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A Crowd Of Demons - Recap

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The episode begins with a flashback to the Drake, of October 31st 1929. It’s the time o the great depression and a man is shown getting into the building elevator. A visibly bothered man tells the man who has just entered “we need to talk about what happened, Peter”. “That strange ritual was performed to bring us incredible wealth; it was a sham” he adds. “How I wish that it had been” Peter says blankly. Peter tells the other man “we invited evil into our homes, that’s what we did”. He enters his apartment, and sitting in it playing with her doll is the little girl, who now haunts Jane. Turns out, Peter is the girl’s father and she is overjoyed to see him home.

She wishes him a “Happy Halloween”. His wife comes into the room from the kitchen and on seeing a visibly worried Peter, asks him “what’s wrong?” “I want you to know something dear, in heaven you will be truly happy” he tells her. Suddenly Peter’s left eyeball starts vibrating and his wife asks him, what’s wrong with his eye. He then picks up an axe. The little girl, who is in her bedroom playing with her doll, then hears her mother yelling at the top of her voice. She in fear hides under her bed. A little later, Peter’s wife enters her daughter’s bedroom; she is bleeding from her mouth. She looks under the bed and hands the little girl a necklace which is very same necklace that Jane has of her grandmother’s.

The little girl’s mother asks her to keep the necklace safe and then dies. Back in the present, Olivia is overseeing the decoration of the Drake, on the occasion of Halloween. Peter is then shown walking through the lobby of the building looking really menacing. Henry on the other hand is being interviewed by a TV channel for his heroic act last week. During the commercials Laurel Harris a media consultant introduces herself to Jane and Henry. She gives Henry her card and says she would like to sit and talk with him about what her firm can do for him, if he wishes to run for the mayor. She tells him how she can take his fifteen minutes of fame and make it into a “lifetime”.

Brian returns home from the store and is shocked to find Louise lying only in her bra on the couch, with Scott a doctor, massaging her ribs. Louise awkwardly informs Brian that, Scott is a doctor who lives in the building. Louise explains how Scott was nice enough to make a house call and help her by massaging away the pain she had in her ribs. Louise tells Brian, she is going to try setting up Alexis with Scott, at the building Halloween party. Olivia and Gavin are out shopping. Just then Olivia receives a call. Brian crosses the road and stands near his vehicle, while Olivia is busy talking on her phone on the other side. While waiting Gavin receives a text from an unknown number and it says “you are going to pay for all that you have done”.

Gavin then sees an SUV speeding towards her and yells out to warn her. The SUV barely misses Olivia. Gavin then receives a text saying: “thought I’d introduce myself”. “Next time I won’t miss. See you tonight” says a message soon after. While Louise is in the shower, Brian finds out from Alexis that, Louise is a regular patient of Scott’s and she has consulted him a bunch of times. “She probably didn’t tell you because she didn’t want you to worry” Alexis says. While Jane and Henry are in the elevator heading for the building party, Peter enters the elevator. He is shocked to see the necklace on Jane’s neck. “I like you necklace” he says. The two get off at the lobby where the party is at and Peter heads for the basement. He removes an axe he has hidden in the basement and says to himself, “I have to finish this”.

At the party, Jane spills some drink on her clothes and leaves to change them. Peter, who is also at the party, follows her. Scott and Alexis are busy making out privately, and during their make out session, Alexis flicks Scott’s cell phone from his pocket. Jane has changed her clothes and is about to leave her apartment when she sees the little girl standing in front of her. She tells Jane how her father “got out”. Jane then opens the old suitcase and sees that it’s empty. She then finds a hidden newspaper cutting from the suitcase. The news reported on it is about Peter and his family. “Man kills wife, girl survives rampage” the report reads. She then recognizes Peter, as the man she had earlier seen in the elevator.

Just then Peter is shown entering the room from behind Jane. Louise is in pain again and Scott offers to take a look at her again. Brian from a distance sees the two leave. Alexis too sees that, Brian has seen this. While Olivia is standing outside an apartment alone, someone wearing a gas mask sprays her with a gas and she faints. Peter on the other hand attacks Jane. Just then the man wearing the gas mask cuts the power to the building. Scott and Louise are trapped in the elevator. Jane in the darkness manages to escape and run into a man outside her apartment. She then borrows his phone and calls 911. She reports what happened and gives her address. Just then Peter walks up behind the man and kills him with a blow of his axe.

Jane sees this and in panic makes a run for it. Gavin receives a call. The person on the other side says that he has Olivia. The person asks Gavin how it feels to be on the other end, after playing games with people’s lives. Gavin warns the man to not hurt Olivia. “That depends entirely on you and if you can find her in time” the man says. Gavin asks Tony to get up to the penthouse and see if Olivia shows up there. Alexis on the other hand sends Louise a text from Scott’s phone saying “Meet upstairs? Want you now”. Scott figures out Louise is addicted to meds and that is why is pretending to be in pain. Brain reaches his apartment in search of Louise, and sees Scott’s message on her phone.

In the penthouse, the man wearing the gas mask opens Gavin’s safe. Just then Tony enters the penthouse and calls out for Olivia. He catches a glimpse of the man in the mask, and removes his gun. Gavin enters his penthouse and sees Tony hanging from a rope by his neck, gasping for breath. Gavin rescues him. Tony tells Gavin how the intruder got into his safe. Gavin sees the safe open and the gas mask lying in it. He then sees Olivia lying senseless in the terrace. She gains consciousness and describes to Gavin the last thing she remembers. Louise asks Scott not utter a word to Brian about her drug problems. Scott then proceeds to kiss her, but she pushes him away and says she loves her husband.

Jane hides herself in apartment 5F and informs Henry about where she is and how someone is trying to kill her. Henry runs to rescue her and asks Laurel who is standing in his apartment to call the police. Peter enters 5F and tells Jane he has to save her. “I want you to know something dear, in heaven you’re going to be truly happy” he says, just as his left eye starts vibrating. He misses Jane and hits the wall behind her with his axe. The birds of the building come out of the hole in the wall and begin attacking Peter. She then runs into Henry, who has just entered the apartment. She later describes the whole thing to the cops, but says she did not see the killer’s face.

Scott and Louise come out of the elevator and Brian punches Scott in the face. Louise is shocked. Gavin is shown talking to the man who abducted Olivia and asking him to return the box that he has stolen, before it’s too late for the both of them. The man pays no heed to what Gavin has to say. Gavin in anger warns the man that he is coming for him. Peter’s axe, the hole in the wall and Peter’s victim are all shown disappearing into the Drake’s floor, before the cops arrive on those floors. Jane is in a state of shock while lying in bed with Henry. The episode ends at this point.