Murmurations - Recap

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The episode begins with Gavin walking into the lobby of his building and overseeing things. Tony informs Jane that John has moved out. She finds this fact rather odd, as he moved without her knowing anything about it. The two enter John’s apartment, which is filled with cartons of his stuff. Tony asks her to help in counting them, and says they are all being shipped to Vegas. Tony then leaves for some other work, leaving Jane alone in the apartment. She hears a noise coming from behind a wall in the apartment. She checks it out. She basically peels the wallpaper, and with her fingers removes some of the spackle, making a hole in the wall.

Then suddenly, little birds start flying out of that hole, much to her shock and horror. The birds fly out of the window and into the open. Gavin sees the birds flying around in front of his window. Jane tells Tony about what just happened and asks him to call an exterminator. Tony gives her the number and asks her to make the call. Jane runs into Nona and tells her about the thief in the building and how her grandmother’s necklace has been stolen. Nona say she will keep a lookout for the thief and then tells her “don’t mess with the birds, they are a part of the Drake”. In the night, Jane and Henry discuss about her getting attacked by birds earlier in the day.

She says she still can’t figure out where they came from. Later, the two attend a party hosted by the Doran’s, in their apartment. At the party, they meet one of the residents of the building named Danielle. She assumes the two are married, but they clarify that they aren’t yet married. Gavin later shows Henry a scale model of a new project he is involved in. He basically plans to build a 32-storey building, with condos and office space. Gavin is picking up the project from an ‘Alpern Development Group’ for “a song”, as the company is in some sort of financial trouble. He tells Henry; by “a song” he means $100 million. At home in the middle of the night, Jane is suddenly remembers she has left some clothes in the dryer. She proceeds to the basement to get them, as she is worried about the thief in the building.

While removing the clothes from the dryer, she hears some fluttering. She then sees the door in the basement, and is unable to resist the temptation to enter. She opens the door and enters. She basically finds herself walking into an apartment. From inside she hears some music playing. She enters the bedroom and sees a man lying on the floor with bloodstains on his shirt. The man suddenly wakes up and stares at her. Jane is terrified and wakes up in cold sweat from her sleep, in her bed. She also sees lying nearby the basket, with the clothes from the dryer. Next morning Henry informs Jane, he has invited the Dorans for dinner “tomorrow night”. Later, Jane takes the exterminator to see the hole in John’s house. She looks down the hole and sees hundreds of birds flying around.

The exterminator informs her that the birds are starlings, and says that it’s the biggest nesting of “murmuration” he has ever seen in a building. He explains that, a group of starlings is called a murmaration, just like a gaggle of geese or a murder of crows. He says he will get rid of the birds by killing them all. Jane and the exterminator pay Brian a visit and inform him that, they are having a “little ventilation issue” and are therefore checking all the apartments in the building. They don’t find anything in his apartment and leave. Brian just then sees Alexis changing in her apartment. She sees him staring and waves at him. He immediately closes the curtains.

Jane takes the exterminator to the basement and tells him about the door behind the concrete wall, and asks him to make a hole in the wall to look for the infestation. He leaves to get his tools. Gavin introduces Danielle to a friend of his, who seems to be interested in her. The man introduces himself as Frank. The exterminator is busy demolishing the concrete wall with a hammer, just then Nona comes and tells him that, he shouldn’t be trying to kill the birds. “You are going to make them upset” she tells him, but he pays no heed and continues working at the wall. Nona enters the elevator and feels a rabbit’s tail she stole from the exterminator’s clipboard. She sees a vision of the birds pecking the exterminator and eventually killing him.

At the hospital, Louise tells Jane she is considering suing Gavin, for the elevator mishap. Jane isn’t too thrilled to hear this. Jane returns home and sees an envelope lying on apartment floor. Inside is a newspaper cutting from 1956. The headline talks about a murder at the Drake, and the photograph is of the very same man Jane saw lying on the floor earlier. The motive behind the murder is mentioned as robbery. The victim’s name is Edward Paxton. Henry comes home and Jane tells him about the article and her dream. “I had the dream before I read the article” she tells him. Henry changes the topic and tells Jane, he has just come to know from his office that, the land Gavin is planning buy from the Alpren Group for $100 million has high toxic levels and is hence a wasteland.

He is worried Gavin will lose all the money if he buys the land, but he also can’t say anything to Gavin, because if the leak gets traced back to him, he shall be sacked. The Dorans later arrive for dinner. Right after the exterminator walks out of a bar, he is attacked by the birds. The birds begin pecking him aggressively and he while trying to avoid them walks onto the road and is run over by a cab. Brian comes out of the shower and is shocked to find Alexis standing in his apartment. She says she made a duplicate set of key so she could get in. She walks up to him and begins kissing him. Frank and Danielle are out on a date and seem to be hitting it off. The two, then end up having sex in her apartment. During their conversation, Jane shows Gavin the newspaper clipping.

Gavin says that Danielle now lives in apartment 7G, where Edward Paxton was found dead. Later in bed, Jane tells Henry the door in the basement that she keeps seeing, is making her feel as if the building is trying to tell her something. Henry is too sleepy to pay any attention to what she has to say. Danielle in the middle of the night finds Frank leaving, and asks him to stay the night. He says he has to return home to his wife. Danielle is shocked at the revelation and is in tears. Jane on the other hand sees herself walking into apartment 7G through the door in the basement.

She again sees Edward Paxton lying dead on the floor, but this time round she sees Danielle standing behind her with a knife in hand. “I loved you so much” Danielle enters the room and says. Just then, Jane wakes up from her sleep with a start. Next it is shown that, Frank is lying dead on the floor in Danielle’s apartment, she on the other hand is shown collapsing on the floor in tears and has knife in her hand. Gavin enters the apartment just then. Gavin tells her, Frank Alpren got what he deserved. He says Frank was a cheat and tried to screw him over in a deal. He then reminds her about Edward and Carlos and other men, all of whom she murdered because they had betrayed her.

Danielle is hysterical and in tears on hearing what Gavin has to say. “It’s not true” she says and runs in. She then sees herself in the mirror and discovers herself staring at an old woman in the mirror. “I’ll take care of the mess, and when you wake up in the morning I promise you will feel like a brand new woman” he says while consoling her. Louise comes back home and is overjoyed to find a check of $300,000 in the form of an apology, from Doran. Jane arrives at the basement to clean the mess. She enters the hole made by the exterminator, just then something hits her from behind and she yells. The episode ends at this point.