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Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins at an orchestra. It is then shown that one of the violinists cuts his finger on the wires of his violin and begins bleeding. The man continues playing despite this. A man and a woman in the audience see the violinist in pain and look pleased. Later, the violinist is show getting out of a cab and into an apartment building. He is shown entering his apartment and hurriedly packing his things. He also smashes his violin before leaving. Then just outside his apartment, he sees the doors of the elevator close and also sees the door of his apartment slam shut behind him. A phone begins ringing in the background. He with visible fear on his face picks up the phone.

“Hard to believe it’s been 10 years Mr. Hartwell” a man’s voice on the other side says. Hartwell on his part tells the man “I need more time”. The man, who was sitting in the audience earlier, is the same man on the other side. He tells Hartwell, he cannot give more time. Hartwell begs for a year, but is told he has signed a “binding contract” and now it’s time to “settle up”. Hartwell hangs up the phone in panic and runs around to see if there is any way he can escape. He through his efforts manages to pry open the front door of the apartment building, and steps outside. He in relief thanks God, once outside. Just then, a small section of the closed front door opens up and the man gets sucked inside.

The focus then shifts to the number of the apartment building which reads as “999 Park Avenue”, and its shadow reads as “666 Park Avenue”. Next day morning, a happy looking couple, stop their car in front of 999 Park Avenue. The two enter the building, which is shown bustling with people. Both are impressed with the architecture of the building. They inform the concierge that, they are there to see Mr. Dolan. The couple also tells the concierge that they aren’t married yet. The woman introduces herself as Jane Van Veen and introduces the man as Henry Martin. The two arrive at the floor where Mr. Doran resides. Olivia Doran, who apparently is Mr. Doran’s wife, recognizes the two as the candidates who are there for the “manager position”.

Gavin Doran, who they are there to see, informs the two that, the position is of a resident apartment manager, who shall handle the day to day workings of the apartment building. The job would include collecting the rent, maintaining the books and general maintenance and upkeep. Turns out, the work isn’t much, so the manager shall be able to keep his day job. Henry reveals that he works for the mayor and Jane reveals she presently isn’t working, but also reveals her background in architecture. Doran is impressed with her knowledge of architecture, and the fact that it might help in the upkeep of the building. They as a result get the job. They are then shown to their extremely plush and large apartment, where they shall be staying.

They are also informed that, the previous manager Mr. Hartwell, “moved somewhere warmer”. In the night, while Jane and Henry are busy moving in their stuff into the building, Jane meets a shifty looking man named John Barlow, who tells her he is a resident. She notices that, John’s hand is covered in blood. He tells her “I can my hand” and quickly rushes away. At home, John is unable to wash away the blood, try as he might. “Please forgive me” he yells in desperation. On the other hand, Jane is making a note of the things that need to be fixed in the building. It is then shown that, while she is trying to fix a broken bulb in the basement, a ghost of a woman, is lurking behind her. Jane though, doesn’t see her. But, she is visibly surprised to see a picture in mosaic, on the basement floor.

Later, while fooling around in the bathtub, she tells Henry about the mosaic and the historical significance it might have. John on the other hand is shown reading an article with the headline “judge slain killer on the loose”. Just then, he receives a call from Gavin and tells him he killed the judge as was told, so he could have his dead wife back. Gavin tells him he has kept his end of the bargain and asks John to “check the bedroom”. He sees his wife Mary sitting on the bed and kisses her. Brian and Louise, who also live in the building, discuss about an issue Louise is having with her assistant at work. Brian, who is a writer, seems to have taken a fascination for the woman, into whose apartment he can see, from his window.

The woman sees him checking her out, while his wife is away in the kitchen. Later, Brian after coming back from the store is introduced to Louise’s new assistant Alexis. She is the very same woman, he checks out. Jane on the other hand, is at a library trying to find out more about the mosaic. She in the process sees and old newspaper, in which is reported the suicide of Mary Barlow, John’s wife. Her photograph too is on the front page. John and Mary are shown walking about town, and reminiscing about the good times they had together. Suddenly, Mary’s nose starts bleeding and she complains that she is feeling cold. John tells her she has to be taken home. Later, Gavin tells John he has to take another life, in order for Mary to be fine. He tells John that, he is only renting Mary’s life and therefore he has to keep making the payments.

Jane tells Henry about the mosaic and shows him an old photo from the 20’s and also tells him how a ritual of a brotherhood was held around the mosaic, of the dragon. She also notices from the old picture that, there was a door in the basement, where there is a now a concrete wall. Louise and Brian are about to get out of the elevator in the lobby. Brian gets out, but Louise gets stuck halfway, with half her body outside and the other half inside the elevator. She is severely injured as a result. John gets the photograph of the person he needs to murder next; turns out, its Gavin’s business rival, who John has to murder. John isn’t able to go through with it. He then comes back home and tells his wife, who is barely alive that, he just can’t do what is required to keep her alive.

Later in the middle of the night Gavin pays John a visit and tells John how he has disappointed him. He also tells John, Mary is “going back where she belongs”. John then gets sucked through his bedroom wall, which apparently comes alive. Jane on the other hand, wakes up in the middle of the night, as she seems to have heard something unusual. She then opens her front door and looks in the passage in front of her house. She then sees someone climbing down the stairs a few floors below, and decides to follow. She ultimately reaches the basement, where the mosaic is. She is then surprised to see that, the door she saw in the picture is now visible. She heads for the door and opens it.

She then sees a woman walk to the boundary wall of a terrace into which the door has opened. She recognizes the woman as Mary Barlow. “You shouldn’t have come here, they are never gonna let you go” Mary tells Jane, before jumping off the building. Jane is then shown waking up from her sleep in the morning, with a start. Later, Jane and Henry sign a contract drawn up Gavin, for their new job. On the other hand Nona a girl from the building, who has stolen Jane’s grandmother’s pendant, sees visions of Jane being chased by someone with an axe. The episode ends at this point.