - The Godfather's Daughter

Family members give an account of life inside of the mob's Gotti family.

669 :22x03 - Show Me the Money

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670 :22x04 - The Untold Story of Caylee Anthony

We'll show the newest happenings revealed in the Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony case.

671 :22x05 - Haunted

A woman does her own investigating to find out who murdered her father.

672 :22x06 - Death Wish

An investigation is held to determine whether a mother who had visions that she would die just before she had drowned was a suicide or a murder.

673 :22x07 - A Case For Murder

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674 :22x08 - Death Row Diaries

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677 :22x11 - The Lost Children

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679 :22x13 - Kidnapped on Highway

A family traveling from Mexico is kidnapped and held hostage.

680 :22x14 - Innocence Lost

Four girls were brutally murdered and two teenagers were convicted for their deaths. However, 18 years later the case was reopened.

682 :22x16 - The Secret

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683 :22x17 - Thou Shalt Not KIll

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684 :22x18 - A Time To Kill

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685 :22x19 - Lies and Whispers

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686 :22x20 - A Cry For Innocence

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687 :22x21 - Lady in the Pool

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689 :22x23 - In Too Deep

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691 :22x25 - My Mother's Murder

A teenager's mother is killed a year after the teen's father.

Source: CBS

692 :22x26 - Unmasking A Killer

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693 :22x27 - A Killer Defense

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694 :22x28 - Shelley's Last Breath

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695 :22x29 - He Dug His Own Grave

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696 :22x30 - Mark of a Killer

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Season 23

Casey Anthony: Judgement Day

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697 :23x01 - The Killing Game

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699 :23x03 - The Whole Truth

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700 :23x04 - The One Who Got Away

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701 :23x05 - The Preacher's Wife

• No Summary (Add Here)

702 :23x06 - Dirty Little Secrets

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706 :23x10 - Shootout at the Hills

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710 :23x14 - Fatal Choices

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711 :23x15 - Body Of Lies

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712 :23x16 - Temptation

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716 :23x20 - Playing With Fire

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719 :23x23 - Betting Her Life

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720 :23x24 - River's Edge

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721 :23x25 - The Lost Night

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724 :23x28 - Grave Injustice

Students help free a man 16 years after he's sentenced to death.

Source: CBS

725 :23x29 - Last Chance for Justice

A phone call to a wrong number solves a 30-year-old murder case. Erin Moriarty reports.

Source: CBS

726 :23x30 - The Facebook Detectives

Three women use Facebook to investigate their friend's disappearance. Maureen Maher reports.

Source: CBS

727 :23x31 - The Boy Next Door

Three murders from Chicago to Los Angeles. Who's killing beautiful young women? "48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Maureen Maher reports.

Source: CBS

728 :23x32 - House of Secrets

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729 :23x33 - Follow the Money

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Season 24

The West Memphis 3 - Free

The release of the West Memphis Three (Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley), who were convicted of murdering three 8-year-old boys in 1993, is the focus.

Source: CBS

Vanity Fair: Hollywood Scandal

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Tragedy In Aurora

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730 :24x01 - Arturo Gatti's Last Fight (1)

The 2009 death of boxer Arturo Gatti is investigated to determine whether he committed suicide or was murdered.

Source: CBS

731 :24x02 - Amanda Knox: The Untold Story

Stunning revelations and the inside story on the case the world has been following.

Source: CBS

732 :24x03 - Redemption Song

The 1985 murder of Natalie Antonetti in Austin is investigated. The victim was beaten to death in her home, but the case quickly went cold until a phone call more than 20 years later led the police to a surprising suspect.

Source: CBS

733 :24x04 - The Killing Fields

48 Hours Mystery - The Killing Fields New
An unsolved Texas killing spree is the focus.

Source: CBS

734 :24x05 - Murder in the O.C. (1)

The 1994 murder of millionaire William McLaughlin in his Newport Beach, Cal., home is investigated. The probe centers on former NFL linebacker Eric Naposki and the victim's girlfriend Nanette Packard.

Source: CBS

735 :24x06 - Private Needham's War

The 2008 beating death of 19-year-old Jacque Villagomez is investigated, as are the charges brought against her boyfriend, John Needham, a former soldier who served in Iraq and was given a medical discharge from the Army.

Source: CBS

736 :24x07 - Murder at the Manor

A Cajun millionaire turned English gentleman becomes a suspect in a murder investigation.

Source: CBS

737 :24x08 - Secrets of a Marriage

The 2007 shooting death of Jocelyn Earnest, who was found in her Virginia home with a gun and a suicide note, is investigated. Her husband, Wesley, an assistant high-school principal, is a chief suspect in the case.

Source: CBS

738 :24x09 - Live to Tell: Three Days Before Christmas

Two sisters recall a deadly home invasion just before Christmas.

Source: CBS

740 :24x11 - Family Affair

A major break in the Long Island Serial Killer case. Erin Moriarty has the latest developments.

Source: CBS

741 :24x12 - Showdown in the Bedroom

After a husband and wife face off in the bedroom, a father is gunned down and a mother is on trial. Richard Schlesinger reports.

Source: CBS

742 :24x13 - A Fatal Attraction

Forbidden young love ends with a mother's violent murder. Richard Schlesinger reports.

Source: CBS

743 :24x14 - Dark Side of Paradise

When an American goes missing from his sailboat in the Caribbean, his nephew follows the trail with the help of a journalist-turned-manhunter. Peter Van Sant reports.

Source: CBS

744 :24x15 - Screenplay for Murder

The diary of a "Dexter" fan might be a screenplay or a confession to murder.

Source: CBS

745 :24x16 - Soccer Moms Confidential

Soccer moms-turned-private investigators...
real-life "Charlie's Angels." But there were secrets and danger. Maureen Maher reports.

Source: CBS

746 :24x17 - Fatal Episode: The Producer's Story

An ex-reality show producer charged with a real-life murder... "48 Hours Mystery" has his only interview from prison. Troy Roberts reports.

Source: CBS

747 :24x18 - The Country Club Murders

A professional poker player is under suspicion for the brutal murder of his parents. Peter Van Sant reports.

Source: CBS

748 :24x19 - The Boy Next Door

Three murders from Chicago to Los Angeles. Who's killing beautiful young women? Maureen Maher has the latest in the case.

Source: CBS

749 :24x20 - Grave Injustice

Convicted of murder and sentenced to death - 16 years later students help set him free. Richard Schlesinger reports.

Source: CBS

750 :24x21 - Arturo Gatti's Last Fight (2)

The dramatic conclusion: Two years after retiring, did world championship boxer Arturo Gatti kill himself or was he murdered? Erin Moriarty has the official findings and the answer to who gets his millions.

Source: CBS

751 :24x22 - A Family's Honor

What would prompt a father to kill his own daughter? Investigators believe the motive behind the murder is almost as shocking as the crime. Troy Roberts reports.

Source: CBS

752 :24x23 - The Stranger Beside Me

A young woman, conned by her boyfriend, disappears. Erin Moriarty reports.

Source: CBS

753 :24x24 - Mystery on Twin Peaks Drive

Author Ann Rule helps a mother prove her daughter was murdered. Peter Van Sant reports.

Source: CBS

754 :24x25 - Death Wish

Did a motivational speaker motivate someone to kill him? Richard Schlesinger reports.

Source: CBS

755 :24x26 - The Writing on the Wall

The wife and sons of the head of security for a televangeist are murdered. Who wanted this family dead? Maureen Maher reports.

Source: CBS

756 :24x27 - Ransom

A millionaire's son kidnapped, a wild ransom note and a family on the edge of terror. Peter Van Sant reports

Source: CBS

757 :24x28 - Live To Tell: An Officer and a Hero

48 Hours Live to Tell: An unarmed police officer tackles a gunman to end a brutal home invasion that killed a mother of two

Source: CBS

758 :24x29 - One of Their Own

The 1986 murder of Sherri Rae Rasmussen in Los Angeles is investigated. The nurse was shot to death in her home. After more than 20 years, the cold case focuses on a police officer.

Source: CBS

759 :24x30 - Murder in the O.C. (2)

A former NFL player convicted of killing a California millionaire vows to tell "48 Hours" correspondent Troy Roberts who really did it.

Source: CBS

Season 25


The victims ... the hero's ... the survivors ... the investigation. The latest details in the deadly rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Source: CBS

760 :25x01 - My Dad's Killer

"48 Hours" plays a part in a daughter's decade-long efforts to get justice for her murdered father. Richard Schlesinger reports.

Source: CBS

761 :25x02 - Friends for Life

An unfaithful husband is shot dead - do his wife and her best friend have a clue? Erin Moriarty reports.

Source: CBS

762 :25x03 - Collision Course

A car crash leaves a young Iraq veteran dead - but her boyfriend alive. The crash didn't kill her, what did? Susan Spencer reports.

Source: CBS

763 :25x04 - The Preacher's Passion

An actress is dead and her preacher boyfriend prays for answers. Maureen Maher reports.

Source: CBS

764 :25x05 - Lina's Heart

A beautiful wife and mother is suddenly dead. Would a twin really know if his brother was a
killer? Erin Moriarty investigates.

Source: CBS

765 :25x06 - Secrets of the River

Mackenzie Cowell was a dancer, a model and a high school senior. Was her brutal murder captured on video? Peter Van Sant reports.

Source: CBS

766 :25x07 - Highway of Tears

A haunted highway that attracts evil ... over 20 girls missing or murdered. Who killed them? Peter Van Sant investigates.

Source: CBS

767 :25x08 - Presumed Guilty

A convicted killer's son believes his dad is innocent, but can he find the evidence to prove it? Troy Roberts reports.

Source: CBS

768 :25x09 - The Hunt for Mr. Wright

After 40 years on the run, we know where a convicted killer is. Now what? Susan Spencer reports.

Source: CBS

769 :25x10 - Everything to Lose

A mother torments her daughter's killer -- can she get him to confess? Richard Schlesinger reports.

Source: CBS

770 :25x11 - Shattered Dreams

Would a husband drug his kids so they wouldn't hear him kill his wife? Maureen Maher reports.

Source: CBS

771 :25x12 - The Perfect Family

A mother is brutally murdered revealing shocking family secrets - is the killer at home? Tracy Smith reports.

Source: CBS

772 :25x13 - Picture Perfect: The Trial of Jodi Arias

A report on the trial of Jodi Arias, who claims she killed her boyfriend Travis Alexander in self-defense in 2008.

Source: CBS

773 :25x14 - Crazy Love

A brat, a Batman collector, filthy rich and dead - who killed Miami hotel heir Benji Novack? Troy Roberts reports.

Source: CBS

774 :25x15 - Live To Tell: The Stranger You Know

A woman survives a brutal beating in her home.

Source: CBS

775 :25x16 - Desperate Measures

A married couple is assassinated -- could an online map have led killers to the wrong house? Peter Van Sant reports.

Source: CBS

776 :25x17 - Honor and Dishonor

Two women are dead and the prime suspect is a decorated soldier. Can the Army convict one of its own? Richard Schlesinger offers a rare look inside the Army's JAG judicial system.

Source: CBS

777 :25x18 - The Accuser

Ryan Ferguson is serving 40 years for murder. Now his accuser says it was all a lie. Can "48 Hours" help him get his life back? Erin Moriarty reports.

Source: CBS

778 :25x19 - The Usual Suspect

Fast cars, fast friends, financial fraud and a wife's murder. Will a mistress wear a wire to help police find a killer? Maureen Maher reports.

Source: CBS

779 :25x20 - Cold as Ice

A childhood memory of a friend's murder could be the key to solving a 55-year-old cold case.

Source: CBS

780 :25x21 - Ambushed

• No Summary (Add Here)

781 :25x22 - Murder in the O.C.

• No Summary (Add Here)

782 :25x23 - The Writing on the Wall

An investigation into the 2009 murders of the wife and two sons of a security chief for Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Source: CBS

783 :25x24 - Power and Passion

An investigation into the death of a powerful politician's girlfriend.

Source: CBS

784 :25x25 - Caught

A case that inspired the 2013 movie "Pain & Gain," about bodybuilders who plotted to kidnap and murder wealthy people.

Source: CBS

785 :25x26 - Muscle and Mayhem

A case that inspired the 2013 movie "Pain & Gain," about bodybuilders who plotted to kidnap and murder wealthy people.

Source: CBS

786 :25x27 - Over the Edge

An investigation into the disappearance of Dawn Viens in 2009 and why her husband David, a California chef, jumped from a cliff when he became a suspect in the case.

Source: CBS

787 :25x28 - Murder At Sea

The disappearance of George Smith, who vanished from a cruise ship in 2005 while on his honeymoon in the Mediterranean, is investigated.

Source: CBS

788 :25x29 - The War in Chicago

An investigation into drugs, guns and gangs in Chicago.

Source: CBS

Season 26

As It Happened: John F. Kennedy 50 Years

The one-hour special delivers a portrait of a Presidency 1,000 days in, as well as of a Kennedy family that had captured the hearts of a nation. The assassination would change everything.

Source: CBS

Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation

A "48 Hours" special from the journalists of CBS News exploring the social, cultural and political impact of Mandela's life on the world.

Source: CBS

The Whole Gritty City

The raw, un-narrated film goes behind the scenes with three dedicated New Orleans marching band directors. Their goal is to prepare students to march in Mardi Gras parades, but the real lesson they teach is survival in a city with one of the highest murder rates in the country.

Source: CBS
Guest Hosts: Wynton Marsalis as Himself (Correspondent)

Live to Tell: One Last Hug

A breakup, one last hug. Was a college student walking into her own murder?

Source: CBS
Featuring: Troy Roberts as Himself (Correspondent)

976 :26x01 - The Sweetheart Murders

The so-called “Sweetheart Murders” of Sabrina Gonsalves and John Riggins near Sacramento in 1980 are investigated. Troy Roberts is the correspondent.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Troy Roberts as Himself (Correspondent)

977 :26x02 - Spies, Lies & Secrets

The 2012 death of American engineer Shane Todd in Singapore is investigated. His death was officially ruled a suicide, but his parents believe he was murdered.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Troy Roberts as Himself (Correspondent)

978 :26x03 - Death at Cottonwood Creek

In the investigation of the murder of a one-time millionaire, both his ex-wife and his son are suspects.

Source: CBS

979 :26x04 - AKA Rockefeller

The mysterious life of Christian Gerhartsreiter, who pretended to be Clark Rockefeller of the famous Rockefeller family, is investigated, as are allegations that he murdered John Sohus in 1985.

Source: CBS

980 :26x05 - The Ghosts of Greenwich

Reporting the developments in Michael Skakel's case for a retrial in the murder of Martha Moxley.

981 :26x06 - Loved to Death

This episode reports on break up violence which is become common among school kids and takes a look at the 2011 murder of 18-year-old Lauren Astley by her ex-boyfriend Nathaniel Fujita.

982 :26x07 - Relentless

The 2006 murder of Nicole Pietz in Seattle is investigated. The victim's mother believes she knows who committed the crime.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Peter Van Sant as Himself (Correspondent)

983 :26x08 - The Devil's Twin

The 2003 murder of Heather DeWild in Colorado is investigated. Her husband, Daniel, and his twin brother are chief suspects in the case.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Erin Moriarty as Herself (Correspondent)

984 :26x09 - Hollywood Secrets

An aspiring actress is brutally strangled. DNA was left all over the crime scene... leading police to a surprising suspect. Maureen Maher reports.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Maureen Maher as Herself (Correspondent)

985 :26x10 - Walking Free

• No Summary (Add Here)
Featuring: Richard Schlesinger as Himself (Correspondent)

986 :26x11 - Love, Hate & Obsession

Who wanted a one-time millionaire dead more: his ex-wife or his son? Peter Van Sant reports.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Peter Van Sant as Himself (Correspondent)

987 :26x12 - Death at the Parsonage

All-new: An apparent suicide in a Pennsylvania church exposes secrets a pastor wants to keep hidden.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Richard Schlesinger as Himself (Correspondent)

988 :26x13 - Perilous Journey

An examination of the sometimes-shady business of international child adoptions.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Maureen Maher as Herself (Correspondent)

989 :26x14 - A Bad Bet

Parker was sentenced to two life sentences last year for killing his wife Tammy and his business partner Bryan Capnerhurst back in April of 2012.

The show will include interviews and details about the case you may not have heard before.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Richard Schlesinger as Himself (Correspondent)

990 :26x15 - Death at Soho House

All new: An Oscar winner's son, a fashion designer girlfriend -- one is dead. Was it murder or an accident?

Source: CBS
Featuring: Troy Roberts as Himself (Correspondent)

991 :26x16 - Pain and Gain

Featuring tonight is the real life story behind the movie 'Pain & Gain' following two bodybuilders who planned to not only abduct but also murder rich people.
Featuring: Troy Roberts as Himself (Correspondent)

992 :26x17 - The Last Confession

A beauty queen is found murdered. The prime suspect -- the priest who heard her confession.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Richard Schlesinger as Himself (Correspondent)

993 :26x18 - The Blue River Murder

A mother of three is found dead. She had secrets -- did she name her own killer?

Source: CBS
Featuring: Tracy Smith (2) as Herself (Correspondent)

994 :26x19 - Fateful Connection

A detective is haunted by the case of two women missing for 30 years. Now she’s hot on the trail of a killer -- can she catch him? Susan Spencer reports.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Susan Spencer as Herself (Correspondent)

995 :26x20 - Ryan Feguson @ Life After Ten

Wrongly convicted of murder and finally free, can Ryan Ferguson put his life back together?

Source: CBS
Featuring: Erin Moriarty as Herself (Correspondent)

996 :26x21 - Last Chance

Why would a man confess to killing his 14-year-old cousin if he didn't do it?

Source: CBS
Featuring: Erin Moriarty as Herself (Correspondent)

997 :26x22 - Wounded by Love

A lover is shot dead - will cell phone video taken in the aftermath be enough to clear or convict?

Source: CBS
Featuring: Troy Roberts as Himself (Correspondent)

998 :26x23 - Father and Son

A investigation into the 2011 death of Uta von Schwedler in Utah, were the son of the victim is under the belief that his father is the killer.
Featuring: Susan Spencer as Herself (Correspondent)

1000 :26x24 - Decades of Deceit

Can a Facebook-savvy investigator solve a two-decade old case of a murdered mom? Troy Roberts reports Saturday, April 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Troy Roberts as Himself (Correspondent)

1001 :26x25 - Dangerous Beauty

Peter Van Sant explores the murder of a Washington father, and discloses how a mysterious tipster led Florida police right to a former beauty pageant queen.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Peter Van Sant as Himself (Correspondent)

1002 :26x26 - Temptation in Texas

Investigators take an in-depth look at a single story of real-life crime, considering it from multiple angles in their pursuit of the truth.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Peter Van Sant as Himself (Correspondent)

1003 :26x27 - A Raging Son

Investigators take an in-depth look at a single story of real-life crime, considering it from multiple angles in their pursuit of the truth.
Featuring: Troy Roberts as Himself (Correspondent)

1004 :26x28 - A Daughter, a Mortgage & Two Murders

A couple killed, a daughter suspected - could a mortgage application lead to the killer? Erin Moriarty reports.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Erin Moriarty as Herself (Correspondent)

1005 :26x29 - End of the Trail

Discussion with an important witness in a murder case against an Arizona stockbroker.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Maureen Maher as Herself (Correspondent)

1006 :26x30 - The Lost Daughter

A college student missing for 25 years -- has a Florida sheriff’s office solved one of the state’s biggest mysteries? Tracy Smith reports.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Tracy Smith (2) as Herself (Correspondent)

1007 :26x31 - The Trials of Cal Harris

Special night: Facing a third trial for killing his wife, a wealthy New York businessman gives his first interview to "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty.

Source: CBS News
Featuring: Erin Moriarty as Herself (Correspondent)

1008 :26x32 - Oscar Pistorius: Shots in the Dark

A close friend of Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius talks about his trial.

Source: CBS

Season 27

Blade Runner: The Verdict

A South African judge reveals her verdict in the Oscar Pistorius murder case.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Debora Patta as Herself (Correspondent) | Peter Van Sant as Himself (Correspondent) | Richard Schlesinger as Himself (Correspondent)

1009 :27x01 - Paradise Lost

Did a Wall Street millionaire shoot himself, or was he murdered in his 50,000-square-foot home in Costa Rica? Susan Spencer and 48 HOURS head to the rainforest to investigate what happened to John Bender.

Source: CBS
Featuring: Susan Spencer as Herself (Correspondent)

1010 :27x02 - Mommy Dearest

Twenty years after a Palm Beach socialite killed her husband, the same gun is used in another shooting in the family.

Source: CBS

1011 :27x03 - The Hit

Did a desire for the lifestyle of the rich and famous drive a socialite to kill or did the mob target her gambler ex-husband?

Source: cbs

1012 :27x04 - Kristen's Secret

A former middle school athlete kept quiet about years of abuse by a trusted coach. Can she now get the woman to admit to her crimes? Tracy Smith reports.

Source: cbs

1013 :27x05 - Live to Tell: I Remember Everything

A woman who was kidnapped as a teenager recalls her will to survive; girl assaulted by schoolmates.

Source: CBS

1014 :27x06 - The Pact

The family of 15-year-old John McCabe work tirelessly to find out how and why he was murdered.

Source: CBS

1015 :27x07 - Prison Diaries

A TV producer who's killed his wife, records a film in a Mexican prison.

1016 :27x08 - Devil's Island

A ex-Marine's girlfriend with a hidden life goes missing in Panama.

1017 :27x09 - The Girl Next Door

A woman kills her former husband, but claims it was self defense.

1018 :27x10 - The Sober Truth

A young woman, an alcoholic, thought she found help and a safe place -- what she found was a killer. 48 Hours correspondent Maureen Maher reports.

Source: CBS

1019 :27x11 - The Two Faces of Todd Winkler

A family man accused of killing his wife has a bizarre outburst in court. Is he crazy or calculating?

Source: CBS

1020 :27x12 - Live To Tell: Sole Survivor

A young girl plays dead to live through a shooting that destroyed her family and describes her remarkable story of survival.

Source: CBS

1021 :27x13 - The Ultimatum

The daughters of a businesswoman who was gunned down look for her killer.

Source: CBS TV

1022 :27x14 - Murder in Pinyon Pines

A triple murder, a young woman set afire in a wheelbarrow. Will this haunting clue close the case? Troy Roberts investigates.

Source: CBS

1023 :27x15 - Kiss of Death and the Google Exec

A young woman is charged with giving a Google executive the lethal dose of heroin that ended his life.

Source: CBS TV

1024 :27x16 - The Millionaire, the Model & the Hit Man

Accusations that a millionaire health supplement distributor hired a hit man to kill his model wife of seven years.

Source: CBS

1025 :27x17 - Gone

Two days after going on "Dr. Phil" to talk about his son's missing mother, a Texas man tells the police a completely different story.

Source: CBS TV

1026 :27x18 - Dangerous Games

After being drawn into the world of bondage and domination, a college student ends up dead, leaving authorities to investigate whether it was an accident or murder.

Source: CBS

1027 :27x19 - Fall From Grace

Police question whether a young wife's apparent suicide was really a murder committed by someone involved with the alleged cult run by her husband.

Source: CBS

1028 :27x20 - Blaming Melissa

A young woman is serving a 31-year murder sentence for a crime she says she didn’t commit. If that’s the case, why did she confess? "48 Hours" Erin Moriarty investigates.

Source: CBS

1029 :27x21 - Murder in Aspen

Who wanted an Aspen legend dead? Some say anyone who ever met her. Maureen Maher investigates.

Source: CBS

1030 :27x22 - Bruce Beresford-Redman: The Verdict

A TV producer is sentenced to 12 years in a Mexican prison for killing his wife, a crime he says he didn't commit.

Source: CBS

1031 :27x23 - Cold Case: Who Killed Amy Gellert?

Help cops solve a 20-year-old case. A young woman killed, her family brutally stabbed – someone out there knows something ... is it you? Erin Moriarty reports.

Source: CBS

1032 :27x24 - The Bizarre Saga of Robert Durst

New details in the investigation into a millionaire surrounded by wealth and death--the real story behind the headlines. "48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty reports.

Source: CBS

1033 :27x25 - The Pretender

The Pretender - A man wanted for murder pretends to be a reporter for the New York Times.

1034 :27x26 - The Accidental Husband

Two wives die in freak accidents 17 years apart. One man was married to both women. Is he just unlucky or does he know more than he’s telling? Peter Van Sant investigates.

Source: CBS News

1035 :27x27 - Death After Midnight

Ashley Fallis' New Year's Day death was initially ruled a suicide, and the case was closed after Evans police investigated the incident in 2012. Evans Police Chief Rick Brandt reopened the case in April 2014 after receiving previously unheard witness accounts and claims that officers mishandled the investigation.

Source: CBS

1036 :27x28 - To Catch A Genius

A successful wife dead from nicotine poisoning. Her genius husband beat "Jeopardy!" -- can he beat a murder rap? Erin Moriarty investigates.

Source: CBS

1037 :27x29 - The Verdict

A wife says she shot her husband in self-defense. Police say she’s a killer. Who's correct? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates. This week's "48 Hours" begins with a surprising twist – the verdict is revealed in the first few minutes of the show. Correspondent Peter Van Sant explains why. Watch his report, "The Verdict" Saturday, April 25 at at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Source: CBS

1038 :27x30 - A Vision of Murder

A Florida mother claims she saw the murder of a friend in a dream. Is she a clairvoyant or is she a killer? Peter Van Sant investigates.

Source: CBS TV

1039 :27x31 - Father and Son: The Verdict

CASE UPDATE: A son is determined to prove his father, a doctor, killed his mother, a noted scientist. Will a jury believe him? Correspondent Susan Spencer reports.

Source: CBS TV

1040 :27x32 - Janet's Secret

She was murdered at 23. Five suspects and cops couldn’t arrest anyone. It was the perfect crime for 34 years--until now. Correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates.

Source: CBS

Season 28

48 Hours Presents: The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs

All 12 living CIA directors share their passionate disagreements about the agency's past and its future. Mandy Patinkin narrates.

Source: CBS News

1042 :28x02 - The Doctor's Daughter

A prominent doctor is charged with murdering his wife - he says she fell - Can their daughters 911 call decide his fate?

Source: CBS

1043 :28x03 - Shadow of Death

Troy Roberts and 48 HOURS investigate the case against a young man who police say snuck into his family's upscale California home and shot dead his parents and paralyzed a younger brother.

Source: CBS

1044 :28x04 - Vengeance in Vegas

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the death of a beautiful mom who was brutally murdered after her shift as a Las Vegas casino cocktail waitress

Source: CBS

1045 :28x05 - The Hunter

Troy Roberts and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of Army combat medic Kelli Bordeaux and the unconventional hunt for her killer

Source: CBS

1046 :28x06 - The Bugs Bunny Defense

Linda Duffey shot her husband - that is clear. What's not so clear is what led up to the shooting. Prosecutors say it was a cold-hearted murder. Duffey, however, maintains it was an accident that occurred when she and her husband Patrick reenacted a moment from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Source: CBS

1047 :28x07 - Paris Under Attack

• No Summary (Add Here)

1048 :28x08 - The Accidental Husband

Two wives die in freak accidents 17 years apart. One man was married to both women. Is he just unlucky or does he know more than he’s telling? Peter Van Sant investigates.

Source: CBS News

1049 :28x09 - The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld

Kurt Sonnenfeld maintains his wife Nancy put a gun to her head and killed herself in the early morning hours of Jan. 1, 2002. Denver Police think otherwise. However, investigators may never get a chance at proving their case. That's because Sonnenfeld has a new life, a new wife, and is living in Argentina a country that has yet to agree to extradite him to the U.S.

1050 :28x10 - Road to Redemption

For more than two decades, Jeanne Bishop struggled to understand why her sister and brother-in-law were murdered by an intruder who shot both of them in their suburban Chicago home in 1990. But can she heal by meeting face-to-face with the shooter to get those answers - and trying to forgive him along the way?

Source: CBS

1051 :28x11 - Dear Savanna

Dorothy Lee Barnett eluded the FBI for two decades after she fled the United States with her infant daughter in tow. Now, for the first time, Barnett shares her story.

Source: CBS

1052 :28x12 - The Two Faces of Todd Winkler

A family man accused of killing his wife has a bizarre outburst in court. Is he crazy or calculating? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Source: CBS News

1053 :28x13 - Love and Death in Alaska

Is Mechele Linehan a conniving ex-stripper who should be in jail for murder, or was she unfairly targeted by police because of a past life? Susan Spencer investigates.

Source: CBS News

1054 :28x14 - The Verdict

A wife says she shot her husband in self-defense. Police say she’s a killer. Who’s correct? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates.

Source: CBS News

1055 :28x15 - Live to Tell: My Name Is Victoria

A California woman kidnapped, tortured and left for dead reveals her extraordinary tale of survival and the hunt that led to an "Austin Powers" actor. Erin Moriarty reports.

Source: CBS News

1056 :28x16 - Murder 90210

Can millionaire Robert Durst beat another murder rap? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.

Source: CBS News

1057 :28x17 - Target Justice

A Texas town on edge -- someone was killing prosecutors. Was it a gang hit or could the killer be one of their own? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Source: CBS News

1058 :28x18 - What Did the Children See?

What happens when a former hard-charging prosecutor is prosecuted for his wife's murder in his old courtroom? "48 Hours"' Maureen Maher investigates.

Source: CBS News

1059 :28x19 - A Student of Murder

Was the shooting of a Seattle man a random incident of road rage, or was the gunman a self-taught killer intent on finding the perfect moment to kill? Peter Van Sant investigates.

Source: CBS News

1060 :28x20 - Trail of Tears

A couple's mountain hike turns deadly. The girlfriend had a haunting premonition -- did she predict her own murder? "48 Hours'" Peter Van Sant investigates.

Source: CBS News

1061 :28x21 - Playing by the Rules?

A popular football coach is serving life for killing his pregnant wife -- was evidence hidden that could set him free? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Source: CBS News

1062 :28x22 - Eliminating the Threat

48 Hours" Presents: An elite FBI agent shoots his wife after he says she came after him with a knife -- was it self-defense or murder? Susan Spencer investigates.

Source: CBS News

1063 :28x23 - What Happened in Apt. 1601?

Three friends walk into a studio apartment, and only two come out alive. At least one of them is a killer, but which one?"48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Source: CBS News

1064 :28x24 - A Mother Accused

In her only interview, a mother convicted of murder by poisoning her son with salt claims it was the hospital's mistake. Is she right? "48 Hours"' Troy Roberts investigates.

Source: CBS News

1065 :28x25 - The Last Confession

More than five decades after the brutal murder of a young woman, will her family see a former priest suspected of killing her face trial?

Source: CBS News

1066 :28x26 - Ryan Poston Murder Part 1: Breaking Point

Part 1 of 2. A lawyer shot -- his girlfriend admits she pulled the trigger and then dances in a strange police video -- was it self-defense or love gone bad?

Source: CBS News

1067 :28x27 - Ryan Poston Murder Part 2: Obsessed

Part 2 of 2. A lawyer shot -- his girlfriend admits she pulled the trigger and then dances in a strange police video -- was it self-defense or love gone bad?

Source: CBS News

1068 :28x28 - Blood in the Sand

Two teens killed on the same Calif. beach six years apart. DNA on one of the victims leads to two suspects -- one of them worked for the police. Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Source: CBS News

1069 :28x29 - The Soldier's Wife

A young wife shot dead -- her soldier husband pulled the trigger. Was it an accident or murder?

Source: CBS News

1070 :28x30 - Death of an Olympian

Olympic hero Dave Laut shot six times -- his wife pulled the trigger. Was it murder or self-defense? In her first TV interview, Jane Laut tells Erin Moriarty she's been hiding a secret.

Source: CBS News
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 19, 1988
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