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Message Posted On Sunday, December 6th 2009 at 1:35 pm
I am a professional investigative reporter working for 18 months on the case of a black Viet Nam vet who was illegally put on Death Row 25 yrs ago. He had PTSS when convicted of First Degree murder on circumstantial evidence during a farcical trial, and has been totally ignored by his public defenders & NV justice system since. He had a horrendous childhood (watched father murder his mother & infant sister at 3 yrs, spent most of childhood in abusive reform school (no orphanage for black kids in AL then) where used as slave labor in cotton fields & sprayed with DDT daily, then was bomb-sweeper in Viet Nam where he was exposed to Agent Orange. Earned medals, AA degree, paralegal cert., & learned French & Spanish to communi-cate with members of World Church of God after becoming Christian 15 yrs ago. Was stabbed in eye by inmate & is legally blind tho he is a talented artist. Also, almost died in diabetic coma after neglect by prison officials in Ely, NV--now being sued by ACLU. Edie Boudreau

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