666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue centers primarily on a young couple named Henry Martin and Jane Van Veen. Primarily driven by youthful desires for success and money, the two move in to an extravagant high rise apartment building in New York called The Drake.

Jane takes a job working for mysterious hotel magnate Gavin Doran and his trophy wife Olivia, while Henry pursues a political career. Before long, ominous supernatural events lead Jane to uncover some long buried secrets about both The Drake and the Dorans. If she can't make Henry see the truth in time, the otherworldly forces behind the building may just claim two more victims.

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Prev: 1x12 -- The Elysian Fields (Jul/06/2013)

Who or what is the "conspiratii"? When Jane tries to crack the meaning of this mysterious word that keeps popping up in Peter Kramer's journal, a secretive Detective Cooper shockingly reveals his part in the shadowy group. Jane agrees to be their eyes and ears at The Drake, but Gavin is one step ahead of her. Meanwhile, Henry tries to track down Jane's estranged father to surprise her at a splashy engagement party Olivia is throwing them. Jane and Henry spend a magic night at the Dorans' party, while on another floor there is no love lost between Alexis and Louise when they have a final face-off and Louise learns the true depth of Alexis' hate for her.

Rachael TaylorRachael Taylor
As Jane Van Veen
Rachael TaylorRachael Taylor
As Jane Van Veen
Dave AnnableDave Annable
As Henry Martin
Dave AnnableDave Annable
As Henry Martin
Robert Buckley (2)Robert Buckley (2)
As Brian Leonard
Mercedes MasöhnMercedes Masöhn
As Louise Leonard
Mercedes MasöhnMercedes Masöhn
As Louise Leonard
Helena MattssonHelena Mattsson
As Alexis Blume
Helena MattssonHelena Mattsson
As Alexis Blume
Erik PalladinoErik Palladino
As Tony Demeo

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1x9: Hypnos recap: The episode begins with Jane sitting in Maris elder’s apartment. Maris says Lottie, Nona’s grandma, has told her a lot about Jane. Maris reveals that technically Lottie can’t speak as she is catatonic. But “we speak in our own way” she adds. Maris says she doesn’t go out of her apartment much and had been outside the last time, about 26 years ago. Jane says she wants to find out why she is at the Drake. “Nona says you know things about the Drake” Jane tells Maris. She as a result feels Maris can help her remember what happened when she went down the stairs. “Why can’t I remember?” Jane asks. “It’s called dissociative retrograde amnesia” Maris replies... read more.

1x7: Downward Spiral recap: The episode begins with a pregnant woman climbing the elevator with Gavin, at the Drake. The woman’s name is Melanie and her mother lives on the 10th floor. Gavin tells her that her mother is one of his favorite residents. He then asks about the baby. She later tells her mother about how she met Gavin in the elevator. Her mother looking visibly worried says “I told you never to speak to him”. She then asks Melanie to not come to the building while she is pregnant. “You have to go and don’t come back till after this baby is born” she says. Melanie finds her mother’s behavior and insistence odd, but her mother will hear none of it and insists that, Melanie leave... read more.

recap: The episode begins with Jane taking a shower. Someone is shown entering the bathroom with an axe and pulling aside the shower curtain. Just then, Jane wakes up with a start, turns out it was nightmare. Henry comes in and tells Jane that detectives would be coming later to talk to her about what happened. “I wish I knew why he came after me” Jane says. Gavin at his office is informed that, the security system of four other buildings of his, besides the Drake, was also hacked. “Someone is sending a message that they can get to me” Gavin says. A man is shown entering a dull looking house and removing from his bag the box he stole from Gavin’s locker... read more.

recap: The episode begins with Tony delivering the morning newspaper through the building. Kandinsky is still holding Annie captive in her apartment. He reads in the papers the article written by Annie. “I was under the radar for 20 years, then I see this article in your newspaper” he says. He asks her if somebody has talked to her. “I know this sounds crazy. I made it up” she replies. “I made you up, I didn’t know that it would come true” she adds. Kandinsky doesn’t believe her and proceeds to torture her. She in fear lies that her source was her boss Ned. “Your friend better give me answer, or I come back and cut out both your eyes” Kandinsky warns her... read more.

1x3: The Dead Don't Stay Dead recap: The episode begins and Jane is trapped behind the door in the basement. She tries getting out for a bit, and then begins looking around in the room she is trapped in. She sees creepy looking dolls lying around and once again begins yelling to be let out. She suddenly feels someone is in the room, just then someone grabs her leg and she begins yelling in horror. Just then Henry opens the door. Jane rushes out of the room and tells Henry there is a little girl in the room. Henry looks around with a torch in the dark room, but finds no one. The two then leave finding no one. A little girl on the other hand is shown escaping from the room and hiding in one corner of the basement... read more.

Developer: David Wilcox
Executive Producer: Leslie Morgenstein, Alex Graves, David Wilcox, Matthew Miller
Co-Executive Producer: Robert Duncan McNeill
Supervising Producer: Sonny Postiglione
Producer: Mary Rae Thewlis
Co-Producer: Christopher Hollier
Consulting Producer: Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain

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Recurring Guests

Misha Kuznetsov as Kandinsky (14 eps)
Teddy Sears as Det. Hayden Cooper (9 eps)
Nick Chinlund as Victor Shaw (7 eps)
Tessa Thompson as Laurel Harris (7 eps)
Richard Short as Harlan Moore / Patrick Corey (7 eps)
Ursula Parker as Jocelyn Kramer (6 eps)
Jim True-Frost as Peter Kramer (4 eps)
Liz Morton as Eunice Moore (4 eps)
William Sadler as Nate McKenny (4 eps)
Christine Evangelista as Libby Griffith (4 eps)

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