Downward Spiral - Recap

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The episode begins with a pregnant woman climbing the elevator with Gavin, at the Drake. The woman’s name is Melanie and her mother lives on the 10th floor. Gavin tells her that her mother is one of his favorite residents. He then asks about the baby. She later tells her mother about how she met Gavin in the elevator. Her mother looking visibly worried says “I told you never to speak to him”. She then asks Melanie to not come to the building while she is pregnant. “You have to go and don’t come back till after this baby is born” she says. Melanie finds her mother’s behavior and insistence odd, but her mother will hear none of it and insists that, Melanie leave.

Melanie then gets stuck in the elevator. She suddenly begins experiencing pain in her stomach. “Somebody please help me” she yells. The crying of a baby is then heard. Back in the present, Melanie’s mother is shown sitting motionless in a wheelchair, while her granddaughter Nona is standing behind her. Jane on the other hand seems lost in her thoughts, just before she and Henry are about leave for a ceremony being hosted by the mayor, in Henry’s honor. Jane then again tells Henry that she wants to go home and can’t stay in the Drake after all that has happened. Henry feels things are going great for the both of them and therefore they should stay. Olivia after the ceremony offers Jane a new job, but Jane tells her about her plans to leave New York.

Olivia says it’s a bad idea for her to “run away” “just when opportunity decided to knock”. Later at home, Henry tells Gavin about Jane’s plan to leave New York. Gavin suggests Henry propose to her, in order to change her mind. “If I were you I would do whatever I could, to keep Jane right here” Gavin says. Henry seems sold to the idea, as Gavin assures him Jane will agree to stay in New York as result of the proposal, which would in turn be beneficial for his career. Olivia later asks Gavin about Victor Shaw. “Situation is being dealt with even as we speak” he replies. Dr. Evans on the other hand helps Kandinsky escape from the hospital. Nona wakes up with a start on hearing the front door open; she then sees her grandmother’s wheelchair empty.

She walks outside the apartment and sees her grandmother standing in the hallway. “How did you get out here? How are you even standing?” she asks. Her grandmother turns, looks at her and then says “don’t let Jane leave”. Nona meets up with Jane and asks her if she is “moving out”. She replies in the affirmative and says she is moving back to Indiana. “My grandma said I can’t let you leave Jane” Nona says. Jane is visibly baffled by this request and says it’s not really Nona’s grandmother’s choice to make. “You run away, I lose the one person in Drake I can trust” Nona says and walks away. Gavin gives Kandinsky a file on Victor Shaw and asks him to kill Shaw. “He stole something from me of great value. I want it back” Gavin says. Kandinsky says he shall get the job done.

Shaw meets up with Olivia in a jewelry store and tells her he can help her free herself from Gavin, in return for her showing him allegiance. Jane finds herself talking to Nona in her dream. Nona talks about her being a “child of the Drake” just like she is. Basically it means, they have a special connection with the Drake. The next day, Jane pays Nona a visit. She invites Jane into her apartment. “Grandma we have a visitor. It the lady I told you about, Jane”. Nona tells her grandmother. She tells Jane about how her grandmother has not spoken for the last 2 years. “She was looking for answers too, just like you” Nona says. Jane asks Nona, what answers was she looking for. “What happened to my mom and dad” Nona replies. “Happens to a lot of people here, they die or just disappear” she adds.

Alexis and Brian end up sleeping with each other, as Brian is convinced that Louise has cheated on him with Evans. Nona shows Jane a room dedicated in the apartment to her grandmother’s research. The room is filled with newspaper cutouts of mishaps at the Drake. Nona then shows Jane a photograph of Jane’s childhood, with her sitting in the lobby of the Drake. Nona says Jane too is a child of the Drake. Jane says that’s impossible as she did not leave Indiana till high school. Nona suggest Jane stay back, so she can find out the truth behind the photograph. Brian finds out from Evans that, he didn’t send Louise the message as had lost his phone on the Halloween night. Alexis later found the phone and returned it to him.

Olivia tells Gavin about her meeting with Shaw. “If I didn’t know better I’d say he is interested in you” Gavin says. “He asked me to help bring you down” Olivia says. Gavin isn’t too surprised to hear that. Olivia adds how she would never betray him. “I know” says Gavin. Later at a charity dinner being hosted by the Dorans, Evans arrives with a concealed gun. Henry and Jane too are at the party, where Henry is readying to propose Jane. Shaw too arrives at the party. Jane and Henry discuss about her leaving. Henry insists that she stay. She kisses him and says “let’s get out of here”. The two then leave the party. Evans sneaks behind Gavin and places the gun on his back. “I did what you made me do, now I want out of the deal” he tells Gavin, corking the gun. Olivia on the other hand applies some lipstick and walks up to Shaw.

She chats with him and before walking away, kisses him on the lips. The moment she walks away, Shaw collapses to the ground. Shaw begins writhing on the floor and Gavin asks Evans to attend to him. “You weren’t mean to take lives doctor, you were meant to save them” Gavin says. Evan immediately rushes to help Shaw. Later Evans tries to keep Shaw alive while in the ambulance. Evans sees, the driver of the ambulance is Kandinsky, who says they are going to the Drake. At the Drake, Brian runs into Alexis who tries to get cozy with him. He pushes her away and says she tricked him into believing his wife was cheating on him and then made him sleep with her.

Brian makes it amply clear to her that, she wants her to stay away from him. Brian is then shocked to know that, Alexis lives in the Drake now. Jane and Henry return to the Drake. A worried Nona takes Jane aside and tells her “my grandma is missing”. She leaves with Nona to search for her grandmother and promises to meet Henry upstairs, later. Jane and Nona, find her Grandma in the basement. Lottie, Nona’s grandma, snatches Jane’s necklace and puts the pendant near her eye. Jane figures out that, Lottie is basically trying to indicate at the dragon’s eye on the mosaic floor of the basement. Jane then places the pendant of her necklace in the eye of the mosaic dragon.

The moment she does that, the pendant works like some sort of a key, and the tiles of the mosaic begin moving on their own. The mosaic in the end completely retracts, revealing a spiral staircase underneath it. Jane begins climbing down the stairs all by herself and asks Nona to stay with Lottie. “I think this is something I am suppose to do” she says. Then the moment Jane climbs down a few stairs, the mosaic closes above Jane’s head. The episode ends at this point.