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48 Hours

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 Season 17(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
511 17x01 06/Aug/2004 Going to Extremes N/A
512 17x02 25/Sep/2004 Written in Blood N/A
513 17x03 02/Oct/2004 The Ghosts of El Segundo N/A
514 17x04 09/Oct/2004 Dark Side of the Mesa N/A
515 17x05 16/Oct/2004 Who Killed Stephanie Crowe? N/A
516 17x06 23/Oct/2004 American Taboo N/A
517 17x07 30/Oct/2004 On the Verge of a Verdict N/A
518 17x08 06/Nov/2004 The Right to Kill N/A
519 17x09 13/Nov/2004 Vanished N/A
520 17x10 20/Nov/2004 Eye of the Beholder N/A
521 17x11 27/Nov/2004 Black Dahlia Confidential N/A
522 17x12 11/Dec/2004 Why Did Eric Kill? N/A
523 17x13 18/Dec/2004 JonBenet: Prime Suspects N/A
524 17x14 08/Jan/2005 A Shot in the Dark N/A
525 17x15 15/Jan/2005 Where's Our Baby? N/A
526 17x16 22/Jan/2005 Hostage N/A
527 17x17 29/Jan/2005 Michael Jackson: Critical Stage N/A
528 17x18 05/Feb/2005 Murder in the Hamptons N/A
529 17x19 12/Feb/2005 Postmarked for Murder N/A
530 17x20 19/Feb/2005 Chamber of Secrets N/A
531 17x21 26/Feb/2005 Rescued from the Shadows N/A
532 17x22 05/Mar/2005 Secrets of the Well N/A
533 17x23 12/Mar/2005 Prime Suspect N/A
534 17x24 26/Mar/2005 A Question of Murder N/A
535 17x25 09/Apr/2005 Blood Feud N/A
536 17x26 16/Apr/2005 Prescription for Murder? N/A
537 17x27 23/Apr/2005 Terror at the Morgue N/A
538 17x28 30/Apr/2005 The Man Who Knew Too Much N/A
539 17x29 07/May/2005 Secrets from the Grave N/A
540 17x30 14/May/2005 A Mind for Murder N/A
541 17x31 21/May/2005 Two Wigs, a Gun and a Murder N/A

 Season 18(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
542 18x01 24/Sep/2005 Back From the Dead N/A
543 18x02 01/Oct/2005 Out of the Shadows N/A
544 18x03 08/Oct/2005 Strange Truth N/A
545 18x04 15/Oct/2005 Defending Your Life N/A
546 18x05 22/Oct/2005 Secrets and Lies on Grapevine Lake N/A
547 18x06 29/Oct/2005 Scared to Death N/A
548 18x07 05/Nov/2005 Jeffrey MacDonald: Time for Truth N/A
549 18x08 12/Nov/2005 Sex, Lies and the Doctor's Wife N/A
550 18x09 19/Nov/2005 Nightmare in Napa N/A
551 18x10 26/Nov/2005 Deadly Ride N/A
552 18x11 10/Dec/2005 Love, Lies, Murder N/A
553 18x12 17/Dec/2005 Who Killed the Newlyweds? N/A
554 18x13 20/Dec/2005 The Mystery of Christmas N/A
555 18x14 07/Jan/2006 The Girl Next Door N/A
556 18x15 21/Jan/2006 The Phone Call N/A
557 18x16 28/Jan/2006 Rage on the Run N/A
558 18x17 04/Feb/2006 Blaming the Babysitter N/A
559 18x18 18/Feb/2006 Dream Killer N/A
560 18x19 25/Feb/2006 What They Did For Love N/A
561 18x20 04/Mar/2006 The Highest Stakes N/A
562 18x21 11/Mar/2006 Texas Confidential N/A
563 18x22 25/Mar/2006 Natalee Holloway: New Clues in Paradise N/A
564 18x23 08/Apr/2006 Love Lost N/A
565 18x24 15/Apr/2006 A Knock on the Door N/A
566 18x25 22/Apr/2006 The Marilyn Tapes N/A
567 18x26 29/Apr/2006 Deadly Proposal N/A
568 18x27 06/May/2006 The Last Dance N/A
569 18x28 13/May/2006 Cheatin' Heart N/A
570 18x29 20/May/2006 Duty, Death and Dishonor N/A
571 18x30 30/May/2006 Deadly Obsession N/A

 Season 19(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
572 19x01 23/Sep/2006 Dark Voyage N/A
573 19x02 30/Sep/2006 The Informer N/A
574 19x03 07/Oct/2006 Millionaire Manhunt N/A
575 19x04 14/Oct/2006 Dangerous Liaisons N/A
576 19x05 21/Oct/2006 Nashville Blues N/A
577 19x06 28/Oct/2006 Scientology - A Question of Faith N/A
578 19x07 04/Nov/2006 Memory of Murder N/A
579 19x08 11/Nov/2006 Exposed N/A
580 19x09 18/Nov/2006 Blood & Money N/A
581 19x10 25/Nov/2006 Decade of Mystery N/A
582 19x11 02/Dec/2006 Deadly Proposal N/A
583 19x12 09/Dec/2006 Murder on Lockhart Road N/A
584 19x13 23/Dec/2006 Duty, Death and Dishonor N/A
585 19x14 30/Dec/2006 Rage On The Run N/A
586 19x15 06/Jan/2007 Endgame 9
587 19x16 13/Jan/2007 Murder on His Mind N/A
588 19x17 16/Jan/2007 Searching for Secrets N/A
589 19x18 20/Jan/2007 Deadly Obsession N/A
590 19x19 27/Jan/2007 The Sweetheart Murders N/A
591 19x20 30/Jan/2007 Secrets in the Sand N/A
592 19x21 03/Feb/2007 Love and Lies N/A
593 19x22 10/Feb/2007 Murder Comes Knocking N/A
594 19x23 17/Feb/2007 The Biggest Gamble N/A
595 19x24 24/Feb/2007 Caught in the Crossfire N/A
596 19x25 03/Mar/2007 To Catch a Killer N/A
597 19x26 06/Mar/2007 Murder on the Cape N/A
598 19x27 10/Mar/2007 Dangerous Reunion N/A
599 19x28 24/Mar/2007 Dark Side of the Mesa N/A
600 19x29 07/Apr/2007 The Ghost of David Coffin N/A
601 19x30 14/Apr/2007 The Puppet Master N/A
602 19x31 17/Apr/2007 Virginia Tech: Anatomy of a Rampage N/A
603 19x32 21/Apr/2007 Nightmare in Napa N/A
604 19x33 28/Apr/2007 Murder In The Fast Lane N/A
605 19x34 05/May/2007 Power, Passion and Poison 9
606 19x35 12/May/2007 Death of a Dream N/A
607 19x36 19/May/2007 Beyond the Boardwalk 9

 Season 20(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
608 20x01 15/Sep/2007 Perfectly Executed N/A
609 20x02 29/Sep/2007 The McGuire Diaries N/A
610 20x03 13/Oct/2007 Storm of Murder N/A
611 20x04 20/Oct/2007 The Sugar Land Conspiracy N/A
612 20x05 27/Oct/2007 An Eye For An Eye N/A
613 20x06 10/Nov/2007 A Time to Kill 8
614 20x07 17/Nov/2007 Where's Maddie? N/A
615 20x08 01/Dec/2007 Capture the Queen 7
616 20x09 08/Dec/2007 An Invisible Enemy N/A
617 20x10 05/Jan/2008 Death Without Mercy N/A
618 20x11 19/Jan/2008 The Socialite's Secret N/A
619 20x12 22/Jan/2008 In Too Deep N/A
620 20x13 26/Jan/2008 Lost in Paradise N/A
621 20x14 26/Jan/2008 Fight for the Truth N/A
622 20x15 29/Jan/2008 Trigger Point N/A
623 20x16 02/Feb/2008 Flood of Blame N/A
624 20x17 09/Feb/2008 Who Killed the Beauty Queen? N/A
625 20x18 16/Feb/2008 Addicted to Love N/A
626 20x19 01/Mar/2008 The Long Road N/A
627 20x20 08/Mar/2008 Love and Death in the Wild N/A
628 20x21 15/Mar/2008 Stolen Dreams 5
629 20x22 12/Apr/2008 The Lord's Boot Camp N/A
630 20x23 12/Apr/2008 A Long Way From Home 8
631 20x24 15/Apr/2008 The Letter N/A
632 20x25 19/Apr/2008 Dream Killer N/A
633 20x26 19/Apr/2008 Cold Case N/A
634 20x27 26/Apr/2008 The Last Take N/A
635 20x28 03/May/2008 Courting Disaster N/A
636 20x29 10/May/2008 The Preacher's Wife N/A
637 20x30 17/May/2008 Point Blank N/A
638 20x31 27/May/2008 Polygamy: a World Apart N/A
639 20x32 03/Jun/2008 Betrayal N/A
640 20x33 01/Jul/2008 Stolen Beauty N/A

 Season 21(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
640 21x01 27/Sep/2008 Kidnapped 10
641 21x02 18/Oct/2008 Into Thin Air 10
642 21x03 25/Oct/2008 Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor? N/A
643 21x04 01/Nov/2008 Blood and Money on Horseshoe Bay N/A
644 21x05 08/Nov/2008 Vegas Heat 10
645 21x06 15/Nov/2008 Truth on Trial 10
646 21x07 22/Nov/2008 Sign of the Times 10
647 21x08 29/Nov/2008 Drawn to Murder 10
648 21x09 06/Dec/2008 The Guessing Game 10
649 21x10 13/Dec/2009 Invitation To A Murder N/A
650 21x11 17/Jan/2009 Peace, Love and Murder N/A
651 21x12 24/Jan/2009 Lady in The Water N/A
652 21x13 31/Jan/2009 Conspiracy To Kill N/A
653 21x14 07/Feb/2009 An Invisible Enemy N/A
654 21x15 14/Feb/2009 Live To Tell - The Year We Disappeared N/A
655 21x16 21/Feb/2009 Live To Tell (2) N/A
656 21x17 28/Feb/2009 Picture Perfect N/A
657 21x18 28/Feb/2009 Live To Tell (3) N/A
658 21x19 14/Mar/2009 Toxic N/A
659 21x20 21/Mar/2009 Point Blank N/A
660 21x21 28/Mar/2009 The Curious Case Of Colonel Shue N/A
661 21x22 11/Apr/2009 American Girl, Italian Nightmare N/A
662 21x23 18/Apr/2009 Death Without Mercy N/A
663 21x24 25/Apr/2009 Deep Secret N/A
664 21x25 02/May/2009 Dark Voyage N/A
665 21x26 09/May/2009 Catch Her If You Can N/A
666 21x27 16/May/2009 Daddy's Girl N/A

 Season 22(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
667 22x01 19/Sep/2009 Seven Days of Rage 7
668 22x02 26/Sep/2009 The Godfather's Daughter 8
669 22x03 03/Oct/2009 Show Me the Money 8
670 22x04 17/Oct/2009 The Untold Story of Caylee Anthony 8
671 22x05 24/Oct/2009 Haunted 8
672 22x06 31/Oct/2009 Death Wish 8
673 22x07 14/Nov/2009 A Case For Murder N/A
674 22x08 21/Nov/2009 Death Row Diaries N/A
675 22x09 28/Nov/2009 Live To Tell: Krystal's Courage 7
676 22x10 05/Dec/2009 Justice In The Heartland 8
677 22x11 12/Dec/2009 The Lost Children 7
678 22x12 19/Dec/2009 Live to Tell: The Birthday Party 8
679 22x13 02/Jan/2010 Kidnapped on Highway 8
680 22x14 09/Jan/2010 Innocence Lost 8
681 22x15 23/Jan/2010 Buried Secrets of Las Vegas N/A
682 22x16 30/Jan/2010 The Secret N/A
683 22x17 06/Feb/2010 Thou Shalt Not KIll 7
684 22x18 13/Feb/2010 A Time To Kill 8
685 22x19 20/Feb/2010 Lies and Whispers 8
686 22x20 27/Feb/2010 A Cry For Innocence 8
687 22x21 06/Mar/2010 Lady in the Pool 8
688 22x22 13/Mar/2010 The Girl Who Knew Too Much 7
689 22x23 20/Mar/2010 In Too Deep 8
690 22x24 27/Mar/2010 The Secret Life of Paige Birgfeld 8
691 22x25 10/Apr/2010 My Mother's Murder 4
692 22x26 24/Apr/2010 Unmasking A Killer 8
693 22x27 01/May/2010 A Killer Defense 5
694 22x28 08/May/2010 Shelley's Last Breath 4.5
695 22x29 15/May/2010 He Dug His Own Grave 5
696 22x30 22/May/2010 Mark of a Killer 4.5

 Season 23(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
697 23x01 25/Sep/2010 The Killing Game 4.7
698 23x02 09/Oct/2010 Fugitive@hotmail.com 5
699 23x03 16/Oct/2010 The Whole Truth 4.5
700 23x04 23/Oct/2010 The One Who Got Away 5
701 23x05 30/Oct/2010 The Preacher's Wife 5
702 23x06 30/Oct/2010 Dirty Little Secrets 1
703 23x07 06/Nov/2010 Taken: The Amber Dubois Story 4.5
704 23x08 13/Nov/2010 Chasing the Barefoot Bandit 4.5
705 23x09 20/Nov/2010 Secrets, Lies and Alibis N/A
706 23x10 27/Nov/2010 Shootout at the Hills N/A
707 23x11 04/Dec/2010 Live to Tell: Full Moon 8
708 23x12 11/Dec/2010 Live to Tell: The Railroad Killer 8
709 23x13 25/Dec/2010 The Godfather's Daughter 8
710 23x14 08/Jan/2011 Fatal Choices 8
711 23x15 15/Jan/2011 Body Of Lies 8
712 23x16 22/Jan/2011 Temptation 7
713 23x17 29/Jan/2011 Every Picture Tells A Story 7
714 23x18 05/Feb/2011 The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard (1) 7
715 23x19 12/Feb/2011 The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard (2) 8
716 23x20 19/Feb/2011 Playing With Fire 8
717 23x21 26/Feb/2011 Live to Tell: Hunting Humans 8
718 23x22 05/Mar/2011 Live To Tell: Shelley's Last Breath 7
719 23x23 12/Mar/2011 Betting Her Life 7
720 23x24 19/Mar/2011 River's Edge 8
721 23x25 26/Mar/2011 The Lost Night 7
722 23x26 09/Apr/2011 Name, Rank and Serial Killer? 7
723 23x27 16/Apr/2011 The Defense of Casey Anthony N/A
724 23x28 23/Apr/2011 Grave Injustice 8
725 23x29 30/Apr/2011 Last Chance for Justice 8
726 23x30 07/May/2011 The Facebook Detectives 8
727 23x31 14/May/2011 The Boy Next Door 8
728 23x32 20/May/2011 House of Secrets 8
729 23x33 21/May/2011 Follow the Money 8

 Season 24(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
730 24x01 24/Sep/2011 Arturo Gatti's Last Fight (1) 7
731 24x02 08/Oct/2011 Amanda Knox: The Untold Story 7
732 24x03 15/Oct/2011 Redemption Song 7
733 24x04 22/Oct/2011 The Killing Fields 8
734 24x05 29/Oct/2011 Murder in the O.C. (1) 7
735 24x06 12/Nov/2011 Private Needham's War 8
736 24x07 26/Nov/2011 Murder at the Manor 7
737 24x08 03/Dec/2011 Secrets of a Marriage 7
738 24x09 10/Dec/2011 Live to Tell: Three Days Before Christmas 8
739 24x10 17/Dec/2011 The Long Island Serial Killer 9
740 24x11 07/Jan/2012 Family Affair 7
741 24x12 21/Jan/2012 Showdown in the Bedroom 8
742 24x13 28/Jan/2012 A Fatal Attraction 7
743 24x14 04/Feb/2012 Dark Side of Paradise 7
744 24x15 11/Feb/2012 Screenplay for Murder 8
745 24x16 18/Feb/2012 Soccer Moms Confidential 7
746 24x17 25/Feb/2012 Fatal Episode: The Producer's Story 7
747 24x18 03/Mar/2012 The Country Club Murders 8
748 24x19 10/Mar/2012 The Boy Next Door 7
749 24x20 17/Mar/2012 Grave Injustice 7
750 24x21 24/Mar/2012 Arturo Gatti's Last Fight (2) 7
751 24x22 07/Apr/2012 A Family's Honor 8
752 24x23 14/Apr/2012 The Stranger Beside Me 8
753 24x24 21/Apr/2012 Mystery on Twin Peaks Drive 8
754 24x25 28/Apr/2012 Death Wish 8
755 24x26 05/May/2012 The Writing on the Wall 8
756 24x27 12/May/2012 Ransom 8
757 24x28 19/May/2012 Live To Tell: An Officer and a Hero 8
758 24x29 26/May/2012 One of Their Own 8
759 24x30 29/May/2012 Murder in the O.C. (2) 8

 Season 25(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
760 25x01 29/Sep/2012 My Dad's Killer 8
761 25x02 06/Oct/2012 Friends for Life 8
762 25x03 13/Oct/2012 Collision Course 8
763 25x04 20/Oct/2012 The Preacher's Passion 7
764 25x05 27/Oct/2012 Lina's Heart 8
765 25x06 10/Nov/2012 Secrets of the River 7
766 25x07 17/Nov/2012 Highway of Tears 7
767 25x08 24/Nov/2012 Presumed Guilty 8
768 25x09 01/Dec/2012 The Hunt for Mr. Wright 8
769 25x10 08/Dec/2012 Everything to Lose 8
770 25x11 05/Jan/2013 Shattered Dreams 8
771 25x12 12/Jan/2013 The Perfect Family 8
772 25x13 19/Jan/2013 Picture Perfect: The Trial of Jodi Arias 9
773 25x14 26/Jan/2013 Crazy Love 7
774 25x15 02/Feb/2013 Live To Tell: The Stranger You Know 8
775 25x16 09/Feb/2013 Desperate Measures 8
776 25x17 16/Feb/2013 Honor and Dishonor 7
777 25x18 23/Feb/2013 The Accuser 8
778 25x19 02/Mar/2013 The Usual Suspect 7
779 25x20 09/Mar/2013 Cold as Ice 8
780 25x21 16/Mar/2013 Ambushed 7
781 25x22 23/Mar/2013 Murder in the O.C. N/A
782 25x23 30/Mar/2013 The Writing on the Wall 7
783 25x24 13/Apr/2013 Power and Passion 7
784 25x25 20/Apr/2013 Caught 8
785 25x26 27/Apr/2013 Muscle and Mayhem 8
786 25x27 04/May/2013 Over the Edge 8
787 25x28 11/May/2013 Murder At Sea 8
788 25x29 18/May/2013 The War in Chicago 8

 Season 26(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
976 26x01 28/Sep/2013 The Sweetheart Murders 8
977 26x02 05/Oct/2013 Spies, Lies & Secrets 8
978 26x03 12/Oct/2013 Death at Cottonwood Creek 8
979 26x04 19/Oct/2013 AKA Rockefeller N/A
980 26x05 26/Oct/2013 The Ghosts of Greenwich N/A
981 26x06 26/Oct/2013 Loved to Death N/A
982 26x07 02/Nov/2013 Relentless 8
983 26x08 16/Nov/2013 The Devil's Twin N/A
984 26x09 23/Nov/2013 Hollywood Secrets 7
985 26x10 30/Nov/2013 Walking Free N/A
986 26x11 14/Dec/2013 Love, Hate & Obsession N/A
987 26x12 04/Jan/2014 Death at the Parsonage 8
988 26x13 18/Jan/2014 Perilous Journey N/A
989 26x14 25/Jan/2014 A Bad Bet N/A
990 26x15 01/Feb/2014 Death at Soho House N/A
991 26x16 22/Feb/2014 Pain and Gain N/A
992 26x17 01/Mar/2014 The Last Confession N/A
993 26x18 08/Mar/2014 The Blue River Murder N/A
994 26x19 15/Mar/2014 Fateful Connection N/A
995 26x20 29/Mar/2014 Ryan Feguson @ Life After Ten N/A
996 26x21 29/Mar/2014 Last Chance N/A
997 26x22 05/Apr/2014 Wounded by Love N/A
998 26x23 12/Apr/2014 Father and Son N/A
1000 26x24 19/Apr/2014 Decades of Deceit N/A
1001 26x25 26/Apr/2014 Dangerous Beauty N/A
1002 26x26 03/May/2014 Temptation in Texas N/A
1003 26x27 10/May/2014 A Raging Son N/A
1004 26x28 17/May/2014 A Daughter, a Mortgage & Two Murders N/A
1005 26x29 26/May/2014 End of the Trail N/A
1006 26x30 02/Jun/2014 The Lost Daughter N/A
1007 26x31 09/Jun/2014 The Trials of Cal Harris N/A
1008 26x32 16/Jun/2014 Oscar Pistorius: Shots in the Dark N/A

 Season 27(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1009 27x01 27/Sep/2014 Murder or Madness N/A

S17 - #113/Jun/2005Michael Jackson VerdictN/A
S17 - #231/Aug/2005Katrina's FuryN/A
S17 - #306/Sep/2005Disaster In The DeltaN/A
S21 - #430/Jun/2009Michael Jackson: Picking Up The PiecesN/A
S21 - #507/Jul/2009Michael Jackson: The Last Dance7
S23 - #605/Jul/2011Casey Anthony: Judgement DayN/A
S24 - #717/Sep/2011The West Memphis 3 - Free8
S24 - #819/Nov/2011Vanity Fair: Hollywood ScandalN/A
S24 - #920/Jul/2012Tragedy In AuroraN/A
S25 - #1015/Dec/2012NewtownN/A
S26 - #1116/Nov/2013As It Happened: John F. Kennedy 50 YearsN/A
S26 - #1207/Dec/2013Nelson Mandela: Father of a NationN/A
S26 - #1315/Feb/2014The Whole Gritty CityN/A
S26 - #1431/May/2014Live to Tell: One Last HugN/A
S27 - #1512/Sep/2014Blade Runner: The VerdictN/A

    Season 27 »
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