The Dead Don't Stay Dead - Recap

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The episode begins and Jane is trapped behind the door in the basement. She tries getting out for a bit, and then begins looking around in the room she is trapped in. She sees creepy looking dolls lying around and once again begins yelling to be let out. She suddenly feels someone is in the room, just then someone grabs her leg and she begins yelling in horror. Just then Henry opens the door. Jane rushes out of the room and tells Henry there is a little girl in the room. Henry looks around with a torch in the dark room, but finds no one. The two then leave finding no one. A little girl on the other hand is shown escaping from the room and hiding in one corner of the basement.

Gavin talks to a girl named Annie, who lives in the building. She writes obituaries as a profession, and apparently isn’t too happy to write her job. Gavin tells her she is funny and creative and should try tapping into that. “Maybe I can do something to help” he says. Later, while writing a man’s obituary she makes up an exciting story about his life, so he looks heroic in death. In the morning, Henry tells Jane not to delve too much into the hidden room in the basement, as it was probably concealed for a reason. He adds that things are going great for him and Gavin is taking him to his club to meet high profile people. He basically doesn’t want his new found friendship with Gavin jeopardized in any way. “He told me to restore the Drake to its original design and that is what I am doing” she says.

She adds that she wants to uncover every little mystery, of the Drake. Later, Jane asks Gavin for the original building plans, so she can continue looking around. She wants to find out why someone wanted to bury the history of the Drake. He tells her he shall look for them. Annie on the news is shocked to see the man Oscar Diebold, whose obituary she had written. She is all the more shocked to find out; all the imaginary things she had written about him, is what is being mentioned on the news. She rushes to Gavin and tells him how she made all of it up. Gavin tells her, she made Diebold into an American hero and now, she shouldn’t take it away from him. Later over a game of squash, Gavin gives Henry some advice on how he should aggressively pursue what he wants, especially when it comes to his career.

Olivia and Jane are having lunch. Its Olivia and Gavin’s daughter Sasha’s 10th death anniversary and Jane is out with her on Gavin’s request, so Olivia feels better. She over lunch tells Olivia how she has been having visions since she moved to the Drake. “I’m not sure what’s real” she tells Olivia. “I get the feeling the dead won’t stay dead” she adds. Annie reaches her office and is told by a co-worker how she wrote a great obituary, for Diebold. She also tells Annie, how sad it is that her mom isn’t there to see it. This gets Annie thinking and she decides to retract the obituary she wrote for her mother last month. She then adds some lies to her obituary in order to make her mom look really successful. At the club, Gavin asks Henry to go over and talk to Councilman Edwards, for who Henry wants to work.

Henry walks over and introduces himself to the Councilman, but he gives Henry a cold shoulder. Henry visibly insulted tells the Councilman he is going to lose the upcoming elections. He explains to Edwards how that is going to happen and how in 6 months he might even lose his job as a Councilman. Edwards, looks visibly moved by Henry’s reasoning and asks him to have a seat. Olivia while speeding in her Porsche, recounts to Jane how exactly Sasha died 10 years ago, in a car accident. Then, just before they are about to hit a concrete wall, Olivia brakes and swerves and the car comes to a halt safely. She tells Jane how Sasha deliberately drove into the concrete wall because she wanted to die.

Annie’s editor asks her to write a 1500 word article on Diebold, as her obituary was well received. She lies to her editor that, she has a lot of info on Diebold. “Every fact better check out” he says, and also adds how this article could make her career. At home Olivia tells Jane, how when Sasha was 15 something about her changed. She also mentions that, she was the one who found Sasha’s suicide note, and Gavin doesn’t know about it. “Sasha and Gavin had a falling out the night before, it wasn’t his fault but he would blame himself, I know” Olivia adds. Later at home, Henry tells a pleasantly surprised Jane, he might have gotten a new job, although it isn’t official yet.

Henry gives Gavin credit for pushing him, to get the job. Henry goes to the bathroom, and while lying alone in the bedroom Jane hears some noise coming from a vent near the floor. It’s the noise of really small bells. Jane goes to the basement to check it out. She is shocked to see blood flowing down the closed door of the concealed room in the basement. She then sees the little girl standing in one corner of the basement. “It’s bad in there” whispers the little girl. Gavin comes in just then and hands her the blueprints for the Drake, like she had asked. Later, Jane and Henry go dancing with Brian and Louise to celebrate Henry’s new job. At the nightclub, Brian is visibly bothered to see Alexis arrive. Annie on the other hand is busy writing her story. She describes how the man Kandinsky a ruthless operative and describes him in the article.

Just then, a man fitting the description of the one Annie is writing about, is shown entering the Drake. Annie then hears someone outside her door. From the peephole she sees Kandinsky standing at the door, and is shocked. Kandinsky makes his way into the house and is shown dragging Annie away, before she can escape from the window. At home, Gavin is busy trying to convince Councilman Edwards to do him a favor, but the Councilman doesn’t yield. Later, Gavin arrives at the elevator to see him off, and just as the elevator door opens, he pushes Edwards down the elevator shaft. Henry is told by the concierge just as he is entering the Drake with Jane that, Gavin wants to see him. Henry drops Jane off at their floor and then takes the elevator to Gavin’s floor.

Jane walks to her apartment and is shocked to see the little girl standing outside her door. “Don’t let him out” the little girl whispers and then disappears. Gavin asks Henry to not take a job with Councilman Edwards. “You don’t want to be the one to work a campaign, you want to be the one with a campaign” Gavin says. “Dream big, you gotta want it all” Gavin adds. Annie on the other hand is tied to a chair, with a gag in her mouth. Kandinsky is standing over her. Jane again hears the tinkling of little bells and goes to the basement to check it out.

She sees that the door to the concealed room is ajar and the sound of the tinkling is coming from inside. Inside, she sees a really old suitcase with a combination lock on it. The little bell is tied to the handle of the suitcase. She picks up the suitcase and brings it home. She then goes back to bed. Just then, something is shown trying to get out of the suitcase. The episode ends at this point.