Hero Complex - Recap

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The episode begins with Tony delivering the morning newspaper through the building. Kandinsky is still holding Annie captive in her apartment. He reads in the papers the article written by Annie. “I was under the radar for 20 years, then I see this article in your newspaper” he says. He asks her if somebody has talked to her. “I know this sounds crazy. I made it up” she replies. “I made you up, I didn’t know that it would come true” she adds. Kandinsky doesn’t believe her and proceeds to torture her. She in fear lies that her source was her boss Ned. “Your friend better give me answer, or I come back and cut out both your eyes” Kandinsky warns her.

Jane tells Henry about the locked suitcase she found in the basement. The two talk a bit about the suitcase and then leave. The combination lock on the suitcase is then shown turning on its own. The little girl, who Jane had seen earlier, is shown hiding under the bed and staring at the suitcase. Later in her apartment, Jane is shown trying to open the suitcase; just then Olivia pays her a visit. Olivia says the Drake thief has struck again and they need to get rid of him. Olivia asks Jane to do whatever it takes to catch the thief. The two then discuss about a party at the mayor’s house, which Jane and Henry are also suppose to attend. Nona cleans her apartment and invites into her apartment a woman named Ingrid. Ingrid asks about the cookies on the table and Nona says her grandma baked them just before she left.

She tells Nona they should begin their interview. Ingrid is apparently a psychotherapist. Nona tells her she is cured. Ingrid suggests they should have a session when grandmother is around, to get “her take on how things are going”. “Sure we will set it up as soon as we can” Nona says. After Ingrid leaves, it is shown that Nona has managed to steal Ingrid’s sunglasses. Gavin tells Henry that, Henry’s office is investigating him. Turns out, Henry’s office is claiming, Gavin had inside information on several land deals. Gavin suggests that one of his competitors is framing him. Gavin only wants that this “little bit of unpleasantness” shouldn’t affect their relationship. Annie on the other hand manages to free herself. She then rushes to Ned’s house and knocks on his door, but there is no reply.

She then finds Ned’s body dumped outside his house. Just then she receives a call from Kandinsky, who tells her she, lied to him. He says “you are next”. Jane figures out Nona, is the thief and asks her to hand over all of the stolen stuff. “I didn’t take you necklace, but maybe I have some of the other stuff” she admits to Jane. At work, Henry’s boss tells him an ADA named Regina Pike, wants to ask him some questions. She questions Henry about the Alpern deal, but Henry insists he has nothing wrong. She shows him photos of him and Gavin together at his apartment. “Doran has somebody in this office and it appears to be you” she tells him. Henry maintains that he is innocent. She then suggests that Henry work for her and get her information about Doran, as he is really close to him. She basically wants to see Gavin in jail.

Henry refuses Regina outright, but she asks him to take a day and think about it. Jane puts the suitcase in her closet after seeing the little girl once again. Inside, the combination lock on the suitcase turns on its own once again. Henry tells Gavin they probably shouldn’t socialize, as much as they have been doing, at least until the investigation is over. Gavin tries to convince him the investigation is nothing more than a “charade”. He accuses Henry’s boss commissioner Pike of taking money from developers. Henry though, at the end of the conversation feels Gavin was being nice to him and Jane, only because he wanted something in return. He as a result storms out. Olivia comes in just then and says “maybe it’s time to cut him loose”. Gavin says he will do whatever has to be done, when the time comes.

Jane comes to know from Ingrid that, a year and a half ago there was an accident in which both of Nona’s parents were killed. Annie tells Gavin about the problem she is facing. “I can make Kandinsky go away, but I will need you to write one final article” Gavin tells her. “It’s about the corrupt city planning commission” he adds. Gavin promises her, no “innocent” lives will be lost as a result of this article. “Kandinsky will never bother you again” he assures her. Henry sneaks in Gavin’s empty penthouse and copies into a flash drive a file regarding a building development, from his laptop. He then sees a file on him and Jane, and copies that too. Just then he hears Olivia entering the penthouse. He makes good his escape, but it is shown he has forgotten the cap of the flash drive near the laptop.

He realizes this after making good his escape. Nona runs into Jane and Henry in the elevator, while they are leaving for the mayor’s party. Jane assures her she will tell no one she is the Drake thief, as long as nothing else goes missing. Then while coming out of the elevator, Nona trips and touches Henry’s watch. She immediately sees a vision of him getting shot by someone, with a compass tattoo. “Keep Henry away from the man with the compass tattoo” she warns Jane, while Henry is away getting a cab. “He is going to hurt Henry” she adds. Jane is baffled, but Nona simply asks her to do as she has instructed. Tony hears a noise in Jane and Henry’s empty apartment and goes in to check it out. He then in a daze goes to the closet, removes the suitcase and opens it. Thick black smoke begins coming out of it.

The little girl watches this from under the bed and begins sobbing. The smoke then begins to take a form. Just then Tony finds himself standing outside the apartment. He is baffled as to what just happened. Annie on the other hand writes an article about the commissioner and him being connected to the mob. She calls up Gavin and tells him she has done as was instructed and has sent the article to her editor. “You will never see Kandinsky again, I promise” he tells her. At the party, Gavin hands Henry the cap of the flash drive and says “you forgot this”. An outraged Olivia then comes in and tells Jane, how Henry is aiding his boss regarding an investigation on Gavin. Annie realizes the mob might use Kandinsky to kill the commissioner, and is aghast at the thought.

At the party Henry tells Pike, he isn’t going to give him or the ADA the information they need. He also says he doesn’t care about the dire consequences, despite the commissioner warning him of them. “You are fired” the commissioner in the end tells Henry. Annie arrives at the party just then, in order to warn Pike. At that very moment, everyone at the party receives a news alert, about Annie’s article. “Gavin’s right you are a crook” Henry tells Pike. Just then, Jane sees a waiter with a compass tattoo on his hand. The waiter as it turns out, is Kandinsky. Jane sees him removing a gun and warns Henry about it. Henry immediately pulls Pike and falls to ground. The bullet misses them both. Henry then hits Kandinsky on the head with a heavy object, and he falls to the ground unconscious.

Everyone then sees Annie has been shot and is lying dead in a pool of blood. Later at the Drake, Henry apologizes to Gavin. “I know you are looking out for me” Henry says. Gavin apparently forgives him. Jane thanks Nona for everything. Later, Nona is shown talking to her grandmother who is sitting on her wheelchair absolutely still. Nona tells her she is beginning to trust Jane. She feels, maybe Jane shall be able to help her grandmother.

Henry destroys the flash drive without looking at it. Gavin informs Olivia the investigation into him has been suspended. He also adds that he has forgiven Henry. Later, while Henry and Jane are asleep, the black smoke is shown taking the form of a man in a black suit and standing near their bed. The episode ends at this point.