Diabolic - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane taking a shower. Someone is shown entering the bathroom with an axe and pulling aside the shower curtain. Just then, Jane wakes up with a start, turns out it was nightmare. Henry comes in and tells Jane that detectives would be coming later to talk to her about what happened. “I wish I knew why he came after me” Jane says. Gavin at his office is informed that, the security system of four other buildings of his, besides the Drake, was also hacked. “Someone is sending a message that they can get to me” Gavin says. A man is shown entering a dull looking house and removing from his bag the box he stole from Gavin’s locker.

He places the box on a table and is about to open it, when he receives a call on his cell phone. The man on the other side asks “do you have it?” the man with box replies that he does. “Then one million dollars is yours Mr. Wallace” the man on the phone says. He then asks Wallace to meet him in a park, at noon. The man on the phone also tells Wallace, he will give him $3 million in all, for not opening the box. Detective Jarvis and Cooper come to meet Jane. Dr. Evans takes Olivia’s blood sample on Gavin’s insistence. Gavin asks Evans to give him the report before telling Olivia and in return says he will call it even that Evans was short on his rent, for the month. Evans reveals that he is having money problems. Gavin offers to give him a loan. Evans reluctantly accepts the offer and asks for $50,000 as loan.

The detectives find no proof the killer’s existence and therefore find it difficult to believe Jane. Henry too, seems in doubt. Gavin asks Tony to bring in the guy, who he has found out, tried to kill Olivia with his car. Two men are shown entering Wallace’s apartment. They find him dead. “Mr. Wallace couldn’t follow simple instructions. Don’t open the box Charlie” one of the men says. He then locks the box and while carrying the box out, asks the other guy to “torch” Wallace’s body. The man sets fire to Wallace’s body and walks out. Evans tells Gavin that, chloroform which is a powerful anesthetic, was found in Olivia’s blood. Gavin reveals that Olivia was a victim of some foul play at the party.

He then asks Evans to be discreet about the discovery he has made. Evans confirms to Gavin that the money he had asked for has been wired into his account. Later it’s shown that Evans is betting on the races. He, much to his frustration is shown losing like many times before. Detective Cooper on the other hand tells Henry that, Jane probably imagined things, as he hasn’t found anything to the contrary. Henry protests and tells Cooper; Jane isn’t making things up as she was genuinely terrified when he had found her. “Is there any history of mental illness in Jane’s family?” Cooper then asks. Jarvis and Cooper explain to Henry that, he is being asked this question because neither a body nor a single drop of blood was found in the Drake.

Henry is visibly shocked with the revelations. Just then he receives a call from Laurel. “You have lunch in an hour with people, who can turn your political aspirations into reality” she tells him. “Where am I meeting them?” Henry asks, after some contemplation. Olivia and Jane are having lunch at a restaurant. Jane excuses herself for a few moments, just then the man who took the box from Wallace’s apartment comes and sits at the table. “Your husband isn’t who you think he is under those impeccably tailored suits” the man tells Olivia. “He’s a monster” the man adds. He then introduces himself as Victor Shaw. He tells Olivia he is there to give her an opportunity to distance herself from Gavin, before he takes him apart. “I am sorry Mr. Shaw, I don’t concern myself with Gavin’s business” Olivia says unmoved.

Shaw asks Olivia to get a blood test done from a doctor who isn’t in Gavin’s pocket, and after that he suggests Olivia ask Gavin what really happened on Halloween night. A guy named Trent is handcuffed to a chair. Turns out, he was the one who tried to run down Olivia with his car. “I was just suppose to give her a scare, that’s all” Trent tells Gavin. Gavin asks Trent, who hired him. Trent says he never met the man, but just talked to him over the phone. The instructions and the cash were dropped off by the man, Trent says. Jane on the other hand is informed by Detective Cooper, that the man Leo Forrester, who she saw getting killed, was reported missing by his girlfriend two hours ago.

Cooper asks Jane if she held some information back. “If I told you the truth, you would think I am crazy” Jane says. Cooper assures her; he is a NYC cop and therefore “highly trained for crazy”. She then basically tells him how Peter’s ghost tried to kill her. Cooper doesn’t completely dismiss what Jane has said, and instead tells her that he likes to keep an open mind. Henry has a talk with Laurel after his meeting with the city bigwigs. She tells Henry during their conversation that Jane isn’t the right girl for him, as she will never understand his drive to make it big in politics. Henry disagrees with her and says she is wrong.

Gavin finds out his friend Sam is the one who made the call to Trent. He teaches Sam a lesson in his own way after which Sam confesses he did what he did, for money. Gavin then tells him “I just found a way you can be useful”. Evans is busy betting on the races once again. Just then, he sees blood stains appearing on his shirt. He runs to the bathroom and removes his shirt. He then sees blood all over his chest, in the bathroom mirror. Olivia on the other hand has found out the truth about her blood test and confronts Gavin about it. Gavin with a sigh reveals “the Drake had an uninvited guest the night of the Halloween party”. “He knocked you out, used you to distract me while he broke into the safe” he adds.

Olivia then realizes what has been stolen and is terrified. “I will not let anything happen to you” Gavin assures her with a hug. Gavin then shows her the photograph of the man responsible for the theft. Olivia immediately recognizes him as Victor Shaw, and tells Gavin about him. She tells Gavin how Shaw was trying to turn her against Gavin. Gavin tells Olivia that Sam betrayed them and that is how Victor knew everything. He then tells Olivia he has dealt with Sam. Later, Evans asks Gavin as to why there is a tattoo on his chest. Gavin reveals that he is aware of Evans’s gambling problem, and says the tattoo is a mark against his sole. He tells Evans that he is ready to forget the money, if Evans agrees to be his doctor on call.

Evans readily agrees. Shaw and Gavin meet up. Shaw tells Gavin he wants the Drake, in return for the box. Shaw then mentions how Gavin dealt with Olivia’s obsessive lover, by imprisoning him as he couldn’t get rid of him. “I wonder what would happen if he got out” Shaw says. Gavin warns Shaw to walk away, leaving a box on the table. Shaw assumes there is money in the box, but Gavin says “it’s not money; it’s what happens when I win”. Shaw opens the box and sees Sam’s head in it. Jane tells Henry she wants to go back to Indiana. Henry is shocked to hear this. She tells him how things were simpler there and how they were safe. She says she wants to stay with him, but if she stays “here” she will go crazy, she says. She tries telling Henry how she sees paranormal things in the Drake.

Henry though finds it difficult to believe her and feels she needs help. Henry mentions how Jane’s grandmother had gone crazy and had to be institutionalized. He is worried about her, but Jane is visibly hurt by the fact that Henry thinks she is crazy. Cooper on the other hand sees articles on the various mishaps that have happened in the Drake, over the years. Gavin meets Kandinsky in jail, and asks him to come, work for him. Later, Kandinsky who has an oxygen mask on is shown being removed from an ambulance outside a hospital. Dr. Evans comes out to attend to him. Just then he receives a call from Gavin, asking him to repay his debt.

Gavin basically wants Evans to set Kandinsky free. Jane sees the picture of Peter and his family more closely, and in it she sees the little girl who had been haunting her. She also sees Peter’s wife wearing the same necklace she has. “Jocelyn you are my grandmother” she then says, figuring out who the little girl is. The episode ends at this point.